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Table of contents
What is PyCharm?
PyCharm support the following languages
How does PyCharm work?
First Project in PyCharm
Features of PyCharm:
Frameworks that can be used with PyCharm:
Advantages and Tool of PyCharm:
Disadvantages of PyCharm:
Frequently Asked Questions
What is PyCharm?
Does PyCharm support both versions of Python?
What frameworks can be used with PyCharm?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Learning PyCharm, its Advantages and Disadvantages

Author Gunjan Batra
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These days when technology is growing at a rapid rate, it has become important to know what is in trend and whatnot; talking about trends, the most trending programming language that one can think of is python.

Learning PyCharm, its advantages and disadvantages

Python is the most widely accepted language, which is user-friendly and comes with many predefined functions that make the work easier for a programmer, but if someone wants to use Python for a major purpose, for example, in case of making high efficient machine learning model for research, then they need something know as PyCharm.

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What is PyCharm?

Well, PyCharm is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that helps integrate, debug, and compile your code, which is also how you define an IDE. PyCharm is developed by JetBrains and comes with many handy features (that comes later in this blog), many developers prefer this IDE around the world, with almost 33% of the total python developers using this, other popular IDEs are VS Code (24%), Sublime Text (6%), Atom(3%) and more.

PyCharm IDE, as its name suggests, can be used for Python code, and it’s also the main reason why developer prefers PyCharm over other IDEs because it’s IDLE for python, which means its main focus is to help python developers for building highly efficient code, but it does not mean that you can’t use other languages with PyCharm.

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PyCharm support the following languages

  • Python: In order to use python in PyCharm, you need to make sure that python is downloaded and installed on your computer. PyCharm support both versions of Python 2 and Python 3.
  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript
  • Mark-up languages like XML, HTML, XHTML, etc.

It is the most famous IDE when someone particularly wants to work with Python code, and it comes with many Python interpreters that can help in working with Python 2 as well as Python 3. PyCharm package is free to use, which mainly focuses on python code, but it also comes in a professional package that allows you to use all the programming and mark-up languages listed above. Python helped in creating many new technologies by 2019, some of which are.


Most programmers use Python 3 but still, 10% of the total Python developers are using Python 2 for their projects, and that makes PyCharm a unique IDE because it can help in both kind of python development.

Want to learn Python programming? Visit

How does PyCharm work?

When someone first runs this IDE, it will ask if you want to create a new project or want to search for an already existing project. Once you create and give your project a name, then all the python files related to the project will be stored in that project folder. That folder will contain all the information about how the files are connected and transferred data.

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First Project in PyCharm

Step 1: Create a project, this is the first page where you will start creating your first project, give the location and name of your project, in case you already have a project on your computer, you can go to open and select that folder, initially a tip prompt will pop-up on your screen and that can be helpful for beginner to see if they are using the right functions, later you can hide it so it won’t show any further.

Welcome to PyCharm

Step 2: Create a Python file in the project, within your first project, create your file python file by right-clicking on the project name on the top-left of your screen. Go to the new -> python file.
You can also have new folders in your project.

Welcome image

Step 3: Start coding, write your first Python code in your file; to start with you can print “Hello World!!” and check if everything is working fine or not. In order to run, press ctrl+shift+F10.

Python code

Features of PyCharm:

  1. PyCharm comes with many interpreters, Run/Debug configuration allows you to select which interpreter you want to select for your code, and each configuration setting has Environment variables, a Python interpreter, and a working directory option. This option allows you to change how your program is executed by PyCharm.
  2. In the bottom-left of your screen, you have a Python console, which is where you can perform many operations, this can be important for a beginner if they want to learn how each line of code will work and how different blocks, like for loop and if/else are working.
  3. The terminal is also present in the bottom-left corner, which can be useful in installing new packages for Python. For example if you want to install any package, it can be done by using –> pip installs (name of the package you want to install).
  4. The terminal can also play an important role in working with git or version control in your code, all you need to do is set up git using — git init in your terminal for your root project, and it will check for all types of changes in your code and control version of your project.
  5. Structure tap in the bottom-left is also one of the fancy features of PyCharm this allows you to see how a file is structured with all kinds of classes and functions, and packages in your python file.
  6. Refactor allows the developer to change the name of a certain section of code everywhere in the file, For example, if you want to change the name of the variable from h to height to make it more understandable to other developers, then refactoring come in handy and will change the name everywhere in once.
  7. More fancy features of PyCharm is it allows you split-screen horizontally and vertically and allow you to work on a different file of a project simultaneously.

Frameworks that can be used with PyCharm:

  • Django: This framework is used to handle backend development in python. Django imposes restrictions on how you develop your project.
  • Flask: Another framework for backend development, this framework is more flexible and allows a developer to write code in their own way.
  • Maya: This supports remote debugging and launching scripts using python.

Advantages and Tool of PyCharm:

  • PyCharm is easy to use and install.
  • Syntax and error maintenance can help in the analysis of syntax errors even before you compile your code to reduce any overhead.
  • Language injections allow you to use the output of a function, the value of variables, or any object inside a template string that can be injected inside an HTML tag for further usage.
  • Import assistance can allow importing missing libraries from another part of the project.
  • Code completion allows you to complete the names of classes, methods, parameters, and other variables depending on the context.
  • PyCharm comes with many plug-ins that can be used to enhance your project.
  • It has a huge community that can help you in case you find any difficulty.

Disadvantages of PyCharm:

  • The main disadvantage of using PyCharm is it takes more space than other text editors, which degrades the functionality of code.
  • The community version is idle for python development only and does not allow to use of other programming languages.
  • The professional version is somewhat expensive.
  • It can be complicated for beginners to set a virtual environment variable, and thus they might not prefer to use it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PyCharm?

PyCharm is an IDE(Integrated Development Environment) that helps integrate, debug, and compile your code, which is also how you define an IDE. 

Does PyCharm support both versions of Python?

Yes, PyCharm support both versions, Python 2 and Python 3.

What frameworks can be used with PyCharm?

Various frameworks can be used with PyCharm. Some of them are Django, Flask, and Maya. 


In this article, we learned about PyCharm. We explored its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, we also created a Pyharm project and learned about its works. On average, PyCharm is a good IDE because of its beginner-friendly configuration, but it also has its downfall, which can be reduced with regular usage.  

You can download PyCharm for windows via

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