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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024
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Maven with Jenkins

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Many tasks come with any software automation project. From downloading required dependencies to deployment, each job is very tedious. A user can not carry these out manually. Hence, a tool to help with these tasks is usually required. At such times, we can only think of Maven. It is a build automation tool. 

Along with Maven, Jenkins is a popular CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Development) tool. These two combined can prove to be a helpful tool for Java-based projects.

Maven with Jenkins

In this blog we will learn how to setup Maven with Jenkins.

Maven and Jenkins

As you know, Maven is a build automation tool mainly used to manage and deploy Java-based projects. Jenkins, on the other hand, is a CI/CD tool. It takes the help of various plugins to complete the build cycle of a project. The maven plugin allows Jenkins to run, configure and run projects that are maven-based. 

Jenkins is an open-source CI software tool that was written for testing and reporting projects. There are many different features and advantages of using Maven. Also, if you integrate Jenkins with Maven, it can be a very powerful tool for the building and development of your project.

This article will show how we can set up Maven with Jenkins.

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Installing Maven with Jenkins

Before setting up the Maven with Jenkins, you need to make sure that JAVA_HOME AND MAVEN_HOME environment variables are set up in your system. You can verify this by using this command:

C:\java -version  


Similarly, you can verify the MAVEN_HOME variable by using this command

C:\ mvn -version  

Now, go to the Jenkins dashboard and click Manage Jenkins from the left menu.

Jenkins dashboard

Now, click on the Global Tool Configuration option from the screen in front of you.

global tool configuration

From the JDK section, click on the Add JDK button to configure Java.

add JDK

Now, you can click on install automatically or give a name and java path.


After doing the needful, click on the save button at the bottom left. Now, after this, you need to configure Maven. Click on the Add Maven button from the Maven section and add Name and Maven Path. You can also click on install automatically. At last, click on the save button.


Now, to create a new job with a maven project, click on create a new job option.

create new job

Now add a name and describe your project after it is opened. In the Source Code Management option, click on the required option.

add project name and description


source code management

After you finish these, you will see multiple options in the build trigger sections. You need to select the required options from there. Afterward, add the POM file’s path in the Root POM option. Similarly, you can check out other fields, configure them per your requirements, and click the save button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use Maven?

Developers use Maven to manage their projects and deploy them efficiently, all in one place. 

What does Jenkins' Maven project mean?

Jenkins offers a specific job type that explicitly lists options for setting up and running a Maven project. This name refers to the "Maven project" job type.

What programming models do Maven and Jenkins use?

Maven uses an XML-based structure to work on various performances, while Jenkins is based on groovy for pipeline creation and GUI for standalone applications.

What is the scope of Jenkins?

Jenkins is capable of much more than just building and deploying, including server and database management. For this, it integrates with several tools.

What is the scope of Maven?

This automation tool is used worldwide and comprises about 4.3% of the total shares in the project build tool portfolio as it is easy to use. 


In this article, you learned about how to set up Maven with Jenkins. We hope that you are now able to build and deploy many java-based projects using this setup and reaching new heights. Check out other related articles to learn more:

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Topics covered
Maven and Jenkins
Installing Maven with Jenkins
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do we use Maven?
What does Jenkins' Maven project mean?
What programming models do Maven and Jenkins use?
What is the scope of Jenkins?
What is the scope of Maven?