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About Samsung 
Samsung as a Career Path 
Samsung R&D
Java Developer at Samsung R&D
Roles and Responsibilities
Desired Skills
Skills and Qualifications
How to Apply?
How to become a Java Developer?
Resources from Prepare
Frequently asked questions
How to upgrade the speed and accuracy?
Does a well-written resume matter much in the selection process? 
What advantages come with working for Samsung?
What is the most crucial skill to have in order to succeed in any interview?
Is it simple to clear a Samsung interview?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Java Developer at Samsung R&D

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Hey Ninja. Can I ask you one question?


If yes, Can I ask you one more question? 

Do you aspire to be a Java Developer?

Still unsure where to begin or where to apply for better opportunities? Congratulations, you've come to the right place!

In this article, we'll look at the position of Java Developer at Samsung R&D, including roles and responsibilities, as well as other information to help you prepare for your dream job.

java developer at samsung r and d

Let us first know about Samsung: 

About Samsung 

Samsung is headquartered in Yeongtong-gu, Suwon, South Korea. It is Electronics Co., Ltd. which is a multinational electronics corporation. 

With 70% of the group's revenue that comes from it in 2012, it is the pinnacle of the Samsung chaebol.

Samsung is dedicated to upholding both a strict global code of conduct for all employees as well as local laws and regulations. 



Without any doubt, one can say that Samsung is leading the world in imaginative new directions through innovative, dependable products and services.

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Samsung as a Career Path 


Samsung's Leadership, "A World-Class Company"

Samsung has grown from a small trading company to a world-class corporation with businesses spanning advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemical, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more.

Samsung in Our Life, "Bettering Everyday Experiences"

Every day, Samsung shares life-changing experiences with people all over the world, from consumer electronics to biopharmaceuticals. Samsung strive to improve people's lives and bring positive change to the world around by dedicating ourselves to creating superior products and services in all areas of business.

Samsung Creates Possibilities, "A Corporation of Discovery"

Samung's goal is simple and clear: It allows you to go on adventures, discover new experiences, and take control of your world. It is the ability to bridge the gap between who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. 

And many more!

Let us now discuss the Samsung R&D center: 

Samsung R&D

The largest R&D center outside of South Korea and a key center for innovation within the Samsung group is the Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B).

With the best talent available from both internal and overseas sources, Samsung is focusing on creating cutting-edge technologies that will transform user experiences both domestically and globally.

samsung R&D in India


The specific goals of SRI-B within the Samsung family are twofold: to make for India by meeting the specific needs of Indian consumers and to create USPs for global flagship devices with significant advancements in modem, multimedia, AI, and the Internet of Things.

Java Developer at Samsung R&D

Here, we’ll be discussing the Roles and Responsibilities along with the Desired Skills required for the position of Java Developer at Samsung R&D.

Let us start now: 

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Develop a back-end server with business logic linked to various data storage solutions.

Develop a back-end server system using server-appropriate technology.

Develop and maintain Rest/Docker-based microservices. 

Implement Microservices that are highly scalable and efficient, capable of handling thousands of requests per second.

Desired Skills


  • Prior JAVA experience is required. 
  • Write code that is easy to maintain, scalable, and efficient.
  • Working knowledge of Python and Shell Scripting (optional). 
  • Prior experience working with AWS Services is preferred but not required. (Optional)
  • Knowledge of various server-side components and their configurations (optional).
  • Understanding of at least one database technology (optional).

Skills and Qualifications


  • Develops professional expertise by complying with company policies and procedures
  • Works on problems of moderate complexity where analyzing situations or data necessitates a review of multiple factors.
  • To determine appropriate action use judgment within defined procedures and practices.
  • Normally, general instructions on routine work are followed by detailed instructions on new projects or assignments. 
  • Generally, a bachelor's degree with at least two years of related experience is required, or an advanced degree without experience.

How to Apply?

