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Table of contents
Who are iOS Engineers?
About Directi
Roles and Responsibilities
Selection Criteria 
Skills and Requirements 
Salary and Perks
Recruitment Process at Directi
Preparation Strategy
Learn iOS Fundamentals
Learn the Basic Programming Languages
Develop Your iOS Development Skills by Creating Your Own Projects
Resources for Preparation
Career Map 
How to Apply?
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Directi interviews difficult?
Does Directi hire off-campus?
What are the key skills needed to crack the technical interview at Directi?
How long is the Directi interview process?
What are the various benefits and perks that Directi provides?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

iOS Engineer at Directi


Hello Ninja! Are you seeking to work as an iOS Engineer at Directi? But aren’t you aware of the right resources to prepare? Tara, you are at the right place. You’ll get every detail regarding the profile you wish to work as. 

iOS Engineer at Directi

This guide covers a detailed discussion of the profile. It includes the preparation to prepare for the same as well. Before starting the discussion, it is very important to have in-depth knowledge of the profile you will be working with. 

Who are iOS Engineers?

An iOS developer creates iOS apps for download on an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod. These applications are available through the Apple App Store.

Of course, the reality of this job is a little more complicated. To create iOS apps, for example, you must know how to code in Objective-C or Swift. Although both programming languages can be used to create iOS software, Swift was created by Apple, Inc.

iOS Engineer at Directi

  • iOS developers are also classified as mobile app developers.
  • Apps now account for nearly 90% of the time smartphone users spend on their mobile devices. 
  • As apps like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Messenger influence how people worldwide interact with one another and absorb information, the mobile development industry has the potential for exponential growth.

Before we start, it is very important to know about the company you’ll be working for. 

So, without further delay, let us know about Directi. 

About Directi

Directi is one of the leading Indian Software Product Companies. It was founded in 1998 and is based in Mumbai, India. Directi is led by Bhavin Turakhia and has expanded to 200+ countries worldwide, including India, China, USA, and UAE. Directi works with multiple global brands in domains like the web, online advertising, and communication and collaboration. 


Directi has a great working environment in various fields with fantastic progressing potential. Directi is your home away from home. The policies and practices that Directi abides by are meant to create a learning and empowering working environment. 

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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities include as an iOS Engineer at Directi: 

  • Design and build iOS applications for Apple mobile platforms.
  • Use object-oriented development principles in Swift or Objective-C to reach project solutions.
  • Work and collaborate effectively on a team.
  • Regularly maintain iOS applications via debugging and continuous updates.
  • Recognize and resolve bottlenecks when they occur.

You need specific skills to work for any role. You can only prepare if you know what to prepare. 

Let us now discuss the Selection Criteria for the same: 

Selection Criteria 

Below are the mentioned selection criteria that are needed to apply for this job: 

Selection Criteria

  • 1+ years of experience as an iOS app developer
  • Swift or Objective-C expertise
  • Experience with iOS frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Networking, and others is preferred.
  • Threading and performance tuning experience
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs for connecting iOS applications to back-end services
  • Experience with interface design using Storyboards and auto layouts
  • Experience with memory and performance tuning using tools such as Instruments.
  • Excellent knowledge of Git


Let's discuss the skills required:

Skills and Requirements 

The required skills are: 

Skills and Requirements

  • Understanding of the App Store publishing process.
  • Can effectively use iOS databases.
  • Experience building user interfaces with an iOS development IDE such as XCode (UIs).
  • Capable of enhancing app functionality through the use of APIs and third-party libraries.
  • Knowledge of version control software such as GitHub or BitBucket.
  • Unit tests can be performed manually or automatically.
  • Ability to self-manage projects and tasks.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication is required. 

Let us now move on and talk about salaries and perks at Directi. 

Salary and Perks

IOS Developer salaries at Directi can range from ₹9,57,246-₹10,30,265.

Salary and Perks

Type Salary (in rupees)
Base Pay Average  ₹9,57,246 - ₹10,30,265/yr


** Salaries mentioned above are only estimated values. They are subject to change. **

Let us discuss the Perks at Directi: 

directi perks

You get a lot of perks when working with Directi. Following are a few of them.

Vacation and holidays.

  • Vacation leave.
  • Company break periods.
  • National holidays.
  • Global well-being days.

Health and Wellbeing.

  • Health insurance.
  • Wellness reimbursement program.
  • Physical well-being

Education amends

  • Professional development amends.

Emotional and mental well-being

  • Employee assistance program (EAP).
  • Headspace meditation app.

Financial benefits

  • Retirement plans.
  • Employee stock purchase plan.

Time off

  • Sick and casual leave.
  • Sabbatical.
  • Taking a leave of absence.

Work and life

  • Discounts.
  • Commuter program.
  • Relocation resources.
  • Personal and family services.

Recruitment Process at Directi

The following steps are typically part of the Directi interview process:

Recruitment Process at Directi

1. Resume screening: Reviewing resumes and cover letters to identify candidates who meet the requirements for the position is the first step in the interview process.

2. Initial interview: Candidates who clear the resume screening process will be contacted for a phone or video interview. Usually, a hiring manager or member of the human resources department conducts this interview.

3. Technical interview: Candidates who complete the preliminary interview will be invited to a technical interview. The technical knowledge and experience of the applicant are the main topics of this interview, which a technical team member typically conducts.

4. Onsite interview:  Candidates who succeed in the technical interview will be invited to take part in an onsite interview. Technical questions and behavioral or situational questions are frequently combined in this interview.

5. Final decision: After the onsite interview, the hiring team will review all of the information gathered during the interview process and decide whether to extend an offer of employment.

