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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022


What actually is cryptography again? It's not just encrypting and decrypting. It is much more than that and you will be learning it here. Cryptography is the technique using which we can secure our information and communication. There are various methods for the same.
What is Cryptography and Why Do We Use It?
This blog discussed the concept of cryptography, types and features because of which cryptography is widely used.
What are basic Cryptography tools?
This article will discuss the cryptography tools, Secret-Key, Public key, Block and stream ciphers, and Hybrid Cryptography
What does Message integrity mean?
This article discusses message integrity, how to achieve message integrity, and the techniques involved.
What are Cryptographic Protocols
In this article, we will learn about Cryptographic Protocols. And how this is useful for communications.
Security in Cryptography
In this article, we will learn about Security in Cryptography and the basic concepts of cryptography.
What is Identity Based Cryptography?
In this article, we will learn about Identity Based Cryptography. We'll start by learning about its history. After that, we will learn about Identity Based Encryption, its uses, benefits, and much more.
The Cocks Identity-based Cryptosystem
This article is about the cocks identity-based cryptosystem and prominent methods for encryption.
Boneh-Franklin Identity-Based Cryptosystem
This article incorporates information about the Boneh-Franklin identity-based cryptosystem and explains pairing-based cryptography.
The Paillier Cryptosystem
In this, we will explore the Paillier Cryptosystem. Its encryption and decryption technique, along with its applications.
Identifiable Parent Property HARD
This article incorporates information on copyright protection and identifiable parent property.
2-IPP codes - Now, that’s encrypted
This blog discussed the 2-IPP code tracing technique. We also dicuss copyright violations and theorems of 2-IPP.
Tracing Illegally Redistributed Keys
This article incorporates information about tracing illegally redistributed keys and explains broadcast encryption
Bitcoin and BlockChain Technology - Let’s make some money
In this article, we will cover bitcoin and blockchain technology with the help of some facts.
What are Security Services in Cryptography EASY
In this article, we discuss what are security services in cryptography.
Cryptography and Network Security MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn about Cryptography and Network Security along with principles and applications. We will also explore the difference between these terms in detail