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Levels of Oracle Certifications
Benefits of Oracle Certification 
How to become Oracle Certified?
Advantages of being Oracle certified
Oracle owned Java 
Resources for preparation
How to get an Oracle Java Certification?
Regular hands-on practise for Coding
Get enrolled in a good course
Refer a book with a clean content
Practise on a good online exam simulator
Stay updated on forums
The Best Approach to crack Oracle Java Certification
Recommendations for attaining Oracle’s Java Certification
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Oracle Certification Program?
How many levels of Oracle Certifications are available?
Name all those 6 levels
How many levels are there to become Oracle certified?
Is JAVA owned by Oracle?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Introduction to Oracle Certifications

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The Oracle Certification Program certifies applicants on Oracle product and technology skills and knowledge.

Depending on the degree of certification, credentials are awarded based on a combination of completing tests, training, and performance-based assignments. Oracle certifications are measurable indicators of experience and skill that, according to Oracle, help participants stand out among employers.

Levels of Oracle Certifications

There are 6 levels of Oracle Certification credentials:


  1. Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OCJA) - This certification is for students in secondary schools, two-year colleges, and four-year colleges and universities, as well as professors who teach basic Java and computer science classes.
  2. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) - This certification is the first step toward becoming an Oracle Certified Professional. The OCA credential assures that a candidate has a good foundation in core skills for maintaining Oracle products.
  3. Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) - The OCA's essential abilities are expanded upon in this certificate. The Oracle Certified Professional displays a high degree of knowledge and skills in a specific area of Oracle technology. The OCP certificate is frequently used by IT managers to assess the qualifications of staff and job seekers.
  4. Oracle Certified Master (OCM) - This certification honors the greatest level of demonstrated talents, knowledge, and skills. OCMs are capable of answering the toughest inquiries and solving the most difficult situations. The Oracle Certified Master certification verifies a candidate's skills by requiring them to pass a series of performance-based tests. The certification usually improves on the OCA's foundational skills and the OCP's more advanced skills.
  5. Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) - This certification recognizes expertise in specialized technologies, architectures, or domains. Credentials are not tied to the traditional OCA, OCP, or OCM hierarchy, but they frequently build on abilities that have been demonstrated as an OCA or OCP. The Expert program encompasses a wide range of competencies, from fundamental abilities to advanced technical expertise.
  6. Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS) - These credentials are mostly implementation-oriented certificates aimed at current Oracle partners' workers, while they are open to all candidates, partners or not. These certifications are based on extremely specific goods or skill sets, and they serve as a reliable indicator of a candidate's degree of knowledge in a given field.

Benefits of Oracle Certification


The Oracle Certification Exam will test and push your abilities to think and perform. Earning an Oracle Certification, which is widely recognized and regarded, will boost your work opportunities and stability, as well as accelerate your career progress.

Oracle Certification allows professionals to demonstrate in-demand abilities, improve overall job performance, and expand their earning potential while also enhancing on-the-job confidence.

"Improve professional profile or status" is the most common reason for getting certification. Being viewed as knowledgeable and capable is closely tied to the opportunities you obtain in the corporate world.

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How to become Oracle Certified?

Java is an extremely demanding programming language. Oracle offers several certifications to test and acknowledge Java developers' abilities. Obtaining an Oracle Java certification is not difficult, but you must follow the proper procedures.

Simply put, being an Oracle Certified Java Developer is a five-step procedure that includes the following steps:

  1. Choose a Java certification and learn about the examinations that are required.
  2. Schedule the exam and register for it.
  3. Understand the fundamentals of the exam
  4. Prepare thoroughly for the exam's goals.
  5. Attend the examination and pass it.

Read about Machine Learning here.

Advantages of being Oracle certified


  1. Stay Distinct
    Oracle certifications are unquestionably advantageous, particularly when numerous individuals are competing for a single position. It demonstrates to a potential employer that you, as a candidate, are committed to learning and improving your trade skills, and it promises to make you productive as soon as you walk through the door.
  2. Growing demand in the Industry
    The demand for Oracle certifications is rapidly increasing. Professionals must be aware of the qualities that make them appealing to hiring managers. These hiring managers frequently look for alternative ways to distinguish current and prospective employees with the necessary abilities for a job function in order to improve performance.
  3. Increase your visibility in the Organization
    Oracle programs help the IT industry distinguish itself by establishing a standard of competence at critical entry levels. Because their talents are recognized, Oracle-certified professionals get exposure in their organization, which is the foundation for career progression in any firm.
  4. Stepping stone to a successful career
    Oracle certification validates your thorough mastery of the fundamental abilities required for a certain work role, which you can apply at the apprentice or entry-level. Qualifying for the Oracle OCA DBA certificate will almost certainly boost your chances of landing entry-level employment. It serves as a springboard to a successful career as an Oracle consultant.
    You are now qualified to pursue the OCP level qualification since you have demonstrated the full range of skills required of Oracle professionals in your chosen work role. These days, OCP credentials are in high demand in the market.
    Because of the high demand for qualified and certified professionals, your exposure will increase, and you will be given the most rewarding and demanding chances.

Oracle owned Java


Oracle owns the trademark 'Java,' which they zealously enforce. They also possess trademarks such as JavaFX.