Let us now discuss the preparation strategy or the ways to become an iOS Engineer at Directi: 

Preparation Strategy

Refer to the below preparation Strategy to follow the right path to becoming an iOS Engineer:

To become an iOS Developer – and especially a truly great iOS Developer – you must first master several hard skills, such as conceptualization, market research, basic design, and especially coding, as well as user testing, compliance, and finally, submitting your app to the App Store.

Preparation Strategy

That was the basic step you need to follow. Now, let us begin discussing the major three steps to becoming a great iOS Engineer: 

iOS Engineer at Directi

Learn iOS Fundamentals

If you want to be an iOS Developer, you should first understand what development is. Development for iOS is a specialty, not a bubble; the same software development process that brings other types of products from concept to market still applies. 

Learn the Basic Programming Languages

When first starting out, an iOS Developer must be familiar with only three things: the primary iOS programming languages - Swift and Objective-C - and Xcode, an integrated environment designed by Apple for people developing apps for all Apple devices. 

Once you've mastered these three concepts, you'll be able to apply your knowledge in the world of iOS development, expanding your skill set as needed - and the number of additional iOS Developer skills you can learn is virtually limitless.

Develop Your iOS Development Skills by Creating Your Own Projects

Creating coding projects is the best way to reinforce the skills and knowledge you gain while learning to code. These projects teach you the fundamentals of programming, force you to think like a developer, and introduce you to the tools you'll need later in your career. 

Resources for Preparation

We have curated some well-structured Coding Ninjas resources to assist you with your preparation.

Resources for Preparation

  1. Aptitude Preparation - This guided path has covered all the necessary domains in aptitude. Moreover, company-specific examples in notes and company-specific practice questions help in mastering all necessary concepts with a focus on accuracy and time, for cracking the aptitude rounds.
  2. Programming Languages: You can choose any of these to master in any programming language of your choice. 

    Basic of C++
    Basic of Java 
    Basic of Python 
  3. Data Structure and Algorithms Enrol in this data structure and algorithms-guided path to learn data structures like Hash Tables, Trees, Tries, Graphs, and various algorithms. 
  4. Competitive Programming - Enrol in this Competitive programming-guided path to master your problem-solving skills and ace any tech giant Interview. 
  5. DBMS - This guided path is made to prepare you for acing any DBMS Interview.
  6. Operating System - Enrol in this Operating System guided path to learn the core concepts of OS. We’ve also covered the questions frequently asked in Top-Tech companies. 


Let us now see the Career Map for iOS Engineer and examine how the growth happens in the iOS Development field. 

Career Map 

At Directi, you can start your career as an iOS Engineer and then have the following career paths. 

Career Map

Let us briefly discuss the further roles: 

Senior iOS Engineer

As you advance in your iOS Developer career, the technical skills you'll need to know expands to include software architecture, concurrency, reactive programming, animation deployment, and user testing.

  • Your code will be written timely and scalable while highly optimized. 
  • You will also unit-test your code for robustness, usability, and general reliability. 
  • You will collaborate closely with the product team to create high-quality iOS apps.

Team Lead

A team leader directs and instructs a working group on a project or portfolio of projects. They are responsible for delegating tasks, monitoring progress toward goals, and coaching team members as needed. Even if they don't have a manager title, team leaders frequently serve as de-facto mentors for the team.

Project Manager

The project manager is primarily responsible for the successful completion of the project. The project manager's role is to ensure that the project is completed within the specified time frame and budget while meeting its objectives. While managing relationships with contributors and stakeholders, project managers ensure that projects are given adequate resources.

Delivery Manager

The role of the Delivery Manager is more technical, ensuring that technology is used as efficiently as possible. Aside from dealing with the project team, DMs are in charge of establishing and cultivating effective collaboration with other teams. These are primarily IT and Business in the automation space.

Let us now see how we can apply for the job: 

How to Apply?

How to Apply

Step 1: Go to Directi's Official Site using this link. Go to the Careers option right after the Business Units, as mentioned below in the image. directi

Step 2: Now, you will be prompted to a page. Scroll down and click on View Job Posting as mentioned in the below image. 


Step 3Search for the Job you are applying for. You can also apply the filters as per your choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Directi interviews difficult?

We can't say whether it is hard because the questions are from both difficult and easy levels throughout the Interview.

Does Directi hire off-campus?

Yes, Directi hires both on-campus and off-campus. Off-campus, it usually conducts six rounds of interviews: Online tests, Group Discussion, Technical Interview, Technical Managerial interviews, a Director Round, and HR round. 

What are the key skills needed to crack the technical interview at Directi?

Be it Directi or any other tech giant, candidates having expertise in these can easily ace the technical round. Problem-solving mentality, Data structure, and Algorithms, any one programming language: JAVA, C#, Python, C++, Design thinking, Operating System fundamental, Networking, and Database. 

How long is the Directi interview process?

There may be 6-8 hours of back-to-back sessions, each lasting about 45 minutes. You'll have 3-4 technical rounds of interviews and, at the last one HR round.

What are the various benefits and perks that Directi provides?

The company invests a lot of money in the welfare of its employees and provides really great benefits. Some of them include Legal Assistance, Health Insurance, and Maternity / Paternity Leave.


To wrap up the article, we have extensively discussed the iOS Engineer at Directi. We looked at the hiring process, selection criteria, and roles and responsibilities of an iOS Engineer. At last, we discussed how one can initially become an iOS Engineer with zero knowledge.

To learn more about the joining process at Directi, you can check out the below articles.


I hope you would have gained a better understanding of these topics now!

Are you planning to ace the interviews with reputed product-based companies like AmazonGoogleMicrosoft, and more? 

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