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Table of contents
About Expedia🏢
About the Job👩🏻‍💻
Eligibility Criteria🧑‍🎓
Mobile Engineer (Android)
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
Roles and Responsibilities of User Experience Engineer🤝
Mobile Engineer (Android)
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
Skill Set 👩‍🎓 
Recruitment Process at Expedia
Round 1: Online assessment test
Round 2: Technical interview round
Round 3: HR interview round
Mobile Engineer (Android)
Mobile Engineer (iOS)
Benefits and Perks
Preparation Strategy 
Roadmap for Mobile Engineer at Expedia 📈🎯
Build Strong Foundation
Practice for Interviews 
Career Map 
Senior Android/IOS Developers
Basic Requirements
Preferred Qualifications
Frequently Asked Questions
Does developing for Android require maths?
Does becoming an Android developer require a degree?
Are mobile engineers in demand?
Is mobile development hard?
What coding language is used for mobile apps?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Mobile Engineer at Expedia


So, are you thinking of landing a job as a Mobile Engineer at Expedia? You are at the right place :)

Mobile Engineer image

Well, here we will provide you with a complete roadmap of your dream job.

In this article, we will be going to discuss the process of becoming a Mobile Engineer at Expedia, what are the skill sets required, roadmaps, and important links that you can also refer to.

So, let us start: 

About Expedia🏢

Expedia Group, Inc. is an American company that offers small-business and consumer travelers online travel shopping. Its websites include, Vrbo,,, Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago, and, which generally travels fare aggregators and travel metasearch engines.

Expedia image

To advance our technology's functionality, performance, reliability, and scalability, Expedia Groups is seeking strong technical talent as well as a passionate desire to truly understand our products and services. The brightest and best engineers in the field will be your colleagues. You will estimate engineering efforts, design your modifications, implement and test them, push them live, and triage production issues as a team member. You must be collaborative and curious, as we are building new experiences and improving existing products to power the largest international mobile apps in the world at a scale that only a few businesses can match.

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About the Job👩🏻‍💻

Mobile engineers designed, developed, and implemented software programs for smartphones and other mobile devices. They frequently specialize in a specific type of operating system, like iOS or Android. They use data-driven insights to guide the development of applications and programs that meet user needs. While Android engineers mostly use Java, iOS engineers usually use Objective-C or Swift. In contrast, Kotlin or Java are typically used by Android developers.

job image

Are you ready to build the latest technology that will play a key role in bringing the Expedia Group's evolving brand to life by providing Native App experiences for millions of users? Come help us build the future of travel!

Eligibility Criteria🧑‍🎓

Eligibility img

An applicant must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for the role of Mobile Engineer at Expedia:

Mobile Engineer (Android)

Mobile Engineer (iOS)

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in engineering, computer science, or a closely related subject,
  • Having worked in an Android environment for at least two years and have developed features in Kotlin, Java, or Jetpack.
  • Understanding of API service connection paradigms.
  • An experienced Android engineer looking for a range of outstanding challenges.
  • Excited to learn, use, and run with new technologies and frameworks like GraphQL and Jetpack Compose.
  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science, engineering, or a related technological field, or equivalent professional experience.
  • Experience developing features in Swift or Objective-C with at least three years of experience working in an iOS environment
  • Knowledge of client-server architectures.
  • A devoted iOS engineer looking for a range of outstanding challenges.
  • Excited to learn, use, and run with new frameworks and technologies like Swift UI and GraphQL.

So, in order to become a Mobile Engineer at Expedia, one should have -

  • Understanding of standard development methodologies for mobile.
  • Understanding API service connection paradigms is essential for developing applications in all its aspects, from brainstorming and design to implementation and launch.

Now that you think you are eligible for the company let’s discuss the roles and responsibilities of this job role.


Roles and Responsibilities of User Experience Engineer🤝

Roles and Responsibility image

The main responsibilities of both Android and Ios Mobile Engineer at Expedia is-

Mobile Engineer (Android)

Mobile Engineer (iOS)

  • Own the development and quality of the features being implemented into the Expedia Android app.
  • Provide code reviews and participate in them to assess the quality, flexibility, and application of effective object-oriented programming techniques in overcall programs.
  • Within an agile development team, improve continuous delivery and improvement in our software development process.
  • To support our continuous integration pipelines, write automated unit, system, and acceptance tests as necessary.
  • Translate functional specifications into technical designs that are logical and component-based.
  • Work closely and together with other passionate developers in the society and at various Expedia offices across the world.
  • Give clear, concise presentations of complicated technical information.
  • actively mentor other software engineers and your peers
  • Take part in the development and enhancement of the features included in the iOS app for the Expedia Group.
  • To assess the overall quality and flexibility of the code as well as the application of sound object-oriented programming techniques, provide code reviews and participate in them.
  • In an agile development team, drive continuous process improvement and delivery of software.
  • To support our continuous integration pipelines, write automated unit, system, and acceptance tests as required.
  • Collaborate with team members to collaborate to develop and resolve problems.
  • acknowledge the importance of system and technology integration as well as the fundamental tools and facilities used in the process.
  • Apply formal training techniques to the work you're doing now and feel very comfortable challenging authority or the status quo.
  • Help manage partnership input and collaborative efforts when developing solutions to problems; give clear updates on the status of your work and, where appropriate, ask tricky questions.


