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Table of contents
About Intuit
Internship Program at Intuit
How to get an Internship at Intuit
Selection Criteria for Internship
Eligibility Criteria for these Roles
Requirements for Interns
Difficulty Level
Syllabus to be Covered for Internship
Technical Skills
Soft Skills
Different Intern profiles at Intuit 
How to Prepare
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Intuit?
What are the workplace benefits of Intuit?
Are technical skills sufficient to get an internship at Intuit?
How much pay is there for internships at Intuit?
Can an intern at Intuit get a full-time role?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Internships at Intuit

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Hii Ninjas!! When you enter college, you will be guided about how to crack a good company in any of the fields, and the first need for cracking a good company would be to do an internship to get more skilled and for your nice resume.

Internships at Intuit

This article will show how to get internships at Intuit, how much Intuit pays, the syllabus, the selection process, and some handy tips to stand out against other applicants.

Alright! Let us move on and see about Intuit first.

About Intuit

Intuit is one of the top Fintech companies offering business solutions and products for companies and individuals. It helps the communities to overcome their most important financial challenges. They are serving more than 100 million customers worldwide with Mint, TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, and Credit Karma, and they believe that every person should have the opportunity to grow.

Intuit logo

Internship Program at Intuit

Intuit offers internship programs for both undergraduate and graduate students across the country and contributes to the company’s growth. They hire both technical and non-technical interns in various fields like business analytics, visual design, cybersecurity, etc.

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How to get an Internship at Intuit

Given below are possible ways to get internships at Intuit.

  • Online application: Apply online on the career site. As a part of Intuit application process, you can either share your LinkedIn profile with the recruiter, enter your details manually or upload your resume in a PDF format.
  • Employee referral - You can connect with employees at Intuit via the LinkedIn website and request them to refer you by sharing your resume.
  • Contact HR - You can email your resume to the HR executive of Intuit. HR may get back to you if your profile matches their role.
  • Job Portals - Intuit posts internships for various profiles on job portals like LinkedIn.

Selection Criteria for Internship

The selection process for the internships at Intuit is as follows:

Resume Shortlisting- After submitting your application, the resume shortlisting process will be carried out to determine whether you are perfect for the role or not.

Coding Round- This will be an online Coding round with coding questions. It might be 3-4 questions.

Technical Rounds- After clearing the Coding round, Intuit will invite you to the assessment center and have a final interview round to evaluate your skills.

HR Interview- This will be the last round of the interview process, where you will be tested on some of the problems that may arise in the company.

After the final interview, Intuit will declare the result.

Eligibility Criteria for these Roles

For Internships at Intuit, you must be enrolled full-time as a student pursuing a degree in a related field. You should return to university/college for a semester, or quarter following your internship period.  

Eligibility criteria

Candidates with B.E, B.Tech, M.E, M.Tech, MCA, Graduation, and Post Graduation in the fields like Finance, Accounting, Business, or Economics, depending upon the position you are targeting as an intern.

Requirements for Interns

Internships in Intuit depend on whether you are applying for technical or non-technical roles. But the behavioral interview is both technical and non-technical.

The requirements needed by the company for its growth are:

For Technical Roles

For the technical roles, one important thing for the candidates to understand is that coding challenges are a big part of the hiring process. If you are applying for a data scientist or software engineer intern role, your interview will be based on coding questions. Practice questions on Coding Ninjas Studio for better reach.

Note: For the list of problems, refer to the preparation strategy.

After clearing the technical rounds, you will move on to the next round, a behavioral interview, where the interviewer may include questions on Coding or a puzzle or on core concepts along with the behavioral interview questions.

For the behavioral interview, you have to go for the STAR method(Where the interviewer will ask about a certain type of situation) and cover Intuit’s core values and responses based on that.

Non-Technical Roles

For non-technical roles, the interview will start with a phone screening with a company recruiter. The recruiter will want to learn more about your background and experience. 

You’ll move on to a final interview if the phone screening goes well. During this interview, you’ll meet with two people from the department according to the position you have applied for. You’ll undergo the behavioral interview, where you will be given a case study. 

The case study will present a problem related to the role you have applied for. You have to work on that problem and provide a solution to that person. The main purpose of this is to check your thinking process and how to dive into that solution eventually.

Difficulty Level

Getting internships at Intuit is a little hard because the company is a leader with a large applicant pool. The company offers limited internship opportunities, and their ideal candidate standards make it more difficult.

Difficulty Level

The company’s requirements need to be fulfilled by a candidate to make it in that position as an intern.

Now let’s see what resources you can go through to prepare for an internship.

Syllabus to be Covered for Internship

To prepare for the internships at Intuit, try to cover the syllabus below.


Technical Skills

Every candidate should learn the below syllabus in-depth to qualify for the interviews.

Soft Skills

Different Intern profiles at Intuit 

Given below are some of the intern profiles for which Intuit accepts applications.

  • Security Intern.
  • Business Systems Analyst.
  • Finance Intern.
  • Senior Business Data Analyst Intern.
  • Software Engineer Co-op.
  • Data Scientist Intern.
  • Product Management Intern. 

How to Prepare

To get internships at Intuit, you have to be well prepared to put your best foot forward, as the competition is tight.

Preparation Strategy

1️. First of all, according to what you are pursuing or have pursued. Consider an intern profile for yourself on Linkedin or any other website.

2️. Next is to create a resume for your selected profile(For better reach).

3️. Submit your application on the link and get ready for the interview. 

Now, for the interview, go through the following points.

Develop your problem-solving skills with time management on Coding Ninjas Studio. Below are some of the resources using which you can get the set of important problems.

Study other basic and core concepts - According to your degree, you need to brush up on your knowledge of the subjects and core concepts related to your language, DBMS, OOPS, etc.

Work on Communication skills- You should present your ideas clearly, and this gives you an edge compared to other candidates. 

Note: Find the resources of these topics in the syllabus section for your preparation. 

Check the video given below.

Cool! Now we are done with our article on Internships at Intuit. We hope you have understood everything related, from getting an internship to a PPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intuit?

Intuit is one of the top Fintech companies that offer business solutions and products for both companies and individuals.

What are the workplace benefits of Intuit?

As an intern at Intuit, you can access an on-site gym, free snacks, recreation spaces, paid holidays, and many more.

Are technical skills sufficient to get an internship at Intuit?

Along with technical skills, you also need to work on your soft skills to get an internship at Intuit.

How much pay is there for internships at Intuit?

The average salary for the interns at Intuit is 90k - 1 Lacs per month. This may vary according to the company.

Can an intern at Intuit get a full-time role?

Yes, an intern at Intuit can get a full-time role through the internship. A full-time role is also known as the pre-placement offer (PPO), based on your internship performance.


In this article, we learned about Intuit and internships at Intuit. We discussed the different profiles for the Intuit internship and the eligibility criteria and requirements. We learned about the selection criteria of Intuit for an intern and how we can prepare for the interview.

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Happy Learning!

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