Individual JSRs define the Java SE specification, which is developed by the JCP. Oracle does not own the specifications. The JSRs grant use of the IP for the specification for conforming (i.e. TCK-passing) implementations under the JCP guidelines.

Oracle does not own OpenJDK. Sun made its JDK implementation open source, and it has since become the Java SE standard's reference implementation (as defined by the relevant JSR). It's an open-source project with a GPLv2 with a CPE license that anyone can use. Someone can fork this if they wish.

Oracle has lately contributed a number of formerly closed-source capabilities to the OpenJDK so that by JDK 11, the Oracle JDK binary and one generated from the OpenJDK source will be functionally identical. These characteristics include data sharing for Flight Recorder, Mission Control, and Application Class.

Resources for preparation

Here are some well-structured resources on Coding Ninjas available for free to help in your preparation.

We also have articles containing popular questions from the overall syllabus, apart from these particular topics. We have given the links to those articles below.

Refer to Oracle's official site for further information and details.

How to get an Oracle Java Certification?

Here are a few pro-tips for cracking the Oracle’s Java Certification exam:

Regular hands-on practise for Coding

You can’t compromise with Coding in any way. For getting hands-on practice on coding, you need to code on a daily basis. This helps you in thinking of the best possible approach during the actual exam. In the case of OCPJP, it becomes even essential as attention to the details is also required for grasping each coding question prior to selecting the options.

Get enrolled in a good course

Online courses are one of the easiest solutions for learning new technologies in a short span of time. This approach stands valid while preparing for certification exams such as Oracles Java certification. Pick out the courses that provide you with a personal instructor and virtual classroom training. 

Refer a book with a clean content

Books are the handiest way of studying for any given exam or certification, they have no qualms attached to them. A handful of books come up with all the exam topics, and also include practice questions at the end of each chapter, and also have a few expert tips that are not present in the usual Java books.

There are ample of books available in the stores, but in case you are preparing for OCAJP 7 or OCAJP 8 you can have a look at the books mentioned below:

Practise on a good online exam simulator

Attaining theoretical knowledge with the help of books and practicing coding is a different thing, but when it comes to a time-restricted examination of 2.5 hours, many candidates get stuck due to time management issues.

The exam simulators assist you in developing the speed and accuracy required for completing all questions within 2.5 hours. You must take regular and frequent mock tests until you score 80% on a consistent basis before attempting the real exam.

Given below are a few popular exam simulators:

  • Whizlabs Exam Simulator: This is the most popular exam simulator available, it has received a decent review from numerous developers across the country.
  • Enthuware’s Practice Test: This exam simulator is quite affordable and comes for around $10. It has also received a decent review from numerous developers across the country.
  • David Mayer’s Practice Test: Take this test to solve the 450+ problems and get a clear idea about the questions. Once you are prepared, take the David Mayer’s Test.
  • Java Certification: OCA (1Z0–808) Exam Simulation [2018]: This comes with 260+ multiple-choice questions with explanation for helping in Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer I preparation.
  • Java Certification — OCA (1Z0–808) Topic-wise Tests [2018]: This includes MCQs covering all the important topics of the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer I.

Stay updated on forums

You need to stay optimistic and keep your energy high and yourself up to date with the exam details. Keeping that in mind, the best option is to participate in forums like CodeRanch or Oracle official Java Certification forum.

You can post any queries, clear any doubt, and get in touch with other candidates who are preparing for this exam as well. You may even come across anyone who has already cleared the certification exam and can help you with his experience.

The Best Approach to crack Oracle Java Certification

For cracking Oracle’s Java certificate, you must be very clear with your approach. A promising approach includes the following points :

  • Have a clear command of the Java and OOPs fundamental concepts.
  • You must attain adequate knowledge and skills in Java concepts using real-life applications.
  • You must be prepared so that you can develop an architecture for Oracle for effective utilization of resources and providing accurate results.
  • Application of concepts is more important than knowing the concept.
  • Solve numerous questions and attend timed tests to check your ability.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of roles and policies.
  • Do not give up after your first attempt, many times there is just a narrow bridge and you can easily clear the exam.
  • Stay updated with the latest technological upgrades in your domain and know-how.

Recommendations for attaining Oracle’s Java Certification

We highly recommend learners select one of the best online platforms for gaining Oracle’s Java certification. Some entrepreneurs such as Intellipaat, Google, Coursera, and Udemy have ranked as the most popular picks of the year 2021 by the students as these provide an interactive experience required for qualifying Oracle’s Java Certification exams.

You should carefully evaluate the prices, course period, mentors, remarks, and reviews of the ex-learners prior to making your choice so that you can pick the one that meets your requirements and expectations to the maximum extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle Certification Program?

The Oracle Certification Program certifies applicants on Oracle product and technology skills and knowledge.

How many levels of Oracle Certifications are available?

There are 6 levels of Oracle certification.

Name all those 6 levels


How many levels are there to become Oracle certified?

There are 5 levels to becoming Oracle certified.

Is JAVA owned by Oracle?

Yes, Oracle owns JAVA.


In this article, we have extensively discussed Oracle Certifications, how to get certified and what are its benefits.

We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding Oracle Certifications. If you would want to learn more, check out our articles on

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