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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Installing Ruby on Windows

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This article will show how to download and install ruby programming language to your windows system. Before learning its installation to your computer, let's first learn what ruby is?

Yukihiro Matsumoto created Ruby, an open-source, object-oriented scripting language, in the mid-1990s. Ruby is a scripting language that uses object-oriented programming to help developers save time by reusing code. As a result, the Ruby programming language was created, which uses a basic vocabulary and syntax to manage data and solve issues using logic.

Downloading the Ruby’s Setup

To download the setup on your computer, type "download ruby for windows" in your browser and follow the download link for windows. You can also go to this link to download the setup Ruby for Windows and the latest version.

Here we are downloading the latest version this time. On clicking this link, downloading will get started.

Here is the end of the downloading part. Now let’s install this setup.

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Installation of Ruby

Inside your download folder, you will get the file of the download kit of ruby. Just double-click on it and the installation process will fire up.

Now there are a few series of steps to follow.

Step1: Read the license agreement, select I accept the Licence, and click on the next button.

Step2: It will ask you for the path, keep it by default. Click on install.

Step3: It will ask you to include some components, keep that also by default. Click on next.

Step4: Now, the extracting files process will get started. It will take around a minute to get completed.


Step5: After extracting all the required files, the terminal will open and ask you to install any specific component or all the components. Keep that by default and press enter.

Step6: Now, the main installation will start up and in around a minute, it will install the ruby in your system. In the end, press enter.

Now the installation process is also finally finished. This installation process is so efficient that you don't have to set environment variables for your system. It has already set the variables for you. To check, open the command prompt and check its version.

Run Simple Programs

Now let’s check if ruby is working fine or not. Open the command prompt and check this program.

You can also open an interactive ruby shell through the irb command.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ruby used?

Ruby is an excellent language for creating computer programs, static webpages, data processing services, and even automation solutions. Web servers, DevOps, and web scraping and crawling are all examples of where it's employed. When you bring in the Rails application framework's features, you can accomplish even more, especially with database-driven web apps.

Is there any good framework of ruby?

Ruby's application framework, Rails, has improved the language's popularity and made it a suitable cloud language. The Ruby on Rails framework comprises pre-written Ruby code for communication, file handling, database connectivity, and other functions. DRY — Don't Repeat Yourself — is one of Rails main ideas, and it's crucial to the framework's performance.

What are the tools that ruby provides?

The ruby toolbox is quite well-designed. The community as a whole is rather comprehensive, and if you're a new developer, you won't be short of resources. Furthermore, the number of tools available to you is impressive: Ruby on Rails, Rubygems, Spree, Rspec, Devise, etc.

Who developed ruby?

Ruby is developed and designed by Yukihiro "martz" Matsumoto in mid-1990 in Japan.

What is the use of RubyGems in ruby?

RubyGems offer a standardized format for sharing Ruby programs and libraries. It serves as the Ruby programming language's package management.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the downloading and installation of Ruby and tried a simple ruby program.

We hope this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding Installing Ruby. Check out the awesome content on the Coding Ninjas Website, Let's Explore the History of Ruby!!!Constants in rubyString literals in RubyRuby is an object-oriented languageMethods in Ruby.

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Happy Coding!

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