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About the role🧑‍💻
Salary and Perks with the job💰
Job Expectations with job🧠
Skills and Experience required🤹
Preparation strategy📚
Career Map🛣️
Frequently asked questions❓
What does a Linux system engineer do?
How can I become a Linux System engineer?
Is Linux Hard to Learn? 
Why is Linux the future?
Is Linux a good career choice?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Linux Systems Engineer at Apple

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Hello Ninja🥷! Every tech-interested person once in a lifetime dream about working at apple. But why only dream about it? 

Let's explore the right path to make this dream true🙌.

Linux Systems Engineer at Apple

Exceptional individuals congregate at Apple to produce their most outstanding work. Together, we create experiences and goods that people once couldn't have imagined but now find impossible to live without. A career at Apple can be your ideal position if you're excited about the prospect of having a significant influence and joining a company that takes pride in being one of the most inclusive and diverse businesses in the world. There is no telling what you could achieve if you put your all into your work.

It's time to put some effort, dedication, and focus toward your goal. This article will help you to understand step by step the process of becoming a Linux Systems Engineer at Apple.

About the role🧑‍💻

A Linux Systems Engineer at Apple installs and maintains Unix/Linux open-source operating systems while meeting client demands. Additionally, the person addresses requests for change management, fixes user problems, and spots possible problems by putting safety precautions in place. Additionally, these engineers cooperate with colleagues in the IT department to automate work processes. They need to have an understanding of enterprise infrastructure.                                  

About the role

Linux Systems Engineers also program the Linux operating system at Apple. Since they must communicate with technical and business teams and possess excellent interpersonal skills, they must be capable of working variable hours.

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Salary and Perks with the job💰

The salary of a Linux Systems Engineer at Apple is:                            

Salary and Perks with the job
        Salary               Amount
Base Pay Average ₹ 4.5 LPA 
Estimated Take Home Salary ₹ 33,547 - ₹ 34,809/month

**The figures presented above are subjected to change by Apple

The salaries of Linux Systems Engineer at Apple depend upon their years of Experience, education, and location. The total compensation varies depending upon whether someone qualifies for a stock grant or annual bonus.


🏠Work From Home

💊Medical Insurance

🎉Stock Purchase Program



🚀Team Outings

👨‍⚕️Job Training

🧒Child care

🏫Education Guidance

✈️International Relocation

Job Expectations with job🧠

These are the following job expectations of a Linux Systems Engineer at Apple:

Job Expectations with job

💥You will work with team members and clients as a Systems Engineer in the Global Infrastructure Operations team to develop relationships you will leverage in your day-to-day job.


💥The system engineer will suggest new workflows that enhance customer experience by increasing the effectiveness of operations tasks and workflows through process automation.


💥The script is in bash, Perl, and python.


💥Update and deploy Perl production configuration for backup clients.

💥Support physical, virtual, and AWS cloud-based Linux infrastructure.


💥Monitor the system performance with the NAGIOS and TIVOLI monitoring tools.


💥Create, implement and maintain various bash and Perl scripts for system and performance monitoring.


💥Resolve network-related problems involving network systems such as DNS and DHCP using TCP/IP-related tools.

💥You will enhance the uptime of services like Pay, iCloud, Music, TV, Maps, News, FaceTime, Siri, and more by supporting Apple's Global Compute Infrastructure.

Skills and Experience required🤹

As we already read what Linux Systems Engineer at Apple does, the question arises how will you be able to do all that stuff?

You need to gain some skills and Experience, and then you will be one of the ideal candidates:      

Skills and Experience required

🔖3+ years of Experience that can be put to use designing, automating, analyzing, and resolving large-scale Linux servers that are hosted in both virtual and physical settings.


🔖Extensive knowledge of Linux, particularly Oracle Linux, RHEL, CentOS, etc., using Ansible and Puppet for configuration management and automation.

