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Table of contents
What is Pyglet?
Installation of pyglet
Let’s Get started with pyglet
Advantages of Pyglet:
Frequently Asked Questions
Is pyglet faster than Pygame?
How do you change the text color in pyglet program?
Why is pyglet used?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Introduction to Pyglet

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In this article, we will understand pyglet and we will also see how we can install pyglet on our PCs. Python has extensive libraries in various areas such as Machine Learning (Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib), Artificial intelligence (Pytorch, TensorFlow), and Game development (Pygame, pyglet). Pyglet is powerful, but it is easy to use the Python library to improve games and other visually-rich applications for Mac OS X, and Linux.  It Supports windows creation and OpenGL graphics, uploads photos, and videos, and plays audio and music.

What is Pyglet?

Pyglet is easy to use, but the library can develop rich GUI applications such as games, multimedia, etc., for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. This library is built exclusively with Python and supports many features such as installing windows, user interface event handling, joysticks, OpenGL graphics, loading photos, and videos and playing audio and music. Pyglet is offered under the open-source BSD license, allowing you to use it for commercial and other open projects with minimal scope.


  • No external dependencies or installation requirements: for the development of most of the applications, pyglet does not require external libraries or installation of packages to help facilitate distribution and installation.


  • Take advantage of multiple windows and desktop monitors: sometimes, a multi-layered desktop setting is used for game development. The pyglet is designed to allow you to use as many windows as needed and enable full-screen games and applications on multiple screens.


  • Pyglet is offered under the open-source BSD license: it allows you to use it for commercial and other open-source projects with minimal scope.
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Installation of pyglet

Since the pyglet is wholly created in Python, no special operations are required to be installed. Pyglet can be installed in many ways; basic installation requires typing the following command in your terminal:

pip install pyglet

Let’s Get started with pyglet

1. We will start the pyglet program by importing it into the file.

Import pyglet
Import pyglet.window.key


2. Second, we should build pyglet.window.Window () by calling its default constructor. A window will appear as soon as it is created, and will have the default values ​​for all its parameters:



3. To display the text, we will create a Label. Keyword arguments are used to set label, label color, font name, font size and location:

label = pyglet.text.Label(text,
                          x=window.width//2, y=window.height//2,
                          anchor_x='center', anchor_y='center')


4. The on_draw () event is sent to the window to give it a chance to redraw its content. Pyglet offers a few ways to attach event handlers to objects,an easy way to use a decorator:

def on_draw():


5. Inside the on_draw handler () the window is cleared to the default background (black), and the label is drawn. lastly, call the below command:


6. This will install the default pyglet event loop, and allow the pyglet to respond to app events like mouse and keyboard. The handlers for your event will now be called as required, and the run () mode will only return when all app windows are closed.


import pyglet
import pyglet.window.key

title="coding ninjas"
new_window = pyglet.window.Window(width,height,title)
text="Hello Ninjas!"

label = pyglet.text.Label(text,
font_name ='Cooper',
font_size = 30,
x = new_window.width//2,
y = new_window.height//2,
anchor_x ='center',
anchor_y ='center')

def on_draw():



Advantages of Pyglet:

As discussed,pyglet is completely based on python and supports gaming and multimedia. We can highlight the main advantage would be:

  • Completely built on Python: As this is completely built on python, thus it is quite easy and flexible to use this.
  • Easy Installation and Support to different OS: Well the installation process is quite easy which makes it the best choice for gaming and multimedia. It supports Linux, windows too which is good flexibility to be used.
  • No External Dependency: There is no external dependency on the installation requirement of pyglet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pyglet faster than Pygame?

Speed-wise, Pyglet is faster than pygame out of the box, and speed is always a concern when you upgrade with pygame (you have to update small parts of the screen, and remembering changes may be tedious).

How do you change the text color in pyglet program?

We can change the text of pyglet program by importing the library “pyglet.window.key”, then we will define the width, height, and title of the window and then label the color of the text in RGB format.

Why is pyglet used?

Pyglet is a Python multimedia library. It is used primarily to build games and other visually rich applications. Works with both Windows and Linux. It supports a user interface, game control, and playback stick.


In this article, we have extensively discussed pyglet. We started with a brief introduction to pyglet, then we saw how we can install the pyglet in our local machines, and in the end, we looked at an entry-level program of pyglet to make you comfortable with pyglet.

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