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Working with maps in JavaScript:
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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

JavaScript Projects for Beginners

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The projects will make you apply the concepts that you must have learnt already. Some of the best beginner projects that will kickstart your javascript Projects for Beginners journey are:


If you are interested in building games and wondering JavaScript is only for web development?

Then that’s not the case.

You can build wonderful UI with libraries and add the logic with JavaScript.

The visuals can intuitive with 2D and 3D animations.

There are various functions and events to capture mouseovers and keyclicks that will help you add actions to your game.

  • Snake Game :

Snake games are the best memory of feature phones initially. Ever thought of making them yourself? The game is simple.

You have a box inside which the snake moves and eats the fruit. After eating each fruit the size of the snake increases and the movement becomes faster. You lose if the snake crashes into himself.

Snake_GameSnake Game

  • Quiz Game :

Quizzes can be really fun and have a wide variety of applications. It is very easy to create your own interactive quiz app from basic quiz apps for kids, personality test quizzes, or subject-wise quiz.

You can think of features in your quiz apps such as Red coloring of option in case of the wrong answer, scoreboard, next going option and many more.

You can apply your creative brain and make your app even more interesting.

Quiz_Game Quiz Game

  • Tetris :

It is a classic JavaScript project that everyone prefers to make. It is great for logic building. You get to make visuals with logical implementation. Apart from the game, you can add various features to enhance your projects such as levels of the game, high score, touch support, animations and music.

With this project, you will learn to create various functions and operations applied together to form the complete game.

tetris_gameTetris– Block Building

  • Ping Pong :

    Ping pong is a pretty basic game that you’ll find easy to make. It is also called table tennis.

    It is a two-player game where you have a ball and to paddles to hit the ball and avoid missing to win the game. Initially, you can make a basic UI and just work on the functionality.

ping_pongPing Pong

  • Memory Card Game:

    Another favourite game, you got a set of 8 or 16 cards. It has cards in pair spread randomly. You will if you correctly remember the two cards consequently ant app to uncover them.

    It can be really interesting to make with the flip movement of the cards and the random arrangement function.

memory_card_gameMemory Card Game

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Calculation Apps :

There are various interesting utility apps that you can build. The applications can make calculations and conversions easy and exciting to develop. The projects can be as mentioned below.


BMI Calculator:

BMI calculator is simple but useful for a project that you can make.

You need to take inputs of the height and weight of people to calculate their BMI.and function to make the calculation and return on the screen.

You can make it descriptive by adding a conditional display of text indicating underweight, overweight or normal.

calculator_gameBMI Calculator

  • Weight Conversion App:

    You often must be reaching out to Google convert kg to lbs, inches to centimetre, and many more conversions. Why not make your own?

    This can be an interesting project and it is flexible to add according to your own needs.

    You need to make multiple functions for multiple combinations of units and add buttons to capture the user requirement. You will also have to deal with different data types such as int, float as the calculation may give you decimal values.

weight_conversion_appWeight Conversion App

  • Simple Calculator:

    A simple calculator is the regular one that you use on your phone. You can make it yourself in JavaScript with UI of your own choice.

    You can even be creative and add functions that suit your requirement.


  • Loan Interest Calculator:

    Calculating interest and loan values with a simple calculator can be complex. You can make functions that can be utilised to make calculations specific to loan.

    You just need to take input from users such as rate, interest type and principal amount.

loan_calculatorLoan Interest Calculator

  • Budget Calculator:

    Budget management is another important and applicable project in a student’s life. You can make a budget calculator or planner yourself.

    It will keep adding your expenses and deducting from your budget. You can even action to display a warning message on reaching a certain amount.

Budget_CalculatorBudget Calculator

Fun Projects :

  • Whack-a-mole Game:

    You all must have played it sometime. It has multiple holes and moles popping out randomly from the holes and you score on hitting them before they go back.

    You will be building the movable mole component and scoreboard that gets updated on every hit.

Whack-a-mole Game

  • Drummer Kit:

    I found this really interesting project where you add audio to keys via key events and add indicative buttons on the screen.

    It is like a real drum set which you get to play from your keyboard.

drummer_kitDrummer Kit

  • Image Gallery:

    You can make a carousel and animated image gallery using Javascript.

    A simple project but a learning resource for your real website elements to build.

image_galleryImage Gallery

  • Converters:

    You might have used those text to pdf, pdf to zip converters online.

    You can make them yourself. Try using a JavaScript package to make your work somewhat simpler.



Making projects and learning a new programming language requires just more than zeal and enthusiasm. You can accelerate your learning with the best resources online with concrete material and packed knowledge.

I came across some of the best JavaScript resources that can make you learn JavaScript in-depth with ease.

Working with maps in JavaScript:

You might always be wanting to make something around maps and don’t know where you can start from?

There are multiple open-source plugins and API that can elevate your developing around map experience.

As a beginner, you should have your concepts around API calls and HTTP requests should be clear before diving in.

Some of the best resources that I found useful are:

  • Leaflet: The library to build mobile-friendly interactive maps.
  • Cesium: World-class open-source javascript,  3D tiles and standard Geo maps with WebGL.
  • Gmaps: Learn to use Google Maps and play around.
  • Polymaps: A free JavaScript library for interactive, easy to make maps for the modern browsers
  • Kartograph.js: Kartograph SVG maps with open-source javascript renderer.
  • Mapbox.js: Mapbox JavaScript API, a Leaflet Plugin.
  • jQvmap: jQuery Vector Map Library.
  • OpenLayers3: High-performance javascript library with special features and map needs.


You might be excited and learning javascript to work around animations for games and websites.

The libraries that you can refer for inspiration and use in your projects are

  • velocity – Accelerated JavaScript animation.
  • jQuery.transit – CSS3 transformations and transitions made Super-smooth with jQuery.
  • impress.js – CSS3 transformations/transitions to make Prezi-like presentations in an HTML document.
  • bounce.js – Quick CSS3 animations with smooth and interactive animation.
  • GreenSock-JS -Across all major browsers, High-performance HTML5 animations.
  • Dynamic.js – Create physics-based CSS animations with this javascript library.
  • move.js – CSS3 backed JavaScript animation framework.


Conclusion :

These are just some hand-picked project ideas and many more to explore. You can easily get started with JavaScript with these projects.

You can go ahead to make advanced and even more complex JavaScript projects in future.

The most important thing to note as a developer is you can go for endless tutorials and books but the real learning starts with making projects and getting your hands dirty.

So keep making awesome projects and learning Javascript.

Happy Learning!!

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