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Problem Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
Do MNCs ask puzzles in the interview of IT companies?
What are some of the most popular puzzles asked during an interview?
Why is it necessary to solve puzzles for an interview?
Is it common for software companies to ask for puzzles?
What are the advantages of solving puzzles?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Make a Statement

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Interview Puzzles


Do you like Statement Puzzles? 

If you do, you are in the best place. Now, get your mind warmed up for a tricky exercise because we are going to use it to a very high extent.

So, Have you ever thought about yourself giving a statement and you get paid on the basis of the brain you used to give that statement? Isn’t it interesting, right?

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Now we know that you are very excited about the problem, so let's get on it.

Problem Statement

Asked in: Oracle

Which possible deal is the best?

  1. You must make a declaration. If the claim is true, you will receive $10. If the claim is false, you will receive an amount that is either less than or more than $10, but not precisely $10.
  2. You must make a declaration. You gain more than $10 irrespective of whether the assertion is true or not.

Think about it!

Now, don’t just go straight and answer on the basis of simple mathematical calculations. Also, try to think a little out of the box as it is not very easy to answer so better give it a thought.

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You should pick offer #1 since it allows you to assure yourself an arbitrary huge sum of money. If your statement looks like this:

“I will get neither $10 nor $1000.”

Now, just think about it. If we assume the statement is correct, the result is a contradiction because, according to the rules, you should receive $10.

If we believe the assertion is untrue, you must get either $10 or $1000 to satisfy the statement's falsehood. However, since you can't get $10 if the assertion is incorrect, you'll have to settle with $1000.

Of course, you may substitute any sum for "$1000."

So, this is a win-win situation for you😎.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do MNCs ask puzzles in the interview of IT companies?

Many tech giants like Google, Microsoft, etc., ask the puzzles in the interview process as they want to check your logical thinking.

What are some of the most popular puzzles asked during an interview?

Some of the most popular interview puzzles are:
Crossing the Bridge Puzzle
Heaven or Hell Puzzle
Three Mislabeled Jars
Gold Bar Cut Puzzle
Man Fell in Well Puzzle
Bag of Coins Puzzle.

Why is it necessary to solve puzzles for an interview?

Puzzles are a common strategy used in software engineer interviews to assess your lateral thinking. It reveals to the interviewer your capacity to think creatively and solve difficulties in the actual world. Tier-1 companies seeking for candidates with advanced programming abilities are particularly fond of these difficulties.

Is it common for software companies to ask for puzzles?

As problem-solving is such an important part of programming, all software firm candidates are put to the test using puzzle problems on a regular basis. As a result, it's not uncommon for software companies to ask candidates to solve puzzles during their interviews.

What are the advantages of solving puzzles?

Solving puzzles enhances the problem-solving skills of a person. It also improves the logic building of a person.


To summarize the article, we have discussed a very interesting puzzle - Make A Statement which can be asked in good level Interviews and also the solution regarding the same.

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Happy Learning Ninja :)

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