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About Facebook 🔍
Facebook Internship Program 🧑‍💼
Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process 🎖️
Getting Internships at Facebook 🏆
Landing an Internship at Facebook Through LinkedIn
Getting a Full-time Role Through the Internship 🏹
Roadmap and Reference Materials for Internships at Facebook 🎯
Interview preparation 💻
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I join Facebook?
Should I have a previous work experience for internships at Facebook?
Is it necessary to be good at coding to crack an internship at Facebook?
Does Facebook allow work from home for internships?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Internships at Facebook

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Hello Ninjas,

If you are searching for a fantastic internship opportunity for yourself, what else can be better than an internship at Facebook. This article's tour will comprise of discussion regarding internships at Facebook, one of the biggest companies we come across daily, regardless of our age or occupation. We will also elaborate on how to prepare for the internships at Facebook, which will help to ace your goal.

About Facebook 🔍

The American global technological firm Meta, formerly Facebook, has its headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The firm, among other things, is the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. One of the most valuable corporations in the world is Meta. Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Meta Portal are among the goods and services offered by Meta. Additionally, it owns a 9.99% share in Jio Platforms and has bought Oculus, Giphy, Mapillary, Kustomer, Presize, and Oculus.

About Facebook
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Facebook Internship Program 🧑‍💼

The Facebook internship program was named #1 by Glassdoor for two years in a row thanks to its world-class mentors, open culture, and opportunity to have a genuine impact. 

Internships at facebook

To ensure your success, interns are matched with a 1:1 mentor, get support from their manager, and have access to the whole Meta employee network. The majority of interns begin working on real-world projects or shipping code during their first week.

Facebook offers events, opportunities for social interaction, networking opportunities with Meta executives, and other activities to help interns unwind after work.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process 🎖️

Though the eligibility criteria depend on the type of internship role you apply for, some basic qualifications required are: 

  • Currently in the pre-final or final year(program dependent) of graduation in computer science or another technical discipline.
  • Good aptitude and problem-solving skills.
  • Good at specific technical fields required of that internship role such as data science, machine learning, fronted development or backend development, etc.

In accordance with years of experience, completion of a bachelor's or master's degree, required qualifications, and experience in a similar field, Facebook offers several degree of internships to software engineers.

The following are different stages in the selection process for an internship at Facebook:

  • Candidates submit their applications for the internship role.
  • The recruiting team goes through the submitted applications and shortlists candidates for the next rounds.
  • Shortlisted candidates go to the first round of interviews.
  • The first round is a screening round of about 30-40minutes where basic knowledge of problem-solving and other skills are checked.
  • Selected candidates from round 1 go to round 2 to thoroughly check the candidate’s knowledge and skills.
  • At last final result is conveyed to candidates based on overall selection testing.

Getting Internships at Facebook 🏆

Eager to know how to land an internship at Facebook? We have you covered about it below:

Facebook provides multiple internships based on the technical background of students, and so are the ways to get internships at Facebook. Let's discuss the most common and efficient route to get internships at Facebook.

Excel in Academics and other fields:

Being all-arounder counts for something at Facebook, too, even while getting good grades is unquestionably a considerable benefit for landing an internship or employment at a top company. Along with academics, expand your talent to other fields to stand apart from others.

Check for the vacancies at Facebook:

Being smart and possessing knowledge meets success only when you grab the opportunities at the right time. Facebook has its career page where it posts the internships available. Keep an eye on the vacancies for intern positions and apply for them whenever it comes up. 

You can specifically search for internships at Facebook here.

getting facebook internships


Build a strong Resume:

You may have already written your resume for job applications. However, if you are just interested in an internship at Facebook, you should review their job descriptions and modify your CV for each position. Add all of your technical competence evidence to make a persuasive argument to hiring managers.

Interview Preparation:

Depending on the job type, there are several rounds of the interview process. Typically, your personality, career objectives, and eligibility are evaluated in the first round. The next round will put your technical process to the test using various techniques, such as problem-solving techniques or other technical application-based skills.

Work hard and have confidence:

Be prepared to put in more effort than normal because you want to join a prestigious company and you must be prepared to face any obstacles that stand in your way of succeeding there. Finally, have faith in your ability and organize yourself to produce the greatest results.


