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Last updated: Oct 29, 2021


Intermediate HTML includes to know more in detail about it, like - Knowing most of HTML tags in the language, understanding when to use tags, example the children of a <ul> tag should be <li> in most cases, the client-server relationship in the abstract, how to use attributes to style and identification for tags,how to link external resources like CSS, and JavaScript into your HTML, an understanding of the Document Object Model or DOM works, how your HTML will be read by accessible hardware such as screen readers.
Classes in HTML EASY
This article contains information on Classes in HTML and their properties.
HTML5 Introduction
This article will briefly introduce HTML5 and all its newly added features. We will further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of HTML5 over its different versions.
HTML ID Attribute
This article covers the detailed description of the id attribute in HTML. We have discussed the properties and uses of the ID attribute using descriptive examples.
The iframe in HTML
This blog gives an insight into the iframe in HTML, why they are, and the various ways in which they are used. Read further to learn in detail.
JavaScript With HTML
In this article, we’ll have a brief overview of topics related to javaScript and HTML and see how we can integrate JavaScript with HTML. This article doesn’t mean to explain each and every individual topic from the ground up. It just provides you with a brief overview and makes you aware of these topics so that you can learn each of them in isolation.
Author Yogi21
HTML File Paths
The blog discusses "HTML File Paths." We will discuss its various applications, how to add them in our HTML file, and their importance in our HTML document.
Head and Layout In HTML
The blog discusses “Head and Layout In HTML.” We’ll discuss the importance of head elements and layout in our HTML file and their various associated components.
Author Zenith
HTML User Input and Computer Code
In this blog, we will be learning about various user inputs in HTML.
Semantic elements in HTML
In this article, we’ll take you through the Semantic elements in HTML.
Coding Conventions in HTML EASY
In this blog, we will discuss the guidelines and conventions required and their importance in our HTML Code.
Author Zenith
In this article, we’ll look at the difference between HTML Vs XHTML and their functioning, covering all the essential tags and elements found inside the Document.
Author Yogi21
Uniform Resource Locator (URLs) in HTML
This article covers the description of the Uniform Resource Relocators(URL), how to use a URL, the two different types of URLs, and how we can encode a URL.
Multimedia(Audio, Video, Plugins, YouTube) in HTML
In this blog, we will discuss some essential HTML concepts related to multimedia in HTML. These concepts are really beneficial for creating a good front-end.
SVG Graphics in HTML
In this blog, we will be discussing an essential concept of HTML that is SVG Graphics in HTML.SVG helps in making a pretty good front-end.
Canvas Element in HTML
This article describes the use of the canvas element in HTML. We have discussed some key aspects to consider while using the canvas element to design elements on the HTML web page.
Complete Guide To XHTML
In this article, we will see a complete guide to XHTML which will help us in mastering the concepts.