🔖Strong debugging skills at all levels, from host to network to application. Experience with bare metal servers and knowledge of Linux OS hardware is required. Knowledge of kernel debugging is advantageous.


🔖Good command of managing the security and encryption of a Linux system. Knowledge of one of the following languages, Python and Go, continually improving and looking for new ways to automate boring activities.

🔖Knowledge of configuration management systems, Docker, Kubernetes, KVM, VMware, and GitHub.

🔖Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking. Self-starter eager to learn in a stimulating setting and feels at ease working with others.

🔖Good ownership and urgency sense.

Preparation strategy📚

The resources mentioned will help you land the Linux Systems Engineer at Apple:

Preparation strategy
  • Unix vs Linux: LINUX and UNIX are two operating systems primarily used for development purposes. 


  • Linux Commands: In this mentioned link, we'll learn about different Linux commands to understand how you can use this technology.


  • Aptitude: This will sharpen your problem-solving skills and help you clear prior interview rounds.





  • IT Certifications: This mentioned link will tell about the various certifications that will be helpful for you and will enhance your resume too.


  • Data structure and algorithms: Click on this link to expand your understanding of these topics. When attending any technical interview, one of the most important topics in which you should be completely confident is data structure and algorithms. 


Now that you have the resources, you surely want to test out your skills or might be confused about how to prepare for the interview so that you can become a Linux Systems Engineer at Apple. Check out the links mentioned below:

Study Plan
  • Apple interview Questions: This mentioned link contains the questions asked during the Apple interview for other positions provided by the employees shortlisted for Apple interviews. You can check out their interview experience too.


  • Problems: You can check out the link at the beginning for DSA issues.


  • Interview preparation guide: check out the link for the ultimate preparation guide for aptitude and puzzles. For more information, see the blogs, so you don't have doubts about the interview experiences.
  • Algorithm for coding interviews
  • How to improve interview performance
  • Free trial for interview preparations


  • Contests: Participate in a coding competition the Coding Ninjas offers if you wish to practice more.

Refer to the following video to learn How to Ace in Your College:

Check out the courses that might help you in succeeding in an interview.

Competitive programming

Java DSA

Interview sessions


If something is missing and you know it is essential for your interview, you go to our main library, which contains all the topics you need.

Code studio library

Career Map🛣️

Career Map

You might assume greater responsibility or a leadership position as your job progresses. A Linux engineer can use our career map to determine their career objectives by following the career progression. For instance, they might begin with a position like DevOps engineer, advance to Linux systems administrator, and then end up with senior system administrator.

Frequently asked questions❓

What does a Linux system engineer do?

A Linux Engineer installs and monitors Unix/Linux open-source operating systems and caters to the client's needs in this environment. The individual also resolves user issues, addresses change management requests, and identifies potential issues by implementing protective measures.

How can I become a Linux System engineer?

A bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field is required. To become certified in Linux, you must take classes and have familiarity with computer and electrical technology. The ability to plan, organize, and structure systems is another requirement for a Linux system engineer.

Is Linux Hard to Learn? 

Learning Linux is not difficult. The more familiar you are with modern technology, the simpler it will be for you to grasp the fundamentals of Linux. The fundamental Linux commands can be learned in a few days, but it will probably take a few weeks to feel more comfortable with them.

Why is Linux the future?

Because Linux is open-source and potentially has a tiny OS footprint, it might end up in various linked devices, including our homes, cars, and places of business. There is a good likelihood that Linux will dominate the field of high-performance computing.

Is Linux a good career choice?

With 44% of hiring managers stating that there is a high likelihood of hiring a candidate with a Linux certification and 54% anticipating certification or formal training of their system admin candidates, Linux experts are well-positioned in the labor market.


In this article, we've explored Linux Systems Engineer at Apple role. We've extensively discussed the Required skills, Job Expectations, Salary, Syllabus, Resources, and Interview Experiences. 

To know more about the Roles at Apple, the way to get into Apple, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:


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