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Table of contents
About MakeMyTrip
MakeMyTrip - Product and Services 
MakeMyTrip Values 
Benefits at MakeMyTrip
Recruitment Process at MakeMyTrip
Eligibility Criteria
Documents Required
Resources to Prepare for MakeMyTrip
How to Apply?
MakeMyTrip Interview Experiences 
Frequently Asked Questions
What are MakeMyTrip's core values?
What is the most important skill one should have in order to crack any Interview? 
Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 
How long does it take to hear back after being shortlisted?
What are the key skills needed to crack the technical interview at MakeMyTrip?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

MakeMyTrip Preparation Guide

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Still, having difficulty deciding on a career? Were you ever advised to pursue a career at MakeMyTrip? Do you still wonder what MakeMyTrip is and how can you join it?

You'll find answers to all of your questions here.

Don’t worry Ninja, Coding Ninjas is here for you. 😎 

Coding Ninjas has brought you yet another preparation guide - MakeMyTrip Preparation Guide

MakeMyTrip Preparation Guide

This article covers the Hiring procedure, perks, and most importantly resources to get you placed in your dream Company - MakeMyTrip ☁️

So, let’s get started. 

About MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is a remarkable player in the Indian online travel industry. Since 2000, MMT has helped millions of Indians in booking railway tickets, airline tickets, bus tickets, hotel reservations, and vacation packages.

MakeMyTrip, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, is one of the most popular and dependable Indian travel companies. 

MakeMyTrip - Company Highlights ⚡

Company Highlights

MakeMyTrip - Product and Services 

MakeMyTrip works with a large team of data scientists. It makes extensive use of chatbots, such as Gia for Goibibo and Myra for MakeMyTrip. These chatbots help with the majority of post-sales queries and will soon start dabbling in sales. 

Through MyBiz, MakeMyTrip also entered the corporate travel market.

MakeMyTrip Values 

There are six C's values offered by MakeMyTrip: 


Creative: Every employee at MakeMyTrip believes in bringing a new perspective to the market with creativity.

Customer Focus: MakeMyTrip employees see the situations from the eyes of the customer. It does so in order to anticipate and understand customer expectations. 

Caring: Employees at MMT believe in helping and empathizing with others. They invest in relationships, collaborate, and co-create.

Continuous Improvement: MMT employees are constantly working to improve products, services, and processes. They believe that incremental changes are the foundation of game-changing innovations.

Curious: As an MMT employee, you must ask questions in order to absorb, reflect, and solve. It is advantageous to be able to strive to learn and comprehend how my work relates to others.

Commitment to Results: Taking full ownership and accountability for every task at hand as an employee adds flavor to the work-life. MMT carries the same approach. MMT achieves superior results and executes well despite all odds.

Benefits at MakeMyTrip

You get a lot of perks when working with MakeMyTrip. Following are a few of them.

benefits of mmt

🌟 Vacation and holidays.

  • Vacation leave.
  • Company break periods.
  • National holidays.
  • Global well-being days.

🌟 Health and Wellbeing.

  • Health insurance.
  • Wellness reimbursement program.
  • Physical well-being
  • Life insurance.
  • Elderly care

🌟 Education amends.

  • Professional development amends.

🌟 Emotional and mental well-being.

  • Employee assistance program (EAP).
  • Headspace meditation app.

🌟 Financial benefits.

  • Retirement plans.
  • Employee stock purchase plan.

🌟 Time off

  • Sick and casual leave.
  • Sabbatical.
  • Taking a leave of absence.

🌟 Work and life

  • Discounts.
  • Commuter program.
  • Relocation resources.
  • Personal and family services.
  • Learning Fund.
  • Site amenities.
  • Recognition.
  • Social impact and giving.
  • Business travel support. 


For more information, check out Life at MakeMyTrip

Let us now discuss the Selection Process for a fresher:  

Recruitment Process at MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip has 5-6 rounds of selection to select freshers as SDE (SDE-1) in their organization. 

The following rounds are held:

  • Written Round
  • Coding Round
  • Technical Round - 1
  • Technical Round - 2
  • Hiring Manager Round 
  • HR Round

we are hiring

Written Round

The written round consists of three sections: a basic aptitude exam, a verbal reasoning test, and a coding exam. The Aptitude Test consists of three sections: quantitative reasoning, logical reasoning, and verbal abilities. 

