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Table of contents
Why LinkedIn?🏆
Responsibilities at LinkedIn for different roles🏋️
Eligibility Criteria😔
Hiring at LinkedIn🙂
Roadmap or the Preparation Guide🛣️
Interview Preparation💻
Interview Experience🎭
Frequently Asked Questions.
Is LinkedIn interview hard?
What benefits should an individual get after joining LinkedIn?
Are LinkedIn offices located in India? If yes, then where?
Is LinkedIn running any Apprenticeships & programs for hiring?
What are the common questions that the Interviewer generally asked in the Interview at LinkedIn?
Why is LinkedIn useful?
Is LinkedIn free to use?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

LinkedIn Preparation Guide

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We all are aware of LinkedIn, and many of you have an account on LinkedIn also, But if you are preparing for LinkedIn, this article will help you achieve your different goals.

LinkedIn Image

This article will discuss the LinkedIn Preparation Guide, which includes the responsibilities, Skillset required, hiring process, roadmap, and many more, followed by some FAQs on LinkedIn Preparation Guide.

Now, let's discuss What LinkedIn is.

Why LinkedIn?🏆

Because LinkedIn leads a diversified business with revenues from membership subscriptions, advertising sales, and recruitment solutions. The company has human leadership values that every employee contributes to the company's success. 

Why LinkedIn Image

Another reason to join Linkedin as a software engineer is the company's opportunities and the fantastic user-oriented products it works on. Also, being a software engineer or a professional on Linkedin means working on something hundreds of millions of people see or use daily to find work.

Let's see the responsibilities of different roles that LinkedIn hires for.

Responsibilities Image

Responsibilities at LinkedIn for different roles🏋️

Business Operations: In this team, the team members are responsible for keeping the company operating, performing, and growing. 

Business Image

They include Legal, Public Policy, Finance, Administrative Services, and Workplace Solutions.

Customer Support: The team members are responsible for helping the members and customers succeed using LinkedIn products. 

Customer Support Image

Also, the Global Customer Organization (GCO) includes LinkedIn Help, Customer Training, Content Enforcement, and Billing Support.

Engineering: They are responsible For scaling the platform to designing products. The engineering team is committed to creating equitable outcomes for all. 

Engineering Image

They include Artificial Intelligence, Backend (Apps), Data Science, Frontend (UI), Mobile, Site-reliability, and Trust & Safety.

Marketing & Communications: They Bring the purpose, products, culture, and brand to life. 

Marketing and Communication Image

This team includes Consumer Marketing, Brand Strategy, Operations, Corporate Communications, and Employee Communications.

Productivity & IT: They are responsible for building and refining the technology, tools, and systems our employees need to succeed. 

Productivity and IT Image

They also include Developer Productivity and Enterprise Productivity.

Product & Design: They are responsible for creating and delivering products serving members and customers worldwide. 

Product and Design Image

Product Management, User Experience Research, and User Experience Design are also included.

Now, let's discuss the skillset and eligibility criteria required for different roles at LinkedIn under the LinkedIn Preparation Guide.

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The followings are the skills required for the different roles at LinkedIn.

Skills Image

  • Artificial Intelligence, Backend (Apps), Data Science, and Frontend (UI) are some skills required for the different roles in LinkedIn.
  • Knowledge of usability Testing.
  • They should have a good User Experience.
  • They must know about Consumer Marketing, Brand Strategy, and Operations.
  • Knowledge of UX design is used to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.
  • They must have good communication skills. 
  • They have good management skills, as is required in Product Management, User Experience Research, and User Experience Design.

Eligibility Criteria😔

The individual must score 60% and above in his academics.

No active backlogs at the time of the recruitment process.

Eligibility Criteria

Let's see How LinkedIn hires for the different roles.

Hiring at LinkedIn🙂

The hiring consists of four stages, and the top priority is facilitating a fair, inclusive, and transparent process for every candidate.

Hiring at LinkedIn Image


It is the initial stage of the recruiting process in which we can express our interest by applying the link below.

Application Image

Once the application is received on LinkedIn, their recruiting team will review the application to see if you meet all the basic and some preferred qualifications or not, which is listed on the job description.


It is the second stage that comes after the application process.

