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About IBM
Internship Program at IBM
Internship Roles at IBM
How to Get an Internship at IBM?
On Campus
Official Website
Eligibility Criteria
Selection Criteria
How to Prepare
How to Apply
How to Get a Full-Time Role Through The Internship?
Frequently Asked Questions
Do we need any experience for internships?
Do we need to have coding experience for every internship profile?
Do we need to showcase our projects for internships?
Are technical skills sufficient to get an internship?
Can we apply anytime at IBM for an internship?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Internships at IBM

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Internships are the best opportunity to gain essential experience to get an idea of how the corporate world works. Internships are not only about improving your technical skills. You will get to improve your communication skills on a decent level. You will learn how to behave and work like a professional. These things will help you get a full-time offer at a reputed company.

internship at IBM

This blog will guide you on how to get an internship at IBM. We will also discuss the necessary resources to help you clear your interview and get an internship at IBM. But first, let's get to know about IBM company to have a background check and increase your chances of getting an internship at IBM.

About IBM

IBM logo

IBM means International Business Machines, one of the oldest and most reputed company in computer manufacturing. IBM was established in 1911 in New York and had been running since then. IBM provides various opportunities to individuals who have skills and are interested in working in their company.

IBM has multiple skills development programs for employees working in their company to improve their skills inventory.

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Internship Program at IBM

Landing an internship at IBM is a great way to start your career. For example, getting a web developer internship at IBM  is a great opportunity and path to enter this field.

You will get various perks as a fresher that will help you advance your career. Below is the list of reasons to have an internship at IBM.

🔹 Excellent working environment to build your career.

🔹 You can create an impact on society by building real-time projects.

🔹 Working at IBM will increase your innovative skill.

🔹 IBM provides flexible work hours.

🔹 IBM is a globally expanded company, so you will get the opportunity to build your network around the globe.

🔹 You can build a long-term career at IBM if selected as a full-time employee during your internship.

Internship Roles at IBM

Internship Roles at IBM

IBM provides various opportunities to individuals interested in working at IBM.

You can select any of the roles mentioned below according to your interest or expertise and apply for the internship at IBM.

Consultant: The role of a consultant is to give advice to an individual or firm about their business according to the consultant's field of expertise.

Data Scientist: A data scientist is someone who sorts and manipulates particular data and provides a solution after observing that data.

Designer: The role of a designer is to provide interface design of a project or a model for the project.

Developer: The role of a developer is to develop work in real-time software projects and develops various feature and modules of a project.

Finance: The person who works in the finance field looks after all the expenses of the company and gives advice on how to manage those expenses.

Human Resources: An HR is someone who hires the best candidate for the company as an employee.

Technical Specialist:  Technical specialist role is to provide technical testing or architecture solutions for the project they are assigned to.

How to Get an Internship at IBM?

 Get an Internship at IBM

There are multiple ways by which you can apply for the internship program at IBM in multiple ways.

On Campus

You can apply for the internship at IBM on-campus, which is only possible if IBM comes for the requirement at your college. Remember that IBM in India only visits IITs and other reputed universities.

Official Website

You can visit IBM's official website and check out the vacancies for the profiles you are interested in, read the requirements and responsibilities, and apply there.


You can also apply for the internship role at IBM  through LinkedIn. There are mainly two ways to apply for internships at LinkedIn.

  1. You can make connections on LinkedIn with employees already working at LinkedIn and ask for a referral from them. 
  2. You can go to the LinkedIn job portal and search for internships at IBM, and you can apply from there if there is a vacancy available.

Remember that it is not an easy task to get an internship at IBM. Your CV has to be exceptionally good and your project work should be excellent and related to the profile you are applying for.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

➣ You must have a bachelor's degree respective to the profile you are applying for.

➣ You must have the required technical skills to apply for the IT profile.

Strong communication skills to interact with colleagues and other employees at IBM.

➣ Curious about learning new technologies and intend to work on real-time projects.

➣ An individual must have the willingness to collaborate with others.

Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

This section guide describes the selection process at IBM so that you can work on the necessary skills and do your best to get an internship at IBM.

🔹 Once you apply for the role you are interested in, your application will undergo the screening phase. In screening, the experts will judge your application and resume to check whether you are perfect for the role or if you need to work on your skills.

🔹 After the screening, you need to go through the online assessment depending on the role you apply for. For example, if you are using for any IT profile, you must go through various coding rounds.

🔹 If you clear the online assessment round, you are eligible for the assessment center/interview round. IBM will invite you to the assessment center and have a final interview round to evaluate your skills.

🔹 After the final interview, you need to wait for the result. IBM will update you about the result from time to time.

How to Prepare

How to Prepare

We have discussed all the necessary points that freshers should know if they apply for an internship at IBM. Now we will guide you in preparing for the interview and increase your chances of getting an internship at IBM.

◈ First, you need to work on the foundation skills required for the profile you are applying for. For example, you need to work on the following skills for an IT profile.


◈ Once you are confident in your foundational skills, you should work on your soft skills, like communication and body language. Soft skills are the least essential skills, which fresher works on. If you give the same amount of effort to your soft skills as you give to your technical skills, nothing can stop to get the internship at IBM.

◈ Next, work on your Resume building skills. Try to include the skills required for the role you are applying for so you can get shortlisted quickly.

◈ Try to build your network with the people you are already working with at IBM or experts in the profile you are applying for to get a clearer idea about the interview process. 

◈ You can check out the following resources to prepare for the interview and test the skills you are working on.

◈You can also check out the courses mentioned below to ensure you are not missing any important skills.

How to Apply

How to apply

Follow these steps to apply for the internship at IBM.

1. First, go to the official website of IBM.

2. Next, search for the profile you are interested in.

search bar


3. Once you find the profile you are looking for, click on the profile.

4. Read out the role and responsibilities for the profile.

5. If you think you are compatible with the profile, go to the end of the page and click on apply now.

apply button

6. Once you click on Apply Now button, you will be redirected to a page with information about the JOB, like location, salary, and many more things.

7. Read the information, and at the last of the page, you will see the Apply to Jobs button. Click on that and fill out the details.

How to Get a Full-Time Role Through The Internship?

hire at IBM

Now, let's assume you get the internship at IBM. What will be your next step to get the full-time offer and completely secure your career? You must keep in mind the following points if you want a full-time offer.

➣ Complete your assigned work from time to time to avoid any setbacks.

➣ Follow the company's rules and regulations to avoid any inconveniences.

➣ Try to interact with your seniors to build a trusting relationship.

➣ Try to include your feedback about any work.

➣ Always show you are curious and eager to learn new things.

➣ Take care of your work ethic to show you are disciplined and sincere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need any experience for internships?

No, it is not required, but it can be a plus point in your resume.

Do we need to have coding experience for every internship profile?

No, the coding experience is only necessary for the IT profiles.

Do we need to showcase our projects for internships?

Yes, you need to explain your project if the interviewers ask. They can evaluate your skills based on it.

Are technical skills sufficient to get an internship?

You also need to work on your soft skills to get an internship.

Can we apply anytime at IBM for an internship?

You can only apply if the vacancy is available for the profile you are interested in so, therefore, you need frequently check for the internship.


In this article, we learned about IBM and internship programs at IBM.  We discussed the different profiles for the IBM internship and the eligibility criteria. We learned about the selection criteria of IBM for an intern and how we can prepare for the interview.

To learn more about IBM, check out the following articles.


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To learn more about DSA, competitive coding, and many more knowledgeable topics, please look into the guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio. Also, you can enroll in our courses and check out the mock test and problems available to you. Please check out our interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Coding, Ninja🥷!

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