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Last updated: Feb 14, 2022

HackWithInfy Guide

Infosys hosts a national hackathon called HackWithInfy. This contest assesses engineering students from various years for their problem-solving and programming abilities, with prizes totaling 350 thousand rupees and placement offers. Learn more about its procedure, registration, format, questions, and other specifics.
HackWithInfy (HWI) 2022
This blog is about introducing HackWithInfy 2022, a coding competition organized by Infosys. And also covers the benefits, eligibility, selection process, exam pattern, and preparation strategy for HWI 2022.
Difference between HWI and InfyTQ
This article will discuss the difference between two of the exams offered by Infosys, i.e., HWI and InfyTQ. We will also see some of the FAQs
Syllabus Analysis for HWI
This blog, we will learn about the introduction to HWI and syllabus analysis for HWI round1 and round 2 as well.
Preparation for HackWithInfy
This article covers all that you need to know about HackWithInfy.It covers everything about test patterns and the resources needed for preparation.
Round - 1 Most Asked Questions HWI
This blog incorporates a brief description of HWI and its most asked questions.
Round - 2 Most Asked Questions HWI
In this article, we will discuss briefly the most asked questions on HackWithInfy in Round-2.
Selection Process for HWI
This article will discuss the selection process and parameter of one of the most crucial exams offered by Infosys, i.e., Hack with Infy (HWI).
Author Alisha
Post Round Insights for HWI (IE)
This article discusses the post-round insights of HackWithInfy of Infosys coding round, mainly Interview experience.