In this stage, a recruiting team member manages every job opening on LinkedIn. If you meet all the qualifications and are selected to move forward, then they'll reach out to schedule a call. The call's main purpose is to learn more about you and ask some basic questions.

Conversation Image

After the initial call, they may schedule a video call with the hiring manager or another team member. The purpose is to ask detailed questions about your experience, skills, and technical expertise at this stage.

If selected, they are then shortlisted for the Interview.


It is the third and the most crucial stage in which you'll next meet with several more team members. The purpose of this Interview is to focus on a different skill area. It also became a great opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the role.

Interview Image

Depending on the different roles, you may be asked to present a case study or do a whiteboard exercise. Also, your recruiter will share everything that you need to know ahead of time. 

In this stage, Every Interviewer takes notes to share with the hiring team.


It is the final stage of the recruiting process in which the hiring team will evaluate each candidate for their potential to succeed in the job. It may take several weeks to reach a decision. 

Decision Image

And the decision may come either in favor or against. If you haven't been selected, then you can apply again.

But If you are selected for the job, congratulations on your new journey.


Till now, we have discussed the responsibilities at LinkedIn for different roles, and Skillset required, and the hiring process.

Roadmap or the Preparation Guide🛣️

Followings are the foundations required for different roles at LinkedIn.

            Data Science Image   Machine Learning Image

  • In addition, you should regularly practice Competitive Programming to enhance your capacity for practical problem-solving and learn about Data Structures and Algorithms to become an expert in coding languages like C++Java, and Python.

            C++ Image  Java Image   Python Image       

  • Excellent knowledge of API management platforms and technologies.
  • Prepare for the CS fundamentals like Computer NetworkDBMSOperating System, etc.
  • Learn the OOPs Concept, which includes Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.
  • Work on your communication, presentation skills, and ability to explain technical issues to non-technicians.


Here is the link to apply for different positions at LinkedIn LinkedIn Careers or LinkedIn.

Visit the free Guided Path at this link or the Coding Ninja Library for further information.


Let's discuss how we should prepare for the most crucial stage of the hiring process, i.e., the Interview under the LinkedIn Preparation Guide.

Interview Preparation💻

The Interview is the last and the most important stage during the selection process that decides whether a candidate should be selected or not.

That's Why you have to prepare yourself accordingly to ace the Interview.

Questions may vary from situational and scenario-based to technical inquiries and your CVs.

They may also ask questions about the puzzle.

Interviews Puzzle Image

Click Here

Below we list some of the most asked topics.


We learn things from experiences, so let's see some Interview Experiences to learn new things from the experienced ones.

Interview Experience🎭

You can check out this Interview Experience provided by the Coding Ninjas.

             SDE (Intern) Image          SDE 1 Image

Till now, we have discussed sufficiently the LinkedIn Preparation Guide. So, it's time to discuss some FAQs related to the LinkedIn Preparation Guide.

Please take a look at this video to understand it better.📹

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is LinkedIn interview hard?

The difficulty of questions asked in the Interview ranges from medium to hard.

What benefits should an individual get after joining LinkedIn?

They should get Health Insurance, Education reimbursement, Paid parental leave, Product discounts, Survivor support, and many more.

Are LinkedIn offices located in India? If yes, then where?

Yes, LinkedIn has set up offices in India in Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, and New Delhi. 

Is LinkedIn running any Apprenticeships & programs for hiring?

Yes, ERA, Unlock, and Reach are some of the Programs sunned by LinkedIn to hire them for the different roles in LinkedIn.

What are the common questions that the Interviewer generally asked in the Interview at LinkedIn?

The questions were from the DSA, DBMS, OS, Computer Network, and many more. You can check out the Interview Preparation section for more details.

Why is LinkedIn useful?

A well-written LinkedIn profile will give credibility and establish you as a trustworthy potential employee.

Is LinkedIn free to use?

Yes, LinkedIn is free where we can Find and reconnect with colleagues and classmates, but LinkedIn also have a premium subscription.


Congratulations, as you gain the basic knowledge of the LinkedIn Preparation Guide. We have discussed the responsibilities, required Skills, etc., for the different roles at LinkedIn under the LinkedIn Preparation Guide.

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

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Happy Learning!

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