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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Internships at Uber

Author Tisha Chhabra
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This article will provide you with a complete preparation guide for internships at Uber. You can see the entire content and get your internship at Uber. Uber is the platform that works as the smartest and largest cab platform for passengers.

internships at uber

This article will briefly discuss the internships at Uber, how to land internships at Uber, the selection process, the Selection level, and Roadmap to prepare for the role. Let's first discuss a little bit about Uber.

About Uber

Uber is the platform that works as the smartest and largest cab platform for passengers. It has reached millions of users as of now. Uber provides an app where passengers can book their rides to travel within the city or intercity rides as well.


The Uber app is available for both Android as well as Apple. It charges the commission to the drivers based on the rides. Uber provides its services in more than 890 cities and 71 countries.

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Uber Internship Program

internship program

Uber is always on the scout for great talent to be a part of the Uber family. Uber offers numerous internship profiles to students pursuing a bachelor's or master's or Ph.D. in CS/IT or related disciplines, or MBA.

Uber internship program is for those who are looking for real-world experience. Those who love problem-solving and thrive on collaboration in a supportive work environment. Uber provides the boundary region that fosters proper mentorship and feedback.

Students can search for internships across profiles such as software engineering(both backend and frontend), data science, product management, operations, marketing, etc. The internship period at Uber ranges from 2 to 6 months.

Ninja! Are you wondering how to get internships at Uber? Be with us and keep reading.

How to Get an Internship at Uber?

Uber is one of the top-growing companies in the world and a hot spot for jobs. If you are wondering how to get an internship at Uber India, here are possible ways to get internships at Uber.

1. Online application: Apply online on the Uber careers portal. As a part of Uber’s application process, you can either share your LinkedIn profile with the recruiter, enter your details manually or upload your resume in a PDF format.

2. Job portals: Uber posts internships for various profiles on job portals like Internshala, and LinkedIn.

3. Campus recruitment: Uber visits various colleges for campus recruitment.

4. Emailing HR: You can email your resume and a cover letter to the HR executive of Uber. HR may get back to you if your profile matches their intern requirements.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection Process

criteria and process

Eligibility Criteria for Internships at Uber

  • Candidates pursuing a bachelor's or master's or Ph.D. in CS/IT or related disciplines, or MBA are eligible for internships at Uber. 
  • The candidate's percentage should be greater than 65 during the degree.
  • The candidate should not have any backlog during their degree.
  • Communication skills should be good enough for the candidate.

 You can apply for internships at Uber if you meet the above criteria.

Selection Process for Internships at Uber

1. Apply - Your first step is applying (of course). Visit Uber's career page to explore open roles and if you see the profile you like, hit apply. Uber moves fast, and new roles are constantly added, so check back regularly.

2. Talk with the recruiter - A general conversation about your skill set and background as they relate to the role.

3. Chat with the hiring manager - If the opportunity is likely to be a good fit, you will next speak with the hiring manager for the role. During the conversation, they will ask more about your skills and experience. Use the STAR method(Situation, Task, Action, Result) when answering the questions, and be data-centric in your answers as much as possible.

4. Technical interview (tech role only) - Technical interviews can vary. For coding, this will be a shared coding session. You will speak with the interviewer and tackle a problem using a collaborative environment.

5. Functional assessment or exercise (role dependent) - Uber often presents candidates with work simulation or a job-related task to test their problem-solving approach and functional knowledge. This test could be anything from a written assessment, analytics assessment, or portfolio review.

6. Team interview - The next step is often to meet the cross-functional colleagues and the team. Interviewers will ask you questions about the core skills needed to succeed in the role. You might be asked to do a presentation if you completed an exercise.

7. Hiring decision - The hiring team works together to reach a decision. The team will review the candidate's performance against the specific job criteria, and your recruiter will discuss the outcome. Fingers crossed!

Roadmap to Prepare for the Role

Practice Problems: You must have problem-solving skills and time management to complete those problems in time. Practicing problems on a daily basis can help you with this.

Learn concepts: There are multiple problems and concepts that you can learn and brush up on your skills. 

Aptitude Preparation: To perform well in the coding round, you also need to practice your aptitude. This will help you to clear the online test.

Be Confident: Do not panic, and keep yourself calm. Trust yourself and revise and learn the concepts. Practice them, and it will work for you.

Communication Skills: Communication skills are the most essential part of this roadmap. You need to work on your communication skills to make them better, and it will help you a lot in the interview rounds to grab the opportunity.

How to Get a Full-Time Role Through the Internships at Uber?


When an intern gets an opportunity for full-time employment during the internship, it is known as a Pre-Placement Offer. And for getting this PPO, we need to keep a few things in mind so that you can get an offer.

