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Table of contents
Why should you Learn Core Java Programming?
What will you Learn Core Java Programming Tutorial?
Prerequisites to Learn Core Java Programming
Java applications covered in the course
Course Syllabus in Java Free Trial
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I start learning Java?
Can I learn Java on my own?
Can I learn Java in six months?
Should I learn Java or Python?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Learn Core Java Programming For Free With Coding Ninjas

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Learning is fun! But, some of us have limited resources. 

As an initiative towards “Knowledge for all”, Coding Ninjas has brought a few free courses.

The free courses cover an essential level of programming so that each student or IT enthusiast is at least familiar with the basic programming concepts.

For the entire range of courses, certain modules are available for free, you just need to register for the course. You can even access the video lectures, assessments, and assignments and get a trial-course completion certificate.

Due to the extended diversity and large-scale innovation over the last few years, many potential and promising domains have come up like Cloud Engineering, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. In spite of the ingress of many contemporary programming languages like SwiftFlutterPythonNode.JsReact Native and so on, Java still remains deep-rooted in the Software Industry.

The demand for Java developers still remains at the top-notch and it remains an intrinsic programming language for logic designing as well as back-end development. Foremost, you must converge your focus on the language that you wish you learn, you might explore the career opportunities, the basic syntax, and the feasibility of a few languages before making your choice.

Once you have made your decision, you must join the developers’ community of the corresponding language for receiving regular updates about any updates and assistance if you stumble over an error while working on any of your projects.

Learn Core Java Programming For Free With Coding Ninjas

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Why should you Learn Core Java Programming?

Java is one of the oldest object-oriented programming languages. It is one of the most highly reliable and popular languages in the developer market. Java is a cross-platform language; it can be used for devising Android apps, Web apps, or Desktop apps.

It is highly reliable as it is one of the official languages of the Android Studio as well. The Java Developer’s community is one of the densest communities existing globally. Java is even bagged by its vast collection of frameworks that assist a beginner in strategic implementations.

Java is a platform-independent language. JVM, or Java Virtual Machine is used to identify the platform on which Java is being run. It is JVM which morphs the code into a language a particular platform (machine) will understand. Know Why is Java Platform Independent here.

Java’s compiler converts the code written by the developer into bytecode. This bytecode is utilised by JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and converted into a language the machine on which Java is being run would understand. For this particular reason, Java is platform-independent; it is also portable.

The most common features of Java include:

  • Statically typed / Dynamically Typed
  • Modularity
  • General-purpose/ Specific-purpose
  • Efficiency and performance
  • Multi-threaded / Single-threaded
  • Libraries / Packages

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What will you Learn Core Java Programming Tutorial?

This Java tutorial includes four modules, the first two modules are free, while the other two modules are part of the paid course. There is an advanced version of the course that includes Data Structures and Algorithms also.

 1. Introduction to Java

As we assume that the student is totally unfamiliar with Java. This module introduces him/her to Java and teaches them to build a flowchart. After learning the basic concepts, the next stage includes loops and for practicing loops, patterns are used.

2. Intermediate and Advanced Content – Java

This level includes three distinct modules on recursion that allow us to solve any daily life mathematical problem at a very low time and space complexity.

3. Introduction to Java-2

After learning loops and conditions, we move towards the elementary data structure array. Arrays are covered in two distinct modules, namely Array 1 and Array 2. A more difficult level of pattern with voids is included in this module along with an assessment test.

4. Data Structures and Algorithms

This comes as a different course which is further divided into many modules:

  • The first level includes OOPs, time complexity, recursion, etc.
  • The next level includes linked lists, stacks, and queues.
  • The third level includes Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, Generic Tree, Backtracking, and Hashmaps.
  • The final level includes the most advanced data structures such as Dynamic Programming, Trie and Huffman Coding, Priority Queues and Graphs.

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Prerequisites to Learn Core Java Programming

There is one prerequisite for learning Java:

  • Basic mathematical skills are required.
  • You can even register for the course if you don’t have any basic programming knowledge.

Top companies hiring candidates with Java Programming characteristics.

Almost all the top-notch IT companies hire Java developers every year. Some of the companies that are actively recruiting Java developers are:

Apart from the independently hiring companies. The paid version of the course comes with placement cell support, which allows candidates to bag lucrative internship and placement opportunities.

Java applications covered in the course

Java is a popularly used problem-solving language. The top applications of Java include :

  • 2D arrays, commonly known as matrices, are used in image processing.
  • It is also used in speech processing, in which each speech signal is an array. 
  • Web pages can be accessed using the previous and the next URL links which are linked using a linked list.
  • The music players also use the same technique to switch between music.
  • To keep the track of turns in a multiplayer game, a circular linked list is used
  • Undo operation is also carried out through stacks.
  • Syntaxes in languages are parsed using stacks.
  • Message logs and all messages you get are arranged with the help of a stack.
  • For handling congestion in the networking, the queue can be used.
  • Data packets in network circuits are arranged in queue format.
  • When you send emails, they are also queued.
  • Facebook’s Graph API uses the structure of Graphs.
  • Google’s Knowledge Graph is also based on Graphs.

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Course Syllabus in Java Free Trial

The contents are clearly mentioned in the course overview so that you have a clear idea of the roadmap before registering for the course. We have prepared a compassion table for you so that you can go through the contents of the free-trial course and the paid course. 

Table showing the course content to learn core Java programming: 

Free Trial (Level one) Paid Course (Level two)
Welcome to the course How is data stored?
Flowcharts Patterns-2
Getting started with Java Operators & For loop
Conditions and loops Test-1
Patterns-1 Functions & Scope
Basic Test Arrays-1
Recursion-1 Arrays-2
Recursion-2 Strings
Recursion-3 Two-dimensional arrays

It is an amazing fact that recursion has been placed in the free trial. Even though it is one of the toughest programming concepts. It is great that our mentors are providing all three modules for recursions along with the video lectures for free.

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Gear up, and start registering and brush up on your concepts, so that you don’t miss any upcoming coding challenge or hackathon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start learning Java?

Follow these steps to learn Java from scratch:

1. Brush up your basic mathematical concepts.

2. Read any problem and solve it on pen and paper.

3. Draw a flowchart for any given problem.

4. Learn essential Java syntax and the basic concepts.

5. Code the problem.

6. Run a few test cases.

7. Improvise and debug the code to remove errors and reduce the space and time complexity.

8. Learn advanced concepts such as Data Structures, etc.

Can I learn Java on my own?

Yes, you can learn Java on your own. Refer to the numerous online resources and IDEs and start practicing. It is more about the time you spend and the efforts you take. The presence of GitHub and Google open-source is providing numerous opportunities for learners.

Can I learn Java in six months?

Yes, of course, a dedicated learner can learn java programming in six months. The approach should be correct and learning resources should be reliable. Check out our free trial course on Java.

Should I learn Java or Python?

In case you are merely interested in programming and want to solve problems without digging into the abstract methods, learn Python as its syntax is easy to learn. Else, if you intend to pursue computer science engineering, we recommend Java first as it assists you in understanding the inner workings of programming methods also.


This program mainly aims to resolve any ambiguity a student has while choosing a course. In case you have a dilemma about which language to choose, you can get enrolled in the free trial programs and get a better idea about a programming language and its applications.
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Once you have cleared the first level of any language, you can take the free trial course to Learn Core Java Programming and check whether you are ready for the next level or not. Your efforts during this course are duly recognised and certified. Check out our latest courses and pick out the best one for you with the help of the course overview.

Happy learning!

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