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Last updated: Apr 27, 2022


Spring Boot is a project on the top of Spring Framework which makes setting up, configuring, and running simple web-based applications easier and faster. Here we will be learning about how spring boot works, its features, architecture, the difference between MVC, spring, and spring boot.
Introduction to Spring Boot
In this blog, we will be discussing Spring Boot.
Spring Boot Version
We will learn about the new Spring Boot version. We will also see the new features available in the Spring Boot 2.0 version.
Spring Vs Spring Boot Vs Spring MVC MEDIUM
Spring is a widely used open-source application framework for the Java platform, whereas spring boot is one of the modules of the spring framework, and spring MVC is a framework of Web MVC used for building web applications.
Spring Boot Architecture EASY
Discover Spring Boot's layered architecture where each layer communicates seamlessly. Explore its flow architecture with its features and pros/cons.
Logging with Spring Boot EASY
This article covers Logging with Spring Boot and its implementations with sl4fj logger and logback XML files.
Multithreading in Java Spring Boot MEDIUM
In this article, we will be learning about Multithreading in Spring Boot. Also will discuss concepts and terminologies related to multithreading in spring boot.
Spring Dependency Injection MEDIUM
In this article, we will thoroughly discuss Spring Dependency Injection and how it helps in managing dependencies of objects and classes.
Spring Boot Starter Security EASY
In this article, we will discuss Spring Boot Starter Security.
Testing Spring Security Auth with JUnit HARD
This article will teach us about Testing Spring Security Auth with JUnit, its need, project setup and configuration and the method to write it.