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C++ IDEs
Dev-C++ IDE
Downloading Dev-C++ IDE
Installing Dev-C++ IDE
Visual Studio IDE
Downloading Visual Studio IDE
Installing Visual Studio IDE
Frequently Asked Questions 
Why do we need an IDE? 
Name some other IDEs. 
What languages are supported by Dev-C++? 
What languages are supported by Visual Studio? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

How to Download and Install C++ IDE on Windows

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C++ is the most widely used programming language used by students and even professionals. It is so because it is simple, easy to learn, and has so many library functions. In fact, it is the first programming language for many programmers.

This article will guide you on how to download and install C++ IDE on Windows.  

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C++ IDEs

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. Basically, it is software for developing applications that combine common developer tools into a single Graphics Unit Interface(GUI). 

The two most commonly used IDE s for C++ are Dev-C++ and Visual Studio

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Dev-C++ IDE

It should be noted that the whole procedure is for Windows operating system only. 

Downloading Dev-C++ IDE


  • It looks something like this. You need to select the second one for Windows(Download original Dev C++ 5). After clicking on it you will be direct to another website SOURCEFORGE. From there .exe file of the software will get downloaded to your system. 



  • It will be saved in the Downloads folder. 

Installing Dev-C++ IDE

  • Run the .exe file on the system. On doing so, you will receive a prompt to choose a language, like below. Select language as ENGLISH. 



  • After that, a License Agreement prompt will show. Click on ‘I Agree’ to proceed. 



  • After this, different components of Dev-C++ IDE that will be installed with the package are listed on a window. Ensure to see if necessary ones are checked the click on Next. 


  • On clicking Next, you will see the option of choosing the folder where you want the software to get installed using ‘Browse…’ button. After doing so, click on the Install option to proceed. 



  • A window showing that installation is taking place will appear as follows: 



  • When it gets installed a window like the one shown below will appear. This is the last step. Click on ‘Finish’. You can also opt for ‘Run Dev-c++ 5 bet 9 release( to open Dev C++ just then to write your first program.



This way you can easily download and install Dev-C++ IDE on Windows.

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Visual Studio IDE

Downloading Visual Studio IDE

  • The first step is to download the Visual Studio package on your system. You can go to and do the same.  
  • On the website, select the first one to download specifically for Windows operating system. 


  • As soon as you hover over the first Icon, you will see three(3) options. Select Community from there.  


  • On clicking on the above-mentioned option, you will be directed to a page, which appears like this. VisualStudioSetup.exe  will be downloaded in the Downloads folder. 

Installing Visual Studio IDE

  • The .exe file is now downloaded. So, the first step in installing is running the .exe file. On doing so, you will see the following prompt, click on ‘Continue’. 


  • After which, it will show the following window. So, wait till it gets completed.


  • After it gets, completed, it will show several options of packages that you can choose from. The two widely used by individuals are selected below. After selecting the packages, click on Install. 


  • Finally, it will get installed taking some time.



This was the last step. After this, you can open the Visual Studio IDE and write your programs in C++.  

Following these steps, you can easily download and install Visual Studio IDE on Windows. 

You can also do a free certification of Basics of C++.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do we need an IDE? 

An IDE provides the functionalities of compiling and interpreting the code. It also offers several other tools and features that make development easy and fast. These features include code
development, debugging, testing, etc. 

Name some other IDEs. 

Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ are some of the most productive and popular IDEs. 

What languages are supported by Dev-C++? 

Dev-C++ supports C, C++, Object Pascal , and Delphi.  

What languages are supported by Visual Studio? 

Visual Studio supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, F#, C, C++, and many others. 


This article extensively discusses How to Download and Install C++ IDE on Windows.

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