Learn all about the Product: You must have an idea of what the product company consists of. You need to get familiar with it and play around with it if it's an application or website. And if not, just read about the company and what it does.

Technology: You need to learn the company's technologies during this internship. It will help you to save time, and you can brush up on the skills before working on that technology.

Take Responsibility: You should not consider yourself an intern. It will be good if you consider yourself full-time and take full responsibility for your work.

Attentiveness: You need to be attentive and active about the things you are doing. You need to learn all the things and work well.

Code: You should learn how to write clean and shortcodes during your internship to improve the product.

Intern Profiles Uber Accepts

Given below are some of the intern profiles for which Uber accepts applications.

  • Software Engineering
  • Design
  • Data Science
  • Product Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations

Preparation Strategy


Let us look at how we can prepare for the interview rounds. You can prepare for an uber interview with the help of the below-mentioned resources:

Quick Tips

While preparing for your interview make sure you check out the following.

Job description - Make sure you understand what Uber is looking for and the scope of responsibilities in the role given in the job description.

Uber news - Research Uber's latest initiatives and products by heading to Uber's newsroom.

Uber blog - Check out local pages and careers blog on Uber's website.

Interview  - Take care of the following for the interviews.

  • Do your research - Do your research before coming to the interview and prepare thoughtful questions.
  • Communication is key - If you do not understand the question, ask for clarification.
  • Solve out loud - Answer the question thoroughly, and use a paper and pen to draw out solutions if you need to.
  • Ask questions - During the interview, if something does not make sense feel free to ask for clarification.
  • Be organized and relaxed - Make the most out of your interview by being the real you and organized. Always try to be yourself to feel relaxed.

Resources For Preparation


You can also check out the links below to prepare for your interviews. These Resources will help you in the ways to join Uber that we have seen earlier.

Interview Resources

You can refer to the below resources to prepare for your interviews:

Test Series: You can refer to the test series to learn and practice different mock tests for companies.

Problems: You can check out various problems asked in company interviews.

Problem Lists: This will help you know about different company problems and prepare for them.

Interview Bundles: Check this to get a complete bundle to prepare for your interview.

Interview Puzzles: You can refer to this to learn and know all about Interview Puzzles.

Interview Questions: Check out different Interview questions and how to answer them.

Interview Sessions- A complete guide for you to practice in mock interviews to prepare yourself for the actual interview.

Product-based company course - Product-based companies interview preparation guide.

Technical Resources

You can refer to the below resources to learn programming and related concepts:

Data Structure and Algorithm: You can refer to this to learn about the data structure and Algorithms.

Competitive Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about competitive programming.

C++ Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about C++ programming.

C Programming: You can refer to this to learn all about C programming.

Java Programming:   You can refer to this to learn all about Java programming.

Competitive Programming Course: Refer to this to learn all about competitive programming with this course.

Python and DSA Course: Refer to this to learn all about Python DSA with this course.

Java DSA Course: Refer to this to learn all about Java DSA with this course.

Courses - Explore various courses on our platform.

Miscellaneous Resources

Aptitude: You can refer to this to learn and know about aptitude preparation.

IT Certifications: You can check this to know different IT certifications and learn information about them.

Contests: You can refer to this and take part in the contest.

Guided Paths: You can refer to this to learn different programming languages with certifications.

Diversified Section- A complete section to dig into the pool of various technical articles.

CN Library- Complete library of topics for you to study your desired subject.

Placement Prep - Become placement ready With PAT.

You can refer to the below video also:

Cool! Now we are done with our article on internships at Uber. We hope you have understood everything related, from getting an internship to a PPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uber?

Uber offers various services- enabling customers to reserve a vehicle and driver to transport them (similarly to a taxi), food delivery via Postmates and Uber Eats, package delivery, courier services, and freight transportation.

What are the various responsibilities of an internship at Uber?

The various responsibilities of internships at Uber include specializing in data collection, management, manipulation, and analysis. Data scientists at Uber also create statistical models and SQL queries.

What is the eligibility for the internships at Uber?

Candidates pursuing a bachelor's or master's or Ph.D. in CS/IT or related disciplines, or MBA are eligible for internships at Uber.

What technologies are used by Uber?

Uber works with Kafka and its databases for data streaming. And data storage depends on Elasticsearch, Hive, MapReduce, HDFS, and file storage web services.

How is the work culture at Uber?

The work culture of Uber is great. The previous employees rated the work-life balance well on various job portals.


In this article, we have discussed internships at Uber. We started with an Introduction to Uber, what it's like to work at Uber, Eligibility criteria, The selection process, Selection level, Roadmap for internships at Uber, Resources, etc. You can refer to the below articles also:

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Happy Learning Ninja!

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