Step 1: Open the Official Website of Samsung via this link

Step 2: Go to Careers Section. Select Job Fields.


samsung official site

Step 3: Scroll down to Search Jobs field. Click on Search Jobs. 

career page

Step 4: Apply Filter. 

application page


Step 5: Click on the Job application and start filling your application. 



The average Samsung  Java Developer salary in India is ₹ 14.6 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 9 years. 

Java Developer salary at Samsung ranges from ₹ 8.3 Lakhs to ₹ 19.5 Lakhs per year. 

Now, the main question arises here is How to become a Java Developer? 

worrying face

Don’t worry Ninja! Let us discuss that:

How to become a Java Developer?



  • Phase-1: Implement OOPS Using JAVA With Data Structures And Beyond
    Brush up on your knowledge of software development fundamentals, Agile and Scrum methodologies, Java and data structures, GIT to manage version control systems, and Maven to manage project dependencies.
  • Phase-2: Become A Back-End Expert
    Familiarize yourself with the back-end technologies by implementing knowledge of SQL, Java Servlets, and relational database ORM with Hibernate. Learn to connect databases with JDBC and work with RESTful web services.
  • Phase-3: Implement Frameworks The DevOps Way
    Master UI skills with advanced HTML and CSS and build 3-tier applications with Spring framework, Angular, JUnit5, SOAP. 

Resources from Prepare


Basic Of Java

  • This free guided path has covered all the fundamentals of Java. If you’re a beginner you can take this path in order to build strong foundations in Java. If you know java well, you may skip this. 

OOPS in Java

  • This guided path has covered OOPS in Java which is imperative for a successful outcome. 

Scratch to Advanced Java 

  • This Library section has covered all the topics from basic to advanced with several examples.

learn and more

Java I/O Introduction to Java I/O
Reader Class in Java
Writer Class in Java
BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream
File Input Stream class
File Input/Output
Arrays What is Array
Single Dimensional Array
Multi-Dimensional Arrays in Java
Loops Decision Statements in Java 
Iteration Statements in Java 
Jump Statements in Java
Strings StringBuffer Class
StringBuilder Class in Java 
StringTokenizer in Java
OOPs Polymorphism 
Garbage collector 
Access Modifiers in Java
Difference Between Abstraction and Data Hiding in Java 
Encapsulation in Java 
Copy Constructor in Java
Four Pillars of OOPS in Java


Aside from these specific topics, we also offer articles with popular questions from the entire curriculum. Below are the links to those articles.

You can visit our Java library. You can find all the resources there in a structured form. OperatorsJavaFXArrays, and Interfaces are some of the important topics for this exam, and we have structured excellent content on it for you.

You can also view our articles on:


Frequently asked questions

How to upgrade the speed and accuracy?

Since practice makes perfect, try to solve as many as you can. You will gradually improve your speed and accuracy for the exam. 

Does a well-written resume matter much in the selection process? 

Before inviting you for an interview, prospective employers will most likely look over your resume. As a result, it's essential that you have a beautiful resume before you even begin looking for a job.

What advantages come with working for Samsung?

This Samsung benefit encourages employees to save money for their retirement plan in order to support their financial wellness, offers paid vacation,  provides its regular and full-time employees with a considerable amount of paid time off (PTO) and support for student loan, account  for health savings and paid Leave for Caregiver.

What is the most crucial skill to have in order to succeed in any interview?

A technical understanding and great communication skills are crucial during the job interview process. Communication skills in writing, speaking, and non-verbal are all covered.

Is it simple to clear a Samsung interview?

Samsung's interview process is somewhat similar to that of other major IT firms. You need to prepare effectively for an interview in order to succeed. Since you will be well-prepared, you won't have any trouble passing any interview.


In this article, we’ve explored the Java Developer at Samsung R&D. We’ve extensively discussed the Roles and Responsibilities, Eligibility Criteria, Skills Required, and Resources.

To know more about the Jobs in Samsung, the way to get into Samsung, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:

You can also consider our paid courses such as DSA in Java to give your career an edge over others!

We hope that this article has helped you enhance your knowledge.

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