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Table of contents
1. Using consistent indentations
2. DRY
3. Deep Nesting
4. Limiting the length of the line
5. Folder and File Structure
6. Conventions
7. Simplicity
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

How to Develop a Correct Coding Style

Author Pallavi singh
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When you look at any code, you will probably get a bit intimidated by it. With all the braces and hashtags, codes might look like some kind of alien language. Well, that’s how most beginners feel when they come across a programme. But once you start making sense of all the different coding processes and functions, then you will slowly be able to understand how simple coding is. Like language, it might be difficult to learn at first, but once you master it, it will float out of your tongue… rather, your fingers. But programming language, like all other languages, have its own nuances. To write a proper code, you should bank on three major aspects: it should be short, simple and fast. It is very important to have a coding style that reflects your hand at coding. 

Let’s compare it with the English language itself. First, let us take a basic use of language:


In the 21st century, you know the fast and easy way to communicate something to your friends with the modern-day lingo. Now, let’s say you are into Victorian novels, and out of some whim, you end up talking in the highfalutin language of the Victorians. Both are English — both can be used to relay the information. But in the first case, you are will have a faster impact, while in the second one, your friends would spend minutes deciphering what you said, before answering back (let’s not forget the mocking as well).

Programming is a lot like that. Let’s take C++. It’s an easy language and if you do not do any grave mistake, then it will process your programs accurately. But the difference lies in something else. If you write simple programs in C++, you get fast results but write the complicated versions of the same program, and the processing will be painstakingly slow.


That’s why, when you are coding, you have to keep certain things in mind to give you an edge in your coding processes:

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1. Using consistent indentations

There is no correct indentation. It depends on you completely. But you should use the indentation which you like consistently. Consistent use of the same indentation is the key. You may not know its value now, but once you start working on larger projects, consistency becomes essential.

2. DRY

The DRY principle is essential. It means — Don’t Repeat Yourself. If you are repeating the same code over and over again, chances are you are doing something wrong.

3. Deep Nesting

Do not rely on deep nesting too much. It makes the code long and hard to follow. Use other functions to make things shorter. For example, if you are using the If loop, then don’t rewrite the entire program under the If section but choose to write return to shorten it.

4. Limiting the length of the line

Avoid writing long lengths of a line. Rather write short ones. Don’t opt for writing horizontal line codes.

5. Folder and File Structure

Maintain a proper file or folder structure. Don’t cram all your writings in a single file. It would be impossible to follow and debugging would be terribly slow. Rather, maintain a folder where you keep all the files.

6. Conventions

Following proper naming conventions is essential for your coding to be simple. If you continue using random variables like Y1 or Z1 and then forget replacing them with meaningful ones, then it will just be more confusing.

7. Simplicity

What separates a professional coder from a beginner is simplicity. It’s not just learning to code but rather finding out the most simple way to code that matters. Don’t complicate stuff when you can reach outcomes using simple methods. Find out the best way out and use it.

Being a coder is a cakewalk if you can just follow some small steps. Make it simple and easy and you will soon become the expert coder that you desire to be.

Best of luck.

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