Skill Set 👩‍🎓 

Mobile apps are built, tested, and deployed by Android and iOS mobile developers. Mobile developers are in high demand as per the popularity of tablets and smartphones. These are one of the highest-paying tech jobs.

Skill set image

To work as a Mobile Engineer at Expedia, one needs to have the following skills-

  • As Android and iOS mobile developers, technological skills are a must, but also, they should be a blend of other soft skills and hard skills. Communication ability is important, as is having excellent analytical skills.
  • Since Java was the default language preferred for writing Android apps until 2019, Java is one of the most important skills for mobile application developers. Using Java programming language and SDK, android applications are often developed. 
  • As Google announced that it would support Kotlin as the first-class language for Android programming applications, Java was replaced by Kotlin after 2019.
  • JavaScript library called React JS is used to develop high-quality user interfaces (UI). 
  • It is a crucial skill in mobile application development that is known to generate a large amount of traffic.
  • A platform called React native enables developers to build native, cross-platform apps for iOS and Android devices.
  • One of the most vital skills for front-end mobile developers is JavaScript React Native, a JavaScript framework making cross-app development simple, while Angular provides tools to aid developers in creating customizable frameworks for every project.
  • Before Swift, iOS app developers worked using Objective-C, a subset of C with more object-oriented features. Numerous companies develop mobile applications for OS and iOS, using it as their primary programming language.
  • Swift has significantly changed the field of iOS application development. With its easy-to-code abilities, it superseded Objective-C. The programming language used to create Apple operating systems is called Swift.
  • It has many attributes and components that promote rapid and effective development.
  • The user interface or the UI design (mobile) is an important aspect of mobile app development since it directly affects the user experience.
  • Ability to use cross-platform mobile suites such as Antenna and Account management promotion (AMP).
  • It has familiarity with APIs like Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • Knowledge of common languages like C# and Java AND web development languages like HTMLCSS, and JavaScript.
  • GIT is open-source software and is free that aids version control and allows mobile app developers to work with the latest techniques.

Recruitment Process at Expedia

Recruitment image

The Expedia Recruitment Process generally consists of three rounds of selection:

Round 1: Online assessment test

There will be separate slots of questions in the first round to evaluate your ability for reasoning and thinking -

  •  MCQ-Based English Communication Test.
  • Aptitude test that is game-based.
  • Behaviour Competency Profiling

Round 2: Technical interview round

Expedia focuses on analyzing your technology knowledge & application skills during the technical interview. Thus, in order to pass this round, a candidate must be familiar with:

  • Front-end knowledge - HTML, CSS, Javascript, git, Kotlin, Angular, Swift, etc.
  • Anyone programming language
  • Programming logic Understanding (tested through Pseudocode Questions)
  • Data Structures
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS)

Round 3: HR interview round

  • Projects you've worked on: Verify that you are familiar with every project listed on your resume. Logic and components are used throughout.
  • Interest in the subject: You will be questioned about your favorite subjects and areas of interest before moving on to more technical questions. Your understanding of those topics will be the main subject of all the interview questions.
  • Most recent technologies: You also need to be familiar with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, etc. Possibly you will be questioned on these subjects.


The salary for the Mobile Engineer at Expedia for a fresher(Year of experience: 6 to 7 years) is:


Mobile Engineer (Android)

Mobile Engineer (iOS)

Base Salary

22,00,000 LPA INR.

22,00,000 LPA INR.
Additional Pay Average


Cash Bonus

₹60,000 Avg

      ₹50,000 Avg
Total CTC

₹23,60,000 LPA INR.

₹23,00,000 LPA INR.

Hence IOS Developer salary in Expedia ranges between ₹ 18 Lakhs to ₹ 23 Lakhs depending upon the years of experience. Whereas Senior Android Developer salary in Expedia ranges between ₹ 20.9 Lakhs to ₹ 26.7 Lakhs per year. It depends if you are working in Expedia only from fresher level or lateral entry from another company.

