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Last updated: Sep 6, 2022

Infrastructure as a Code

Infrastructure as a Code or IaC is a method that helps to manage the servers, storage, and network resources. This is a large-scale approach that covers infrastructure configurations. It resolves the crisis of environment drift in the release pipeline. Idempotence is achieved by IaC only which is the ability to produce the same result which is given to a given set of operations. Hence, to manage automated infrastructure knowledge of IaC is a must.

Configuration Management

In the DevOps domain, we require a lot of configuration management which is used when we need the platforms to automate, design, and monitor manual configuration processes. Hence, this section covers all those tools. In order to keep the systems in known desired states, we need configuration management. Through this technology, the consistency of software and systems is highly maintained. When automation is combined with configuration management it improves the efficiency as manual configuration processes are replaced with automated processes.