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Google Season of Docs
Eligibility Criteria for Google Season of Docs
Perks of Google Season of Docs
You can get a stipend
You improve your skills
You can get recommendations and referrals
You become an Open Source contributor
Beginner’s Guide to Google Season of Docs
Create and publish articles on your blog
Choose the right Open Source project
Write a proposal
Make a contribution to the Open Source Organization
Stay active after the application deadline
Key Takeaways
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Google Season of Docs

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Are you willing to support open source with your technical writing skills?

Then Google Season of Docs is the perfect opportunity for you to hone your skills.

Google Season of Docs helps open source projects enhance their documentation while also allowing experienced technical writers to acquire experience with open source.

Google Season of Docs

Google's Season of Docs is an annual event hosted by the company. Its purpose is to bring together technical writers and open source organizations in order to stimulate collaboration and documentation enhancement in the open-source community.

This initiative is critical since Open Source project documentation allows users to not only learn but also contribute to the project.

Accepted technical writers spend 3-5 months in the programme either creating a new doc set, refining the structure of current docs, creating a much-needed lesson, or upgrading an Open Source organization's contribution methods and guidance.

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Eligibility Criteria for Google Season of Docs

You must be at least 18 years old at the time of registration, according to Google's policies. You must also have prior technical writing expertise and be eligible to work in your own country.

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible to apply for the Google Season of Docs programme.

Perks of Google Season of Docs

There are various advantages to taking part in the Season of Docs programme. Here are a few:

You can get a stipend

Google pays you a stipend after you complete the Google Season of Docs programme. It's vital to remember that this stipend is optional. Therefore you must specify your desire to be compensated during the application process.

The amount of stipend is determined by your location. Details about the stipends can be found here.

You improve your skills

Another clear advantage of taking part in the Google Season of Docs programme is that it allows you to hone your technical writing skills.

You broaden your social circle.

You will have the opportunity to work with folks who are doing incredible things in the Open-source area, in addition to enhancing your technical writing skills.

You can get recommendations and referrals

When applying for a job, having a strong reference letter might make your application stand out.

Working with a mentor on the Google Season of Docs project allows you to gain access to a wealth of suggestions and referrals.

You'll be able to take advantage of future possibilities.

If you're applying for a technical writing position at Google, putting your Season of Docs experience in your resume will offer you an edge over other candidates.

You become an Open Source contributor

Apart from the aforementioned advantages, becoming a part of the Season of the Docs programme allows you to contribute to Open Source projects. This contributes to dispelling the myth that Open Source Contributions are solely for software developers.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Season of Docs

Here are a few pointers to help you plan and write a good Season of Docs application.

Create and publish articles on your blog

The ability to demonstrate prior writing experience is one of the most crucial criteria for being approved as a technical writer in the Google Season of Docs programme.

Google, as well as the project's prospective mentors, must be convinced that you are the proper individual to work on the project. This implies they'll want to see a substantial amount of well-written material and articles you've published.

Fortunately, it is not so late to start a blog or add more content to an existing one.

It is a good idea to publish more well-written articles before, during, and after you've submitted your proposal if you already have a blog. If you don't already have a blog, it's not too late to start one with Hashnode's Devblog or another platform like MediumBlogger and start publishing well-written articles.

Choose the right Open Source project

To be honest, we can't emphasize enough how critical it is to pick the correct Open Source project. This is due to the fact that it plays a significant part in your acceptance into the programme.

Here are some thoughts on choosing the right project:

  • Go over all of the projects that have been approved and try to pick at least five that you are interested in.
  • After you've chosen at least five projects, go over them again and cut them down to a maximum of 3 and a minimum of 2.
  • While it's understandable to concentrate on one project during the application process, I recommend that you apply for at least two projects in order to increase your chances of being accepted for at least one.
  • You select each project, join the organization's communication channel, and notify the project's maintainers of your interest in that project. You will be able to create a relationship with the mentor in this manner. It's also worth noting that mentors don't pick people just on the basis of their abilities. They also choose applicants because they believe they will get along with them. So, when you send a message to a mentor, be specific about what you need and, most importantly, don't be disappointed if they don't react right away because most mentors are volunteers with other full-time jobs.
  • Waiting to be spoon-fed is a waste of time. Conduct an extensive study on the project. Discover and comprehend all you require, and if you have any questions, seek assistance from the project's recommended mentor or other members of the community.
  • Most essential, make a list of anything you learn during your study that will be useful if you are hired to work on the project, or that will help you strengthen your proposal.

Write a proposal

Many people are unaware that writing a proposal is critical. It explains the project's purpose, the time it will take you to finish it, what you need to know, and so on.

A proposal also demonstrates to your mentor your project goals, why you believe you are the best candidate for the job, your experience, project dates, and more.

Send your proposal to the project's mentor for review after you've finished composing it. Their feedback will assist you in understanding the project needs from the mentor's perspective.

Make a contribution to the Open Source Organization

The Season of Docs programme is not like Google Summer of Code, where you must contribute to at least one open-source project of your choice. Making a contribution, on the other hand, can significantly boost your chances of being accepted; therefore, attempt to do so.

Stay active after the application deadline

Try to be involved in that Open Source organization once you've submitted your application. This demonstrates to the mentors that you care about the project and the Open Source community in general.


1. Is Season of Docs a recruiting program?

No. If you are interested in working for Google, visit the Google jobs website.

2. Where does Google Season of Docs occur?

Google Season of Docs is a web series that takes place entirely online. As part of the curriculum, there is no necessity to travel.

3. How can I stay informed about Season of Docs?

For the most up-to-date Season of Docs news, subscribe to the announcement mailing list at season-of-docs-announce. Join the group to receive email updates.

4. Can I add the Google Season of Docs timeline to my calendar?

Yes, you can add Google Season of Docs to the timeline via this link.

5. Will I get a Season of Docs T-shirt?

We will no longer be able to distribute T-shirts to participants who successfully finish their Season of Docs project because of international shipping limits.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we learned everything you need to know about Google Season of Docs. This article also told us about the prerequisites and goals of Google Season of Docs. We also learned about the exciting perks of Google Season of Docs.

Apart from this, you can also expand your knowledge by referring to this roadmap here.

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