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Table of contents
Installation and Startup of Web2py 
Install Web2py
Unzip the binary file
Run the Web2py executable file
Create a Password and Start-Server
Creating an application with Web2py
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is web2py useful?
Is the web2py framework reliable?
Can web2py be used with Python 3?
How can I run web2py?
Which is preferable, Django or web2py?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Installation and Startup of Web2Py

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Before learning the steps to install and set up Web2py, we would first like you to understand the concept of the Web2py framework and why it is popular.

Web2Py is a full-stack Python web framework because it includes all the resources, parts, and APIs required to create a finished online application. Web2Py was created using the Python programming language and is compatible with Python versions 2.x and 3.x. Web2Py adheres to the Model View Controller (MVC) design, just like well-known web frameworks Django and Ruby on Rails. It does this by offering separate modules for data presentation (view) and data representation (model), both of which are governed by logic (controller).

Let us see the step-by-step process to install and startup the Web2py Python framework.

Installation and Startup of Web2py 

Install Web2py

In contrast to other Python web frameworks, web2py installation via the Python pip install command may encounter issues or failures. Therefore, downloading and unzipping the binary file from the official website is the simplest way to install web2py. From this link, download web2py.

Windows and most Unix platforms, including Linux, BSD, and Mac, are compatible with the source code version. Your system must already have installed Python 3.5+ (recommended for new projects) or Python 2.7+ (regular, for use with older programs).

Additionally, binary packages are available for macOS and Windows. You do not need to have the Python interpreter pre-installed because they come with versions 3.7.4 or 2.7.16

Unzip the binary file

Once you have downloaded the web2py binary zip file, create a folder named Web2py and unzip it.

Run the Web2py executable file

Unzip the binary packages after downloading them, then open web2py.exe (Windows) or web2py (MacOs).

Create a Password and Start-Server

The web2py web framework window will now open, prompting you to provide a password and click the "start server" button to launch a localhost server on port 8000.

After the server has started, you may get a screen like this by going to http://localhost:8000/welcome/default/index in your browser.

You are now ready to use the Web2py framework. You can start by clicking the admin button at the bottom to build new apps.

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Creating an application with Web2py

Let's use the Python Web2py framework to build a new application. First, we'll click on the admin table near the bottom. Consequently, the screen that appears after entering the admin password is as follows:

Go to New simple application, type a name for the program (such as web2py), and then click Create. The following design interface page will be displayed as a result:

If we type web2py on the local machine to access the current live web, we will receive the output as shown below:

Once your application is created, you can make changes as required and go on to make further additions to it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is web2py useful?

Web2py enables Python dynamic web content programming for web developers. With Web2py, arduous web development tasks, including building web forms from scratch.

Is the web2py framework reliable?

The Web2py framework is simple, has a small footprint, and offers excellent versatility. It is not constrained in architecture, design, or interoperability, hence being incredibly reliable.

Can web2py be used with Python 3?

Web2py functions on Python 2.7, Python 3, with CPython (the C implementation), and PyPy (Python written in Python).

How can I run web2py?

To begin using Web2py, unzip the zip file downloaded for your operating system and run the associated Web2py file.

Which is preferable, Django or web2py?

Due to its smaller size, short learning curve, and lack of project-level configuration files, Web2py is preferred over Django. Compared to PHP-based frameworks and Java-based frameworks, Web2py has a significantly more explicit syntax than PHP-based and Java-based frameworks, making this application easier to comprehend, maintain, and create.


This article extensively discussed the complete process involved installing and startup the Web2py framework. We further looked at the code snippets to understand the installation and setup of the Web2py framework more clearly.

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