Online Coding Round ( 90 mins - 3 coding Questions )

In this round, candidates are presented with 3-4 coding questions of intermediate difficulty, primarily from arrays, strings, and matrices.

To pass the round, you must have a solid understanding of data structures.

Technical Round 1

Technical rounds are face-to-face coding rounds in which candidates are asked 2-4 data structure-related questions. Matrix, binary tree, BST, and linked list are the most frequently asked Data Structures.

Technical Round 2

The difficulty is increased, and more questions from TreesBST, and Tries are asked. A solid understanding of tree-based recursion is required, as are the standard questions based on it.

Hiring Manager Round

This is typically the most technical round, with questions ranging from projects you've completed to the technology used in them, design problems and DS/Algo problems, and tricky puzzle-like questions.

HR Round:

The HR round generally revolves around Leadership Principles:

Below are some sample questions: 

1. What was the most critical criticism you got, and how did you respond?

2. What are your views on Women Empowerment? 

3. What is one life crisis that you have faced?


Don’t worry Ninja, we’re here for you! We’ve covered almost everything you need to prepare for your dream Job in this article. So, Keep on Reading.

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Eligibility Criteria

Now, let us discuss the Eligibility Criteria: 

Are you eligible

Graduation Criteria

In general, these are recent college graduates who are considered inexperienced but have been assigned a large number of coding tasks that appear to be and actually are simple.

  • B.E / B.Tech  in any discipline.
  • Engineering candidates who have passed out are eligible to apply.
  • M.Sc graduates in CS & IT are eligible to apply.
  • MCA graduates are also eligible to apply. 

Please keep in mind that a candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong command of technical subjects.


Academic Criteria

  • 6 CGPA for 10th, 12th, or graduation.
  • A candidate should not have any pending backlogs at the time of appearing for the MakeMyTrip selection process.

Documents Required

Below are the mentioned necessary documents: 

Documents Required

  • At the time of the interview, all original mark sheets from the 10th, 12th, and Graduation must be presented. Also, bring a copy of each set of documents to the interview.
  • A copy of the candidate's most recent resume is required. 
  • A passport-size photograph.
  • An original identification proof issued by the government of India (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter id, Passport, etc.)

Now, let us discuss the most important part, i.e., the Syllabus.


In general, technical interviews will ask you to do some coding and system design.

To prepare well, you first must know about the syllabus. 

Here, we have mentioned all the relative topics for you to prepare. 


Technical topics 

By preparing the below-mentioned topics, one can easily crack the MakeMyTrip Interview. 

Programming Languages

Programming Languages

Proficiency in a major language is usually required for a smooth process. Languages such as C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Swift should be familiar to you. You should also be familiar with some of the nuances of the languages.

Data Structures 

You must understand the inner workings of data structures and be able to understand their applications. 

Data Structures

You should be familiar with the runtimes for common operations as well as how they use memory. 


Your interview will not require you to memorize algorithms. However, understanding the most common algorithms will likely make answering some of the questions much easier. 


Revise common algorithms like traversals, divide and conquer, and breadth-first vs. depth-first search to understand the tradeoffs for each. It is more important to understand the runtimes, theoretical limitations, and basic implementation strategies of different classes of algorithms.


Expect to write syntactically correct code, not pseudo-code. If you're feeling rusty coding without an IDE or in a specific language, it's a good idea to dust off the cobwebs and practice coding with a pen and paper. 


A Software Development Engineer's primary responsibility at MakeMyTrip is to write scalable, robust, and well-tested code. Check for edge cases and ensure that no bad input is allowed to pass through. 

To get started with Coding, watch the mentioned video:


Object-Oriented Design 

Good design is essential for extensible, bug-free, long-lasting code. We all know that there are nearly infinite ways to solve any given software problem, but when software needs to be extensible and maintainable, good software design is critical to success.


You should be familiar with a few common and useful design patterns, as well as how to write object-oriented software. You won't be asked to describe the specifics of how specific design patterns work, but you should expect to defend your design choices.

Operating Systems 

You won't need to know how to create your own operating system from the ground up, but you should be aware of some OS concepts that can affect code performance 


e.g. memory management, processes, threads, synchronization, paging, and multithreading.

Resources to Prepare for MakeMyTrip

Now, let us now discuss the resources to prepare for MakeMyTrip. 


