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List of Redis Modules
Frequently Asked Questions
What are modules in Redis?
How to install Redis Module?
Are Redis Modules Free?
How do we see everything in Redis?
What data is stored in Redis?
Does Redis have a table?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

List of Redis Modules

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Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store used as a database and cache. It provides data structures such as strings, hashes, lists, and sets. It has built-in replication, Lua scripting, transactions, and LRU eviction. It supports asynchronous replications with fast, non-blocking synchronization and auto-reconnection.

source: redisDeveloper

List of Redis Modules

  • RedisSearch: RedisSearch Is a query and indexing engine for Redis that provides secondary indexing, aggregations, and full-text search.  
  • RedisJSON: RedisJSON is a JSON data type for the Redis module. 
  • RedisGraph: RedisGraph is a graph database as a Redis Module 
  • RedisBloom: RedisBloom is a probabilistic Data Types Modules for Redis. 
  • Redis-cell: Redis cell is a redis module that provides rate limiting in Redis as a single command. 
  • RedisTimeSeries: This redis module is a Time Series data structure for Redis. 
  • RedisAI: It is a redis module for serving tensors and executing deep learning graphs 
  • Redis-roaring: It is a redis module in which Roaring Bitmaps for Redis are present 
  • RedisGears: This redis module is a dynamic execution framework for your Redis data. 
  • TairHash: A redis module, similar to redis hash, but you can set expiration and version for field 
  • TaitString: It is a redis module similar to redis string, but we can set expire and version for the value. Also, it provides many handy commands, such as cad/cas, etc. 
  • TairZset: It is a redis module similar to redis zset, but you can set multiple scores for each member to support multi-D sorting. 
  • Reventis: Fast Spatio-temporal system to index events. 
  • Redicrypt: It is an encryption redis module
  • smartcache: It is a smart and autonomous cache in a redis module 
  • Redis Interval Sets: It is a Redis module for creating interval sets, handling them, and filtering out relevant sets by number in the range. 
  • Redis-AudioScout: It is a Redis module for Audio Track Recognition 
  • Iqrm: Laravel Queue Redis Module 
  • redis-s2geo: It is a simple redis module for geospatial queries which utilizes s2 Region coverer algorithm for indexing. 
  • neural-redis: It is a Neural networks redis module
  • redisSQL: It is a redis module that provides a whole functional SQL database. 
  • redis-rating: A module that helps you calculate the real rating from positive or negative feedback. 
  • dbx: A Redis module for maintaining hash by simple SQL  
  • redis-percentile: A redis module for percentile estimation 
  • redis-fpn: A Redis module for Fixed-Point Number data type 
  • Redis-interval-module: This data structure is similar to a regular Redis Sorted Set but stores intervals instead of numbers.
  • Redisims: This redis module is used If modified since Redis Cache  
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are modules in Redis?

Redis Module is a dynamic library that can be loaded into Redis at startup or the MODULE LOAD command.

How to install Redis Module?

1. Clone the source code from the module repository 

2. In the repository, follow the instruction for building the module

Are Redis Modules Free?

As long as it is not part of a database product, you can freely use the RSAL-protected software.

How do we see everything in Redis?

By using Redis GET all keys. To see everything in Redis, use the KEYS command followed by a specific pattern, and use (*) to match all the keys in the data store to get all the keys.

What data is stored in Redis?

Redis can store any type of data like text, float, integer, images, float, or audio files. We can store up to 512 megabytes in a Redis string.

Does Redis have a table?

Redis is an advanced key-value store, therefore, it does not store data like RDBMS in tables.


In this article, we have extensively discussed different types of Redis modules and seen the functionality of each redis module. We started with the introduction of redis and then listed the redis modules. 

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