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What are Listeners?
Adding JMeter Listeners to Test Plan
Various Listeners in JMeter 
Aggregate Graph
View Results in Table
Aggregate Report
Assertion Results 
Frequently Asked Questions 
What does Apache JMeter do?
Describe the JMeter listener.
In JMeter test, where do we add listeners?
Which JMeter listeners show the server status?
In which listener is the server status displayed?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Introduction to JMeter Listeners

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The Apache HTTP Server Project intends to develop and maintain an accessible, open-source HTTP server. It delivers HTTP services through a safe, effective, and adaptable server. It is made entirely of Java and is intended to load test functional functionality and track performance.

Jmeter Listeners

What are Listeners?

As a JMeter sampler component runs, listeners visually represent the data obtained about those test cases. The test's listeners can be changed at any point, even under the test plan. They are more complex than that, though. Performance engineers can track the requests JMeter sends and evaluate the answers to the system under test returns as they work with statistical data like distribution and percentage or aggregate time and capacity-related data. The option to save findings to a file is almost universal among JMeter listeners, allowing them to convert results to the format required for analysis. 

Only JMeter elements at or above the level of the JMeter Listener will be used to gather data. The JMeter listeners provide the outcomes of our test plan execution. Jmeter offers results in several formats, including a tree, graph, table, primary text, etc. 

We can choose the listeners based on the requirements of our script.

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Adding JMeter Listeners to Test Plan

Adding listeners to the test plan is similar to adding a thread group. Test results are shown here. 

The steps to add a listener are as follows test plan or thread group is

-> Add -> listeners -> required listener. 

Adding JMeter Listeners to Test Plan

Various Listeners in JMeter 

JMeter offers many listeners. However, the most popular ones are table, tree, and graph. Some others are:

  • View Results Tree
  • Summary Report
  • Aggregate Report
  • Backend Listener
  • Aggregate Graph
  • Assertion Results
  • Comparison Assertion Visualizer
  • Generate Summary Results
  • Graph Results
  • JSR223 Listener
  • Mailer Visualizer
  • Response Time Graph
  • Save Responses to a file
  • Simple Data Writer
  • View Results in Table
  • Bean Shell Listener
Various Listeners in JMeter

Aggregate Graph

The result obtained is generally a bar graph using an aggregate graph listener. These graphs can be customized by changing the options and choosing the graph visualization. 

Aggregate Graph

View Results in Table

The results can be stored in a table format. Each user request creates a new row. 

It can be used to run a functional test.

View Results in Table

Aggregate Report

The aggregate report listener generates results as a table. Each user request creates a new row. 

Aggregate Report

Assertion Results 

This listener function can validate the outcomes of the assertions added to the test plan. Success or failure will be displayed here. 

Functional tests can be run here.

Assertion Results


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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does Apache JMeter do?

With an emphasis on online applications, Apache JMeter is an Apache project that may be used as a load-testing tool for evaluating and monitoring the performance of several services.

Describe the JMeter listener.

A listener is a component that displays the samples' results.  The test's listeners can be changed at any point, even under the test plan.

In JMeter test, where do we add listeners?

To the test plan: -> Add -> listeners -> required listener. 

Which JMeter listeners show the server status?

The Spline Visualizer is the JMeter listener that shows the server status.

In which listener is the server status displayed?

Test results status is displayed using JMeter Listeners.


In this blog, we have discussed an introduction to JMeter listeners along with short descriptions of commonly used listeners.

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