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What is MANET?
Characteristics of MANET
Features of MANET
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a MANET gateway?
Define ad hoc network.
How does routing work in MANETs?
What is the future of MANETs?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET)

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Hello Ninjas, do you know what Mobile Adhoc Network is? But, before we begin, you should understand what Adhoc Networks are. Don’t worry; we will guide you with every detail that you need to know about Mobile Adhoc Network.

In this article, we will discuss the Mobile Adhoc Network. We will also discuss its characteristics and features. At last, we will see Mobile Adhoc Network uses and applications. So let’s start our discussion with what Adhoc networks are.

Mobile Adhoc Network

An Ad Hoc network is a wireless and infrastructure-less multi-hop network. The communication will not happen directly between the sender and the receiver but through multiple nodes. The ad hoc network is generally for mobiles. Now let's understand what Mobile Adhoc Network(MANET) is.

What is MANET?

Mobile Adhoc Network or MANET is a decentralized wireless network. The term Adhoc means 'temporary' or 'when needed.' Thus, it is a network that can be set up immediately or temporarily whenever needed. An Adhoc network is a group of devices that can communicate with each other directly without the need of a router or server.

What is MANET?

Mobile Adhoc Network or MANET can be known as a wireless network. Here, smartphones/tablets can communicate with each other directly without the need for a router or server. Each mobile device can serve as a host and a router. It transmits data packets to every device in the network. A mobile ad hoc network can connect to other fixed networks as well. As a result, it is a dynamic network in which devices can join or leave at any time.

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Characteristics of MANET

Some of the characteristics of MANET are:

  • No Centralised Control: The devices can communicate with each other due to no centralized control.
  • Change in Topology: Due to changes in the location of the device, the topology of the networks changes quickly.
  • Limited range: The range of communication is limited due to the device's power, so they need to be in close proximity.
  • Limited bandwidth: The network has very little capacity and data transmission range.
  • Resource-constrained: The mobile devices have limited battery and memory. It limits their capability.
  • Self-organizing: Devices can form a network on their own without any central control.
  • Vulnerable to attacks: Devices are at risk of attacks, including spoofing and service attacks. It is due to their decentralized nature and limited security measures.

Features of MANET

Some of the features of MANET are:

  • Self-Repairing: Due to dynamism, devices establish new routes and bypass broken links in the network.
  • Auto Configured: The devices can connect and discover each other. It does not need any pre-existing infrastructure or central control.
  • WANET: These networks are known as Wireless Ad-hoc Network (WANET) on or spontaneous networks or fly networks.
  • Mobility: In MANETs, the mobile nodes can move around freely. The development of routing protocols can be handled by changing the network's topology. It is because the node moves around the network.
  • Multi-hop Communication: In here, the packets of data are relayed in multiple forms and through multiple nodes.
  • Node to Node transfer: Data packets are transferred to another node by each node acting as a router.


The uses of Mobile Adhoc Network are:

  • IoT devices: It can be used to connect IoT devices, such as smart devices and sensors.
  • Military communications: It is used by the military for communication and also when traditional communication infrastructure is unavailable or destroyed during combat.
  • Emergency response: It is used in emergency services to establish connections quickly.
  • Education via the Internet: Due to pricey wireline internet access to users in remote places is practically impossible. MANET can provide educational opportunities in such areas wirelessly.
  • Disaster recovery: It is used for temporary connection in areas affected by the disaster.
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication: It is used in vehicle-to-vehicle communication. It enables cars to communicate with each other.
  • Personal area networks: It can also be used to create a personal area network in a small area.


Mobile Adhoc network have various applications in industries, the military, and communication networks. They enable dynamic connectivity, support multimedia applications, and have advanced features like global roaming capability and coordination with other network structures enabling its new applications.

  • During emergency services to establish a temporary connection. For example, earthquakes, disaster relief, firefighting, and other natural calamities.
  • In the public sector, such as education: For the purpose of exchanging lectures, etc. in classrooms, labs of schools, colleges, etc.
  • To establish Bluetooth connectivity.
  • For entertainment purposes, such as gaming, etc.
  • For armed forces, to communicate info to all distant troops or battalions, etc.
  • Local Conferences, Events, and Seminars for Commercial Use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MANET gateway?

A MANET gateway is a device that connects a mobile area network to another network, such as the Internet or a wired LAN. It enables nodes in the MANET to communicate with devices on the external network and vice versa.

Define ad hoc network.

Ad hoc network is an infrastructure-less multi-hop wireless network. The communication will not happen directly between the sender and the receiver but through multiple nodes.

How does routing work in MANETs?

Routing in MANETs is accomplished through a decentralized approach. Here each node in the network functions as both a transmitter and a router. The nodes communicate with each other. This helps to determine the most efficient path for delivering data packets.

What is the future of MANETs?

The future of MANETs is to involve the development of new routing protocols. It will have improvements in security, energy efficiency, and scalability. Mobile Adhoc Network also plays an important role in the development of the IoTs, along with smart city applications.


This article briefly discussed Mobile Adhoc Network or MANET. MANETs are dynamic and necessary technology for the fast-changing world of communication. You can check out our other blogs to enhance your knowledge:

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Happy Learning!!

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