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✨Role of IT Architect at Flipkart
✨Salary and Perks of an IT Architect at Flipkart
📯Perks offered to an IT Architect at Flipkart
📯Salary of an IT Architect 
✨Skills and Experiences Required by IT Architect at Flipkart
✨Responsibilities of an IT Architect at Flipkart
✨Preparation Strategy
📯Phase 1
📯Phase 2
✨Career Map of an IT Architect at Flipkart
✨Resources For Preparation
📯Interview Resources
📯Coding Resources
📯Aptitude Resources
📯Other Resources
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is working for Flipkart an excellent job? 
Is Flipkart a reputable business to work for?
What are Flipkart's business hours?
How does Flipkart operate?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

IT Architect at Flipkart

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An IT architect is a specialist who develops top-level solutions for business applications, systems, portfolios, infrastructures, or a whole company. They create IT services and products for businesses and organizations and frequently plan and oversee communications, security, networking, storage, and other systems.

IT Architect

✨Role of IT Architect at Flipkart

🎫An IT Architect has to design the organization's vision.

🎫An IT Architect has to create highly scalable and platform-focused services.

🎫An IT Architect has to innovate technical solutions to different business problems.

🎫An IT Architect has to overlook the pre-built components and focus on designing, coding, and functioning the new ones.

🎫An IT architect must develop reusable libraries, utilities, and services platforms.

🎫An IT Architect has to work flawlessly on their technical responsibilities.

🎫An IT architect must create, develop, and swiftly prototype ideas.

🎫An IT Architect has to manage several teams and mentor the team members with the necessary advice.

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✨Salary and Perks of an IT Architect at Flipkart

📯Perks offered to an IT Architect at Flipkart

🎨Job Training while joining.

🎨Health Insurance for all active employees.

🎨Free Food for employees performing work at the office.

🎨Free Transport for arrival and departure from the office.

🎨Cafeteria for enjoying tea breaks.

🎨Soft Skill Training for personal development.

🎨Work From Home opportunities if and when needed by the employees.

🎨Team Outings for creating a chilling atmosphere.

🎨Education Assistance for skill development.

🎨Child care for mothers with infants.

🎨Gymnasium for workout.

🎨International Relocation upon the choice of employee and demand of the company.


📯Salary of an IT Architect 


* The pay mentioned above is subject to change.

✨Skills and Experiences Required by IT Architect at Flipkart

🎡Experience building Web Applications and Mobile Responsive Applications.

🎡Core Javaspring frameworks, Mybatis, and open source language proficiency.

🎡ScalaPlay Framework, and Akka expertise.

🎡SQL (MySQL, Oracle) and NoSQL database proficiency (MongoDBRedisNeo4j).

🎡Knowledge of Apache Camel.

🎡Practical knowledge of Kafka and Oracle JMS.

🎡Ionic Framework, Angular 2Typescript, and Bootstrap practical experience.

🎡Practical knowledge of ElasticSearch.

🎡Single Sign On (SSO) implementation for large organizations.

🎡Administration of Github Enterprise/On-Premises experience.

🎡Knowledge of managing the Jira, Confluence, and Jenkins applications.

🎡Knowledge of JAX-RS, JSON, and RESTful API development and usage.

🎡Exposure to the design of distributed systems, the modeling of components, data flow, scaling, and managing massive amounts of data.

🎡The capacity to uncover workable alternatives, construct elegant, maintainable solutions, and tackle complicated issues.

🎡Experience managing projects, including multiple engineers, and coaching young engineers.

🎡Extensive operational expertise, including deployment, tweaking, and optimization of application servers like Apache and Tomcat.

🎡It is desirable that candidates have between 13 and 17 years of experience and a lot of exposure to software platforms and products.


✨Responsibilities of an IT Architect at Flipkart

🎑In charge of creating enterprise IT solutions. 

🎑Fostering innovation and best practices within the IT group.

🎑Creating technology product platforms. 

🎑Manage teams while taking charge of complicated system components and advancing them.

🎑Extensively collaborate with the corporate functions and business leaders to comprehend their difficulties and offer strategic IT solutions.


✨Preparation Strategy

The selection process is two Phases of Interviews:

📯Phase 1

🛒Exploratory Discussion 

You will be interacting with your possible Hiring Manager at this point. Your recruiter will schedule an exploratory conversation based on your availability as soon as your CV is shortlisted. This round aims to comprehend your prior experience, future expectations, and objectives. Usually, this round will be over the phone or via Hangouts. Please make sure you're relaxed and in a peaceful area so we can have a productive conversation. In this round, you have to describe your previous professional experience, strengths, and career goals. Be succinct, precise, and prepared.

