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Table of contents
How to Verify Java Version
Using Control Panel
Using Command Prompt
Verifying Java Using Search
Using Java System Class
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I verify Java?
How to verify Java JDK?
How to verify Java cmd?
What is Java checker?
How to verify Java online?
How do I verify the path of Java?
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024

Verify Java

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How to verify Java refers to the correct functioning of the Java version in your system. There exist numerous versions and methods to verify Java Version.

How to Verify Java Version

In this blog, we will discuss how to verify Java. We will discuss different ways to verify the version installed. If you are a beginner or new to Java, you must have a doubt in your mind, “What is Java?”. Before moving on to the main topic, let us discuss Java.

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How to Verify Java Version

Before starting to develop applications in Java, this is the first thing you should know. You should know how to verify the Java version. There are several ways to verify Java:

  1. Using Control Panel
  2. Using CLI(Command Line Interface)
  3. Using Web Browser
  4. Using the System Class of Java

Let us understand each one of them one by one to verify Java.

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Using Control Panel

This is the easiest way to verify Java. Control Panel is one of the features of Windows OS. It helps users to manage system settings and configurations in one place. We can verify Java using the control panel by following the below-mentioned steps:


Step 1: Open the Control Panel on your system.

Open the Control Panel

Step 2: Go to programs.

go to programs

Step 3: Go to programs and features.

programs and features

Step 4: Now check whether Java JDK is installed or not.

Java JDK

If it is there, then you can verify the Java version on your system.

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Using Command Prompt

Using CLI(Command Line Interface), we can perform any task on our system. It is a type of user interface. It helps us to interact with the computer programs and features. To verify Java using CLI includes several steps:

Step 1: Open the CLI or Command Prompt on Windows.

Command Prompt on Windows

Step 2: Enter the command java -version and then hit enter.

command java -version

After hitting enter, you can verify the Java version on your system.

Verifying Java Using Search

You can simply search on your system whether Java is present or not. To verify Java using search includes several steps:

Step 1: Click on the Windows button.

windows button

Step 2: Enter Java in the search box and hit enter.

Java in search box

Step 3: Click on About Java.

About Java

You can verify the Java version on your system.

Using Java System Class

The System class is a built-in class in Java. It helps us to access the system information and resources. We can use it to get the current time, properties of the OS, and much information about our system. We can use the System class in Java to verify Java. We can use the getProperty() method of the System class with the argument java.version. Let us understand this with the help of an example:


public class JavaVerify {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String javaVerify = System.getProperty("java.version");
System.out.println("Your Java version is: " + javaVerify);


Your Java version is:

You can use any IDE(Integrated Development Environment) to write this code to verify the Java version.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify Java?

Java can be verified using three main types. The command prompt uses the command ‘java -version’ to check for the version of Java. By opening Control Panel and clicking on the Java icon, the version appears in the About section. And using the ‘getProperty()’ in the Java System class, we can also verify the Java version.

How to verify Java JDK?

The JDK can be verified through the following steps. Launch the Windows Start menu<

<Click on Programs<Find the program listing for Java<Click About Java to see the Java version. And for macOS users, the following steps will verify the JDK. Find the Java Control Panel on Mac<General tab<About section.

How to verify Java cmd?

To verify Java using the command prompt or CMD, first open and run the command prompt. Then check for the Java version and enter ‘java - version’ and run. Further, check for the Java Compiler by entering ‘javac - version’. By following these steps, the command displays the version of the Java version and compiler.

What is Java checker?

Java Checker is a framework making the software more effective and user-friendly. It checks and prevents errors in the Java program for users using compiler plug-ins. 

How to verify Java online?

Use online Java compilers such as JDoodle, CompileJava, or, or visit the official Java website to check Java online. These platforms allow you to write or upload Java code, and they will build and run it while giving you feedback and results.

How do I verify the path of Java?

Type "java -version" into a command prompt or terminal window to see the location of Java on your system. The path to the Java executable and the installed Java version will be shown by this command.


In this article, we have discussed the ways to verify the Java version. We can verify the Java version using different methods like using Control Panel, using Command Prompt, using Search, and using Java System Class. You can also check out our other blogs to enhance your knowledge:


We hope this blog helped you to understand how we can verify Java. You can refer to our guided paths on the Coding Ninjas Studio platform. You can check our course to learn more about DSADBMSCompetitive ProgrammingPythonJavaJavaScript, etc. 

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Happy Learning!!

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