Course Highlights

  1. Aptitude Preparation Course - Prepare for aptitude tests which most companies conduct even before the technical rounds.
  2. DS & ALGO - You can choose any one of them based on your preference. 
    Basics of C++ with Data Structures
    Basic of Python with Data Structures
    Basic of Java with Data Structures
    Note: These courses covered everything you need to know about programming with data structures to ace any tech giant interview.
  3. Competitive Programming - Optional but recommended. 
  4. Database Management System - This course will prepare you for the questions asked on DBMS in software engineering interviews.
  5. Operating System - This course will prepare you for the questions asked on Operating systems in software engineering interviews.
  6. System Design - This course will help you prepare for system design questions in software engineering interviews.
  7. Machine learning - Optional but recommended. This course will help you understand machine learning from scratch to advance.


Don't worry, Ninja; every month, Coding Ninjas held a Scholarship Test where you can get a discount of up to 100% and at least 10% on any course of your choice. 


Free Resources( Guided Paths )

  1. Aptitude Preparation - This guided path has covered all the necessary domains in aptitude. Moreover, company-specific examples in notes and questions.  
  2. Programming Languages: You can choose any of these to master in any programming language of your choice. 

    Basic of C++
    Basic of Java 
    Basic of Python 
  3. Data Structure and Algorithms Enrol in this data structure and algorithms-guided path to learn data structures like Hash Tables, Trees, Tries, Graphs, and various algorithms. 
  4. Competitive Programming - Enrol in this Competitive programming-guided path to master your problem-solving skills and ace any tech giant Interview. 
  5. DBMS - This guided path is made to prepare you for acing any DBMS Interview.
  6. Operating System - Enrol in this Operating System guided path to learn the core concepts of OS. We’ve also covered the questions which are frequently being asked in Top-Tech companies. 

The list is not over yet, you can check more free paths through this link. So, what are you waiting for?

Now, you must be thinking about where to practice the Coding Problems.

Here you go!

One Non-Stop Destination to Crack Your MakeMyTrip Interview - Coding Ninjas Studio

In the end, it's always you vs you! You’ll crack it. 

How to Apply?

Let us now discuss how to apply for the jobs at MakeMyTrip. 

how to apply

Step 1: Open the MakeMyTrip official site using this link. 

Step 2: Scroll down and Go to Jobs Section as mentioned in the below image. 

how to apply

Now, you will be prompted to this page where you can select any of the options mentioned for your Job Title. This can be chosen when you want to see how many jobs and which profiles are available at the time. 

how to apply

Alternatively, if you want to check for a particular job, you can directly enter the Job Title into the text button. 

You can also specify the location as mentioned below in the image. 

how to apply

The last step is to click on APPLY and fill out your application. 

how to apply

MakeMyTrip Interview Experiences 

So far, we’ve discussed what should be done in order to crack MakeMyTrip, let us now discuss what should not be done which is equally imperative. 

Examine some of the applicants' interview experiences so that you may learn from their mistakes and avoid them.

how to apply


For more Interview Experiences, you can refer to this link.  

Before we say goodbye, let us look at some frequently asked questions in order to clear your doubts:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MakeMyTrip's core values?

Core values are Creative, Customer Focus, Curious, Continuous Improvement, and Caring. These are the values that are expected from all members of the ecosystem to uphold.

What is the most important skill one should have in order to crack any Interview? 

During the job interview process, excellent communication skills along with a technical grasp are essential. Written, vocal, and nonverbal communication abilities are all included. 

Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 

Your Resume is the most crucial factor that potential employers consider before taking you to an interview. As a result, it is critical that you have a beautiful Resume even before you start looking for work.

How long does it take to hear back after being shortlisted?

After applying for a job, it usually takes one to two weeks to hear back.

What are the key skills needed to crack the technical interview at MakeMyTrip?

Be it MakeMyTrip or any other tech giant, candidates having expertise in these can easily ace the technical round. Problem-solving mentality, Data structure, and Algorithms, any one programming language: JAVA, C#, Python, C++, Design thinking, Operating System fundamental, Networking, and Database. 


In this article, we’ve explored MakeMyTrip Preparation Guide. We’ve extensively discussed the Recruitment Process, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, Resources, and Interview Experiences. 

To know more about MakeMyTrip Jobs, the way to get into MakeMyTrip, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:


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Happy Learning Ninja!   

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