🛒Technical Phone Screening

A conversation with one of your possible colleagues will take place before you show up for an on-site interview. This technical screening round mainly concerns your prior job experience, your suitability for the position, and a few problem-solving exercises pertinent to the one you're applying for.

Preparation strategy

📯Phase 2

🛒Machine Coding 

The Machine Coding round involves practical application. You'll be given a problem statement and instructed to use your laptop to create utterly functional code as a solution. You can use any programming language of your choice. However, you are highly advised to pick an object-oriented language with solid concurrency/parallelism packages.

🛒Problem Solving 

It's essential to have a solid data structure understanding. The interviewer will evaluate your ability to use various data structures to address the problem—such as queues, heaps, graphs, trees, hash tables, etc.—. You might be questioned about how these data structures are implemented internally.

🛒Low-level Design 

You must offer a multi-part solution to the issue, emphasizing designing REST/RPC interfaces, high-level entity models, static view models (class diagrams), and flow models. You are strongly encouraged to consider various solutions to a problem statement, assess the advantages and disadvantages of each solution, and form an opinion about the suggested solution.

🛒High-level Design 

Sequence diagrams for significant use cases of the scenarios may be requested from you. You are strongly encouraged to discuss several acceptable solutions to the issue and why you chose the particular one.

🛒Team Fitment 

The interviewer will make an effort to comprehend your goals, sources of motivation, sense of self, capacity for leadership, ability to manage stakeholders, strengths and shortcomings, etc. A few of the competencies for which you would have received a score in earlier rounds may also come up in questions. Consider this round a wrap-up of all the conversations you had during the day.

🛒Culture Fitment Round

You are now being assessed for your cultural fit with Flipkart. The objective of the round is to determine whether or not you would fit in nicely with the Flipster community. There are no correct or incorrect responses. Be truthful and give your response some severe thought. There can be inquiries about your prior experiences, professional goals, hypothetical situations, strengths, shortcomings, etc. We strongly advise spending some time getting ready for the interview.

✨Career Map of an IT Architect at Flipkart

An IT Architect can have the following career path:

🎪Software architect:software architect establishes technical standards and makes high-level design decisions. This could involve the usage of tools, software coding standards, or platforms.

🎪Application architect: An application architect oversees the creation and debugging of applications. They may supervise a group of developers and deal with any coding or programming issues that come up, or they may collaborate with clients on the planning and design of applications.

🎪Technical architect: A systems logistics specialist known as a technical architect, sometimes known as an IT systems architect, develops, maintains, and deploys IT systems for developing businesses or IT firms. To be successful as a technical architect, you must have the perfect combination of administrative abilities and IT knowledge.

🎪Solutions architect: The overall technical vision for a particular approach to solving a business challenge is developed by a solutions architect. The overall technical vision for a particular approach to solving a business challenge is developed by a solutions architect. They conceptualize, outline, and oversee the solution.

🎪Enterprise architect: A company's IT networks and services must be maintained, according to an enterprise architect. You will be in charge of managing, enhancing, and updating enterprise services, software, and hardware as an enterprise architect.

Career map

✨Resources For Preparation

📯Interview Resources

📯Coding Resources

📯Aptitude Resources

📯Other Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is working for Flipkart an excellent job? 

Many benefits are available to employees at Flipkart, including a doctor on staff, parking spaces dedicated to pregnant moms, valet parking at all of our offices in Bangalore, flexible work schedules, sabbaticals, etc. Even the holiday calendar is up for a vote.

Is Flipkart a reputable business to work for?

According to 76% of workers, Flipkart has a promising future. Based on ratings left by anonymous employees on Glassdoor.

What are Flipkart's business hours?

According to 67% of employees, Flipkart's work hours are flexible. However, 33% said it was rigorous, with the majority citing the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, and 10 am to 9 pm.

How does Flipkart operate?

Flipkart holds four rounds of recruitment to choose new SDEs for their company. There are the following rounds: Coding online or over the phone. Several technical rounds Manager Hiring Round.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the role of an IT Architect at Flipkart. We have also seen different perks and benefits offered to an IT Architect at Flipkart. We have also compared the different levels of experience with their salaries.

Moreover, we have discussed the skills and experience required to become an IT Architect at Flipkart. Then we saw preparation strategies and career paths for becoming an IT Architect at Flipkart. 

Refer to the following links for more information:

You can refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Take a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.
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