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Live Chat Plugin
Installing the Live Chat Plugin
Some Famous Live Chat Plugins
Olark Plugin
Tidio Plugin
Pure Chat Plugin
Crisp Plugin
3CX Plugin
What is the best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress?
What is the Live Chat plugin used for?
How does the Live Chat plugin work? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Live Chat Plugin in WordPress

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If you want your user to use the Live Chat plugin on your website while using WordPress and you are confused about how to install Live Chat plugins then you are at the right place. Come let’s understand one by one the different techniques of Live Chat plugins in WordPress in detail.

We will discuss the definition of Live Chat Plugin, its installation, and some of the famous examples of Live Chat In deep.

Live Chat Plugin

Live chat plugins are one manner to provide your clients practically immediate access to your support team. They allow customers to speak to both an actual individual or a smart 'bot' that redirects them to the proper place.

Whenever you install and activate the Plugin, it will take you to connect with your LiveChat account or create a brand new account for WordPress. After syncing the two, you'll log in to one of LiveChat's applications - mobile, desktop, or web.

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Installing the Live Chat Plugin

  1. At first, Go to the admin dashboard of WordPress, then click on Plugin in the menu.
  2. Click on the "Add New" button and search "Live Chat."
  3. Click on the "Install Now" button.
  4. Activate the Live Chat plugin using the Plugin menu in WordPress.
  5. Click on the "Sign in" button, and in case you don't have a Live Chat account, then create one.

Some Famous Live Chat Plugins

Olark Plugin

Olark Plugin helps you to take the information you've gleaned from your customers and get them organized both within Olark itself or your selected CRM. You may even create 'pre-chat' forms that assist in qualifying the user and provide you with a head start in assigning them to any right agent. The basic price of Olark is $12 per month per agent based on a two-year subscription.

Some features of the Olark Plugin are:

  • Chat routing 
  • Custom messages
  • Proactive Chat
  • Live chat analytics
  • Real-time translation

Tidio Plugin

Tidio is offering a well-supported live chat plugin along with solid customer feedback. It is a free plugin to use, which is enough for many site users. Moreover, there are three more tiers that cater to different needs. This package is designed for email marketing services and a chatbot. It is one of the quickest installing plugins. This Plugin supports more than 200 languages out of the box and provides a number of customization options to help users to match Tidio's chat windows to their branding. 

Some features of paid Tidio plugin are:

  • Live typing preview
  • Builts-in chatbox
  • Automated conversations
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Over 200 integrations

Pure Chat Plugin

Pure Chat Plugin is best for customizing your live chat widget. You can receive full transcriptions from rep-to-customer conversations, and even you can create automatic triggers for action visitors take to boost the efficiency of the provided support. This alerts clients that they must email support rather than check back later. Finally, there are analytics and visitor tracking to your webpage that will help you better understand client behaviors and needs.

Some features of Growth Plan in Pure Chat Plugin are:

  • Four chat operator
  • Widget customization
  • Unlimited chat history
  • File transfer
  • Real-time analytics

Crisp Plugin

Crisp Chat is one of the free and beautiful chats for your website. You can use this free Live Chat for the WordPress plugin. With the help of a crisp plugin, you can get inboxes for sales marketing and support. It's clear that crisp live Chat is centered around correct users with your support team and will humanize the often sterile experience. Use the Live Chat to answer that comes in from prospects about your product and service. The crisp is going to suit a team that likes to hold the hand of the user and offer products with an organic need for support.

3CX Plugin

3CX Plugin is best for adding animations, surveys, and polls to Live Chat. It is compatible with more than one translation plugin so that you can efficiently assist clients who're from or located in other parts of the world. You can create a custom message that will appear when reps are offline, and also, you can store all messages that are received while reps are offline for users' records. 3CX can work well for salespeople and service agents.

Some Pro Plan features of the 3CX Plugin include:

  • Chat reporting
  • Screen sharing
  • Customizable chatbox
  • Surveys and polls
  • Microsoft 365 integrations 


What is the best Live Chat Plugin for WordPress?

The "best" live chat plugin will rely on your specific needs and budget. While there's no ultimate best, there are a number of plugins that will be best for certain purposes.

What is the Live Chat plugin used for?

If you want to communicate with the user while they are browsing your website, then you must use the Live Chat plugin in WordPress.

How does the Live Chat plugin work? 

Live chat software is a tool used to provide real-time service online. It lets your site visitors get instant guidance or information through an on-hand chat window. So, the website visitor writes a message inside the live chat session, and a business operator replies back.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the Live Chat plugin in WordPress in detail and its implementation. We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the  Live Chat plugin in WordPress and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles on Web Applications. Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. 

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Thank you for reading. 

Until then, Keep Learning and Keep improving.

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