Some other ways to apply for internships at Facebook are:

  • Facebook career website
  • Facebook recruiters at LinkedIn
  • Referral from an employee
  • On campus applications

Landing an Internship at Facebook Through LinkedIn

🏹 Make Use of Your Existing Network

Before looking for new connections on LinkedIn, get in touch with your current connections about internship prospects. See if someone in your contact is at Facebook or can get you in touch with anyone. Your contacts are a valuable asset.

🏹 Build Your Network

Never be hesitant to contact a recruiter directly on LinkedIn after taking into account your existing connections. Search for tags such as “Recruitment Specialist” or “Talent Manager”.

facebook internships through LinkedIn

🏹 Personalisation

Always try to include a personal comment when adding connections so that they understand why you are connecting with them. Blank connection requests are more likely to be rejected.

🏹 Message/ E-mail Structure

While sending an email, you must give him a structured brief of your achievement and state the purpose of your message in simple and decent words.


📢To get detailed knowledge about the selection process and how to get an internship at Facebook, read our article here.

📢Don’t forget to watch the youtube video on personal experience of cracking an internship at Facebook.

Getting a Full-time Role Through the Internship 🏹

Being an intern is a fantastic opportunity to get practical knowledge and understanding of your desired professional field. They might even ask you to join as a full-time employee if they think you'd be an exceptional intern for the business. These are some points to turn your internship into a full-time job opportunity:-

  • Show that you fit in: Make sure you have done your homework on the organization, its mission, and its principles before beginning your internship. Then you can see how you already fit in or need to make some adjustments.
  • Cultivate a relationship of trust with your superiors: create good communication by constantly checking in, such as by giving updates on the status of your projects or any achievements you have made.
  • Showcase your work ethic:  Here are some ways to demonstrate a strong work ethic:
    • Provide dependable, regular work so that managers can trust you.
    • To help you stay on task and better manage your time, organize your workspace and tasks.
  • Network with your colleagues: Employers look for candidates with great cooperation skills, so make sure you're developing both business and social bonds with your coworkers.

Roadmap and Reference Materials for Internships at Facebook 🎯

Since the roadmap results from a strategic planning process, preparing is crucial. In light of your resources and capacity, we can therefore illustrate the timeline for goal achievement and link it to specific work. Roadmaps are also useful for tracking progress toward goals and sharing plans with stakeholders.


Now, let's look at some references to help you build your foundation for roles at Facebook.

  • The most crucial step is to lay a strong foundation because your preparation path may be impacted.
  • Make a firm grip on Data Structure and Algorithms in any of your favorite languages like CC++Java, or Python.
  • On top of that, you should regularly engage in Competitive Programming to improve your ability to solve real-world problems, and you should educate yourself on DSA to master coding languages like C++Python, and Java.

  C++  Java   Python


Don't forget to read our article regarding subjects needed to crack interviews. Click here

Interview preparation 💻

The interview is a crucial component of the hiring process. It is also the final step in determining whether or not a candidate should be chosen. For this reason, you must adequately prepare for the interview.

Interview preparation guide


Coding Ninjas provide you with tons of interview questions to prepare in order to conquer not only internships at Facebook but opportunities available worldwide.

Below we list some of the most asked topics.

Interview ready

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Facebook?

Facebook is a world-class product-based multinational company with multiple benefits for all kinds of jobs. Apart from a healthy amount of salary, Facebook offers facilities like health insurance and a world-class work environment for its employees.

Should I have a previous work experience for internships at Facebook?

You don't necessarily need to have a previous experience with a job for internships. Internships are meant for students stepping into the corporate world, and hence companies mainly focus on the student's knowledge and capabilities.

Is it necessary to be good at coding to crack an internship at Facebook?

Though it fully depends on the type of internship you apply for, for technical internships, you should be good at relevant programming languages. Even if you are not good at coding, don't worry; coding ninjas is here to turn you into a ninja with needed coding skills.

Does Facebook allow work from home for internships?

Yes, because the goal of Facebook is to eliminate the need for the distance between clever individuals. But many internships ask for in-office work to provide interns with real work experience to multiply their skills.


So here's our tour coming to an end but not your journey. I hope you gained sufficient knowledge of internships at Facebook to lock in your goal and utilize the provided guidance to achieve the same. Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available.

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.

You can always explore more Coding Ninjas guiding articles.

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Happy Learning!

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