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Last updated: May 3, 2022

Intermediate-Code Generation

During the translation of a source program into the object code for a target machine, a compiler may generate a middle-level language code, which is known as Intermediate code or Intermediate text. The complexity of this code lies between the source language code and the object code.
The Intermediate language
This article discusses intermediate language and its use. We will understand the importance of Intermediate language in compiler design.
Three address code in Compiler EASY
Three-address code is simple to construct and convert to machine code. It employs just three places and one operator to describe an expression.
Types and Declarations
This article discusses types and declarations in compiler design. We will understand the importance of learning types and declarations.
Translation Of Expressions EASY
This article informs the reader about the translation of expression in compiler design.
Author Shiva
Control Flow
In this article, we are going to discuss control flow and translation of control flow statements, and how this translation is tied with the translation of boolean expressions.
Backpatching in Compiler Design EASY
In this article, we will get to learn about backpatching in compiler design which lies in Intermediate Code Generation. We are also going to do some competitive-level questions.
Switch Statements
This blog discusses the switch statements in compiler design. It is a basic concept of programming that should be learned.
Case Statement in Compiler Design EASY
This blog will teach us a case statement in compiler design. We'll discuss its syntax and translation. We will also see its syntax in different languages.
What is Intermediate Code Generation? MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss intermediate code for procedures and understand what is a procedure and procedure call.