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Table of contents
What is Theano?
Theano features:
Code Implementation with Theano
Matrix Multiplication using Theano
Theano vs other Machine language Libraries
Frequently Asked Question
Is Theano based on Python?
Does Theano use GPU?
Is Theano a machine learning tool?
Is Theano a deep learning framework?
What is tensor in Theano?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Introduction to Theano

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Hey Readers!!

Welcome back to another article related to Python. While working on python you’ve come across different Python Libraries like Numpy , Pandas , Keras and many more. 

So in this article you’ll learn about one of the libraries of Python called Theano.

Let’s Begin!!!

Introduction to Theano

What is Theano?

Theano is basically a python library used to do mathematical calculations including multidimensional arrays in a very efficient manner. Majorly it is used in deep learning projects as these deep learning projects require so it works in a way that it is more faster in GPU rather than CPU.Theano's rapid speeds put C implementations in a tough fight, for issues involving a lot of data. It can utilise GPUs, which under some specific conditions allows it to perform orders of magnitude better than C on a CPU.

It is capable of taking structures and turning them into extremely effective code that makes use of native libraries like Numpy. It is primarily made to manage the several kinds of processing needed for Deep Learning's massive neural network algorithms. Because of this, it is a very well-liked library in the deep learning community.

To get the most performance out of your hardware, it employs a variety of ingenious code optimizations. if you enjoy delving into the specifics of coding optimizations for arithmetic.

Because Theano expressions use a symbolic syntax, it may be intimidating to newcomers who are used to more conventional software development. Expressions are specifically defined in an abstract sense, compiled, and then actually employed to do calculations.

Large neural network techniques used in deep learning ask for a particular kind of computation, and this system was built to handle it. It was one of the first libraries of its sort (work began in 2007), and it is now regarded as the gold standard for research and development in Deep Learning.

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Theano features:

  • Strong NumPy integration
  • Transparent GPU use
  • Successful symbolic differentiation
  • Enhancements to stability and speed
  • Generating C code dynamically
  • Extensive self-verification and unit testing

Code Implementation with Theano

import numpy
import theano.tensor as K
from theano import function
i = K.dscalar('i')
j = K.dscalar('j')
p = i + j
f = function([i, j], p)
f(5, 7)



Output of basic addition using Theano

Matrix Multiplication using Theano

import numpy as np
import theano
import theano.tensor as K

i = K.tensor3('i', dtype='int64')
j = K.matrix('j',dtype='int64')
p =,j)

f = theano.function([i,j],p)

x = np.array([[[1,2],[1,3]],[[2,2],[1,1]]], dtype=int)
y = np.array([[1,2],[1,3]], dtype=int)
print (f(x,y))


Output of Matrix Multiplication using Theano

Theano vs other Machine language Libraries

Table of difference between Theano vs others

Frequently Asked Question

Is Theano based on Python?

We can analyse mathematical operations, including multi-dimensional arrays, so effectively thanks to the Theano Python module.

Does Theano use GPU?

Theano offers a feature that enables the simultaneous usage of many GPUs in a single function.

Is Theano a machine learning tool?

Deep learning challenges including the definition, optimization, and evaluation of mathematical expressions are the focus of Theano, a low-level Python-based framework for scientific computing.

Is Theano a deep learning framework?

Due to the fact that Theano is a deep learning library, it is quite well known among academic researchers.

What is tensor in Theano?

They are specifically numerical arrays in Theano: You may define, optimise, and effectively evaluate mathematical formulas involving multi-dimensional arrays using the Theano Python module.


You understand the Python Library Theano , Theano Features, and Code Implementation with Output.

Below are the mentioned kike that will help you out in gaining more knowledge in Python.

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