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Do your homework
Know your value
Practise a lot
Frame your answers carefully
Visualise and energise
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

How to be Ready for the Interviews?

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Questions like these and more may take over your headspace before the interview. And quite honestly, it is acceptable to have panicky moments filled with nervousness crumbling up your stomach. 

It’s also understandable to be anxious about things, thinking about what is going to happen next. During the interviews, you’ll feel you’re being scrutinized by multiple eyes, even if there’s just one person in the panel. In that scenario, anxiety can either make you start rambling randomly or worse, make you go entirely blank.

These are all decipherable and fixable things. We assure you that with the tips and tricks we’ll be tackling through this blog and how to prepare for interviw, you’ll definitely be able to keep your cool during the interviews. Once you have a better idea of the answers expected of you, your fears will recede, and you’ll be able to answer naturally. Before diving straight to the gist, we would like to remind you what you already know, that you have already passed the tricky part. All that is left for you to do is show the interviewer that you are the ideal candidate they are in search of.

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Do your homework

Conceivably, you must have researched the company’s transparency even before applying for the position. Now that you are well aware of the job and its expectations, you have to get your hands dirty for all the appropriate information that you can seek. The homework begins as soon as an interview is scheduled. Read up on the company’s motto, the founder’s achievement(who knows, you might as well get inspired), the progress report, and, moving on you will be familiar with the company.

The more you know about the company, the more you will feel comfortable while interviewing.

However, for any reason, if you haven’t prepared for the interview in advance, always pause after the question is asked and think before answering. It leaves an impression of sincerity on the employers.

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Know your value

There is a reason why you are invited for an interview in the first place. It’s because you have the right qualities, technical expertise and experience to land the job. You most definitely have the potential to be a valued asset to the organization. Trust us; the hard part is over now.

Remembering your value is a part of having a strong personal brand. And when you know your worth, it boosts your confidence.

The other way to encourage yourself is to evaluate the achievements of your past. For instance, think about your contribution to the previous company, or the time you generated income for your employer. Think of how you can do the same to participate in this new opening.

Practise a lot

Rehearsing and engaging with interview questions can be very useful at the moment. Be it your friend, a neighbor, a family member or your cat, try and verbally practice answering questions a lot. The phrase “practice makes a person perfect” is no joke.

If your brain is aware of the fact that all the knowledge regarding the interview is there in your mind, the chances of getting cold feet will steadily decrease. The stress will automatically disappear, and confidence will hit.

Frame your answers carefully

While answering interview questions, instead of diving straight into the best part of your solution, try and frame it up.

When asked behavioral questions, the candidates tend to panic. The point doesn’t come across the way you wanted, and the interviewer is not convinced. For example, if the person is expecting to know about a situation of conflict you had to overcome, you have to make him feel the circumstance. Describe the situation with details, paint a picture, and let him know the thought process that was going on in your mind.

Handling your answers this way can show how passionate you are about work and can level up your on-going interview.

Visualise and energise

Hold on to your nerves; this ultimate hack can help you be a pro in acing interviews. Take 5–10 minutes from your day, close your eyes, and imagine that your conversation with the interviewer is going well. You seem to answer every question confidently and profoundly. You see them nodding and seeking interest in knowing you even more.

The rapport you are building in your visualization can immediately improve your performance and help you wipe your sweat off right away.

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