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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

I&T Interview Questions


I&T stands for Information Technology. An I&T specialist is required to manage the flow of data and the working of the technology in a company. Some jobs that come under I&T are, 

  • Analysts
  • Specialists
  • Software Developers
  • Technical Support Representatives

Through the I&T Interview Questions, the interviewers try and test your skills like Effective Listening, Problem Solving Skills, Hunger for Learning, etc. I&T Interview Questions are the most common questions to appear in an interview. We will look at a few commonly asked I&T Interview Questions in this blog.

Interview Questions

1. Talk about a work problem that required or needed a complicated solution and your approach to solving the problem.

This question is an approach by the interviewer to understand your approach towards teamwork, listening, collaboration, and communication. They also test your problem-solving skills. This I&T Interview Question has to be answered using the STAR approach.

  • Situation: First, try and explain the situation to the interviewer and mention the necessary details associated with the problem.
  • Task: Now that you thoroughly explained the situation, talk about your responsibilities towards the said situation and what were the tasks you had to get done.
  • Action: Next, you will want to explain the actions you took to complete the tasks. Do not be shy to talk about steps that initially did not yield the correct results.
  • Result: As a wind-up, talk about the results you achieved at the end of the situation. You might want to specifically talk about the outcome of your specific actions and how your actions contributed to the situation.

This approach demonstrates focus and confidence in your answer. Thus, STAR will be the best approach to answer the given I&T Interview Question. 

2. What coding languages are you comfortable with?

This type of question is used to test your technical knowledge. Some companies are very specific about the language. For instance, a company recruiting a database architect might require the applicant to have knowledge of APEX. 

While answering this I&T Interview Question, you should only list out the programming languages you are proficient in. It would be helpful to go through the job description for the role to see if there are any specific requirements. At the end of the answer, you can also mention the programming languages you are familiar with. 

3. What are your most commonly used online resources?

In this I&T Interview Question, you can talk about the tools and websites you use every day to clear your IT-associated doubts. You can talk about the functionality of the website or the detail and explain how it helps you achieve your goals. You can also talk about problems you encountered while working and how you used one of these resources to handle the problem. This question is used to test your engagement with the resources available on the internet. 

4. What is the latest technology or software that you worked with?

The interviewer is trying to test your exposure to technology and your learning capabilities. While answering this question, you will have to emphasize the learning part and talk about how you acquired the knowledge of the technology. 

It would be a great opportunity if you came across this technology while working on a project. You can talk about the project and explain the use of the mentioned technology in the project. Also, explaining how you used the technology would be a great option.

5. How do you stay updated with the latest technologies?

It is crucial for an IT professional to be updated with the latest technologies. The interviewer asks this question to test if you are eager to learn new things and grow. To answer this question perfectly, You can talk about tech leaders you follow on social media or about the articles you read on any website. You can also speak about blogs you have read in the past. This casts a positive impression in front of the interviewer.

6. What would you do if you knew you would miss the deadline on a project you are working on?

This question can test your negotiation skills. Time management is one of the most challenging tasks for any IT professional. You can show that you understand how your project can impact others. You can show you have work ethics, and you would immediately inform your higher authorities regarding the delay. 

You can talk about a scenario where you could not complete a project on time and how you handled the whole situation. You can use the STAR technique in this scenario as well. 

7. What are the advantages of working in an agile environment?

This question is again asked to test your technical skills. You can talk about  Agile a little, explaining the usage of agile. Some of the advantages of using agile are, 

  • Flexibility and Adaptivity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Time to Market
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Improved Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Organizational Synergy

If you have ever used agile, you can talk about your experience with agile. You can talk about the benefits you observed while working with agile and how it helped your project.

8. How do you troubleshoot your problems?

The interviewer is trying to test your problem-solving skills. You can talk about the steps you follow while troubleshooting a problem. For instance, your first step towards troubleshooting a problem could be identifying the problem, then finding the cause for the problem, deriving a solution to solve the problem, testing the solution, etc. You can talk about a scenario where you encountered a problem and how you solved the problem and achieved the desired result. The purpose is to know how you apply problem-solving skills in real-life situations.

9. What is an IP Address?

This is a straightforward I&T Interview Question. It is used to test your networking skills and your basic knowledge of Information Technology. The interviewer also tests how well you can explain a concept. You can give a very straightforward answer, describing an IP Address. For instance, 

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. An IPv4 is a 32-bit number that is connected to a network using the internet protocol for the connection. 

You can also talk about the IPv6 protocol and how it differs from IPv4.

10. How to move a file using Command Prompt?

This is yet another very straightforward question to test your technical skills. This question also tests your ability to solve an unknown problem. If you know the solution to the problem, you can dive straight in and answer the question. But if you are not aware of the solution, you can explain the steps you would take to achieve the solution for the problem. 

Note: You can move a file using the move command in Command Prompt.

11. Talk about your experience as a project lead.

The interviewer is trying to test if you have the required leadership skills. You can talk about your experience of how you led a team in a project or any other activity. You can explain how you kept the team motivated at the low times and your achievements. Even if you have not led a team, you can talk about a scenario where you solved a problem on your own or share your experience of working in a team.

12. Talk about a project where you volunteered to offer support?

This question can be asked in a lot of I&T Interviews. This is used to test how initiative you are towards projects. This also tests how motivated you are towards your work.

While answering this question, you can talk about your past project experiences, where you came up with an idea for the project. You can also speak about the non-technical support you offered. It could even be for an NGO. Try and explain how you volunteered to work and why you chose to volunteer for the project. Be specific about your reasons for volunteering.

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Tips and Tricks

To ace, an interview keep in mind the following tips,

  • Ask questions in an interview. If you are not clear about the question, ask the interviewer and get your doubts cleared.
  • It is not just about your technical skills in an interview. It is also about your communication skills.
  • Always keep in mind to take your time before answering the question. There is no rush to answer the question. Take your time and understand the question correctly.
  • And last but definitely not least, always keep in mind to learn something from the interview, and ask for feedback from the interviewer.

Key Takeaways

This blog contained a series of I&T Interview Questions. The blog also has sweet and to-the-point answers for the mentioned I&T Interview Questions. Do check out our blogs on object-oriented programming and data structures

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