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What is a pre-placement offer?
What are the skills required to get a pre-placement offer?
Sounds good?
How do companies test applicants to improve their skill set? 
What’s the next step? 
What is the Importance of a pre-placement offer?
Frequently Asked Questions
When is a pre-placement offer presented to a student?
What are the top skills required to get a pre-placement offer?
Can I get a good salary through a pre-placement offer?
Where do I intern to get offered a pre-placement offer?
Should I accept a PPO?
How do I ask for PPO? How do you get a PPO after an Internship?
Does Google give PPO?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

How To Get A Pre-Placement Offer From Top Companies?

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No matter which field of study a student chooses to pursue, it only takes hard work and true dedication to excel in their field. With every course, in order to truly learn something, students must be encouraged to apply their knowledge out of the four walls of the classroom.

Hence, some students apply for internship positions at reputed firms. It helps them immensely in expanding their knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of how modern workplaces function. 

How To Get A Pre-Placement Offer From Top Companies?

Surviving an internship may seem like a daunting task to students, especially when they lack the required knowledge and experience. But with patience and determination, it is not impossible to excel at all your assigned tasks. If the intern performs exceptionally well at the firm, the company may decide to offer them a Pre Placement Offer. Pre-placement offer (PPO) is given to a candidate, who was a former intern by the company, to continue as a full-time employee after completing their internship based on their performance during the internship.

Internships and hackathons can give students a shortcut to the recruitment process. They pave the way to get an offer letter before the campusing process begins. This is known as a pre-placement offer. Qualified students, the finalists of hackathons, and winners of recruitment-based competitions can get a full-time job directly after their internship. Finalists of hackathons can also get one. 

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What is a pre-placement offer?

A pre-placement offer (PPO) is offered to an intern when the company wants the intern to join them permanently as a full-time employee after graduation. An offer letter is presented to the intern for their exceptional performance. A pre-placement offer secures the future of the intern at the company. It gives an assurance that their efforts have been acknowledged by their peers.

A pre-placement offer is also beneficial for the firm because they get acquainted with the student before hiring them for working at their office. Judging by merits, an intern is offered the opportunity by the company.  

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What are the skills required to get a pre-placement offer?

The preliminary requirement to excel at your internship at any reputed firm or start-up is to choose which company profile suits your interests and area of expertise. If you choose your place of internship wisely, the chances are that you will learn the essential skills pertaining to your field of education that will help you succeed in your future career in that field. 

Sounds good?

Whichever firm you choose to intern for, review their policies, the offers that they present their interns with, the perks of interning with them, and whether they have a chance of offering their interns with pre-placement offers on the basis of their overall performance. You can Sign up for Career Camp to improve your overall skills.

How do companies test applicants to improve their skill set? 

Top product-based companies usually have a rigorous screening process for their applicants, so expect difficulties on your path to becoming an intern at any product-based company. The first key point is to build up an impressive resume to submit with your application.

The resume is the first introduction of you as a person, and it is usually the most important deciding factor for you to get hired, so choose your words wisely. List out the skills you think the employer is looking for in an intern at their company, make it professional and to the point.

Mention proper credentials only and speak about your other relevant interests apart from academics. This paints a colourful picture of you to the employer and differentiates you from the other candidates applying for the same position. 

What’s the next step? 

If you are selected in the initial stages of the screening and proceed to the interview screening, then be well prepared. Dress professionally for the interview and avoid being late or tardy. Pay attention to the questions being asked and respond with confidence.

Maintain good posture and eye contact and show interest in the interview. If you have the adequate skills and fit the profile they are hiring for, you will receive an opportunity to intern with them. You must visit the page of the Coding Ninjas Studio and read interview experiences for cracking interviews in the future.

If you want to excel in any internship, you need to find out:

  • What am I good at?
  • How much professionalism do I have?
  • Can I adapt to the changes that I need to make for working in a corporate?

You must listen to your mentors and take the inputs from employees as they have been working in the firm for a long time. Their insight will guide you tremendously and will reduce the margin of error that you make while working.

Always be open to constructive criticism and be ready for new experiences and challenges on your way. How well you handle new challenges speaks volumes about your character, and companies can often see that reflected through the work you present. 

You need to adhere to deadlines and try avoiding unpunctuality or tardiness. Hence, your peers will acknowledge you. Put in more time, effort, and energy into every simple task presented to you because it is through the simplest tasks that your true potential shines through.

Be polite and be a good team player because employers are likely to appreciate your work more if you also excel at communicating with others in your team. You have to give your best effort & it will not go unnoticed by your peers or mentors. You can read the blogs of Coding Ninjas Studio to prepare for your pre-placement.

You can also get a pre-placement offer by becoming a finalist in recruitment-based hackathons. Here, you need to develop some crucial skills that include:

You need to clear all the rounds of the hackathon and build a product based on the given problem statement. You have to prepare the prototype and demonstrate it to get the ticket to the final. Finalists can directly get a pre-placement offer or an HR interview based on their performance.

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What is the Importance of a pre-placement offer?

First and foremost, a pre-placement offer boosts the morale and confidence of a student. It gives them faith that their efforts have been acknowledged and motivates them to perform better with consistency. If a student is wondering whether or not to accept the pre-placement offer from a reputed firm, analyse your current situation and consider every aspect before making a concrete decision.

Go through the offer letter, read well through the perks and benefits that you will be receiving. Decide if the position being offered to you at the firm is something you wish to pursue in the future and if the work environment at the firm suits your needs.

If you believe that the offer does not suit your requirements and you believe that you shall receive better placement opportunities in the future, then make a decision accordingly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a pre-placement offer presented to a student?

Usually, the pre-placement offer is presented to a student after an excellent performance in their internships or at any hackathon.

What are the top skills required to get a pre-placement offer?

First and foremost, be hardworking and have patience. Perform all your tasks with precision and clarity. Listen to teammates and be punctual—master the skills needed for your role as an intern.

Can I get a good salary through a pre-placement offer?

Yes, you can. It depends upon the company hiring you, the position you are applying for, and the company policy.

Where do I intern to get offered a pre-placement offer?

Many firms offer a pre-placement offer to their interns. It depends upon the firm. Before joining a firm for an internship, inquire if there is scope for a pre-placement offer.

Should I accept a PPO?

If you are wondering whether or not to accept the Pre Placement Offer from a reputed firm, analyze your current situation and consider every aspect before making a concrete decision. You need to check the offer letter, job role, and location before making your decision.

How do I ask for PPO? How do you get a PPO after an Internship?

After the completion of your internship, you need to accumulate all of your achievements and decide on the perfect job position for you. You need to thank your supervisor and let him/ her know your desire to join the company. After that, you need to follow up with emails to get your PPO.

Does Google give PPO?

After completing the Google internship, the company offers pre-placement offer interviews. You will get the PPO after cracking that interview.


Take into account your interests and dreams for the future, the company’s policies and remuneration, and how well you can adjust to working there and then come to a conclusion. Having several options is always good as it gives you a plethora of directions you can steer your life towards.

Even if you decide not to pursue the Pre Placement Offer presented to you by a firm, mentioning it in your resume also looks incredible and impressive to future employers.

No matter which direction you choose to travel in, do your due research and make a wise choice. You can read the experience of a student who got a pre-placement offer (PPO) at Microsoft Indian Development Center.

Check out Microsoft Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.


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