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Last updated: Mar 4, 2022


Software engineering has two parts: Software and engineering. Let's first discuss software and software engineering. This section includes a description of the software, characteristics of good software, software engineering, and myths related to it.
Software and its Types
This article will discuss the software and its types. Along with that, the article also discusses what software and its products are.
Software Testing Tools
This article will discuss software testing tools, their advantages, and things to remember while choosing software testing tools.
Author Tisha
Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering EASY
Difference Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering: Computer Science focuses on software and algorithms, while Computer Engineering combines hardware and software aspects.
What is Application Software? (With Examples) MEDIUM
Application software is a computer program created to help us do different things on our devices.
Software Engineering Tutorial EASY
Software engineering is a systemic approach to developing software and services using engineering principles and methods.
Software Myths in Software Engineering MEDIUM
This article will discuss the software myths and their reality. Along with that, the article also busted each myth briefly.
Software Design Patterns EASY
Software design patterns are the proven practices/paradigms experienced software developers use worldwide to produce good quality software.
Difference Between Bugs and Errors EASY
We will discuss the difference between errors and bugs, what bugs are, and what errors are, along with examples of errors and bugs.
Prototype Model in Software Engineering EASY
In this article, we will learn about the prototype model.The Prototyping Model is one of the most often used SDLC Models.
V Model in Software Engineering MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss about v model in software engineering. We will learn about its features, properties, advantages, and disadvantages.
LRU Page Replacement Algorithm EASY
This article discusses the lru page replacement algorithm that is used in memory management. It also discusses the implementation of lru page replacement algorithm.