(The figures presented above are subjected to change by Expedia)

Benefits and Perks

Expedia is a well-known company with high moral and ethical standards, a positive workplace culture, and good working conditions. The team leader and teammates are transparent and extremely supportive. Some of the benefits of being in Expedia are-

🏡Work From Home

🩺Health Insurance



🏖️Team Outings

👨‍🏫Soft Skill Training

📚Job Training

🚉Free Transport

🍔Free Food

💸Savings and investments

🎗️Giving programs

👪Maternity and paternity leave

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏽Opportunities to network and connect

Preparation Strategy 

Resources image

Preparation plays an essential role in getting a job. So, here are some resources which are mentioned below which can help you to get the job role of Mobile Engineer at Expedia:

Roadmap for Mobile Engineer at Expedia 📈🎯

We are aware that preparation is half the victory and that a proper plan or road map is crucial for success. Therefore, we will go through everything you probably need to know in this area to get the job of Mobile Engineer at Expedia. Hold on to the very end of this article.

Roadmap image

Build Strong Foundation

Starting by building a strong foundation is an excellent idea. This is the most important and critical phase because it may have an impact on how you prepare.

Building strong foundation image


  • Learn basics like HTMLCSS, and JavaScript.
  • Koltin: Kotlin is one of the essential topics that you need to know for android. Check out the link in the starting for the information.
  • Java: After learning Kotlin, you also want to know the basics of Java for more clarification because android used to develop in Java in the early days.
  • Data structure and algorithms: Now that you are familiar with the basic syntax and structure of the programming language, you should clear your concepts on data structure and algorithms
  • For web technologies resources, check out this article that will help you in your web technology journey: web technologies.
  • Android development: In this article, you will find all the information you need to know about an android. This article covers basic to advanced topics. This will surely help you in learning android.
  • Also, go through Cyberlaw and security.
  • Learn about the components used in testing and debugging.
  • Examine the technologies that your organization uses, as well as their ongoing initiatives and upcoming challenges.
  • Some more important topics that you need to cover are ArraysLinked ListsStacksQueuesHashMapsTreesGraphs, and Heaps.
  • From the interview perspective, OOPS is a vital topic to be known. Learn to code in any language you want using the OOPS paradigm, including Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.

You can also visit the free Guided Path via this link or the coding ninja library for more information.

Practice for Interviews 

Are you still unsure about how to start gearing up? We're here to help, so don't worry! So now that you've finished learning the fundamentals of Mobile Engineering and feel confident about the topics, it's time to prepare for the interviews.

Practicing Interview

Like coding tests, interviews need the practice to be aced with ease and at your best.

  • You should concentrate on resolving problems with data structures and algorithms and basic knowledge of all the design skills like HTMLCSSJavaScript, etc.
  • You can refer to this article to find the required skills for android and ios development.
  • Interview bundle: This interview bundle article contains the problems that might come during the interview. 
  • Go through the YouTube for the complete android development roadmap.
  • For more preparation, coding ninja hosts various coding content on their site. You can check them out from here

Conduct practice interviews to help you relax throughout the interview. Additionally, it boosts your confidence and enhances your performance.

Interview Experiences

I hope this section helped you to get well prepared for the interview. You can also check out these links to Crack Technical Interviews at Top Product-Based Companies and Ace the Interview: Top 11 DOs and DON'Ts for Freshers and Professionals.

You can also apply for this job via the Expedia Career portal using this link -Careers at Expedia.

Career Map 

Career Map

Senior Android/IOS Developers

To create, develop, and maintain applications for use by Android devices, a Senior Android Developer is responsible. As experts with years of experience and in their portfolio, they have dozens of apps. The Senior Android Developer should demonstrate great skill and creativity in terms of programming.

Basic Requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of the target audience and important use cases. 
  • Connecting apps to other programs and databases.
  • Running a beta testing program.
  • Support the entire application lifecycle (concept, test, design, release, and support).
  • Develop application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality.
  • With a strategic mind, a big toolbox.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 8+ years of experience as a mobile applications developer
  • At least 4+ years of this experience developing large-scale iOS applications
  • Proficiency in Swift/Kotlin/Java.
  • Knowledge of Android or iOS frameworks – Cocoa, SwiftUI, RxSwift, and Combine 
  • It is highly desirable having experience with tools like Xcode and Figma.
  • Experience developing on other mobile platforms – like Android will be a big plus.
  • Experience developing backend services – RESTful APIs, Kotlin, and GraphQL will be a big plus.
  • Experience working with A/B testing, Event Frameworks will be a plus

We wish you the best of luck with your interview selection and hope that the Expedia preparation guide has been of great assistance to you.🤗 


Now, You are all set to go 🚀

Now it's time for questions.🤓

Frequently Asked Questions

Does developing for Android require maths?

No, you do not need to be excellent in maths. Most of the time, having rudimentary maths skills is sufficient. As a result, you don't need to worry about doing well in this subject.

Does becoming an Android developer require a degree?

You require a bachelor's degree in computer science to hold the title of an android developer.

Are mobile engineers in demand?

Across Android and iOS platforms, there is a huge demand for full-stack engineers in mobile application development. Mobile engineers earn $146,000 on average.

Is mobile development hard?

Developing mobile apps is challenging. Anyone who has created an app, especially one that is native, will confirm this. Although the tools and SDKs have improved significantly over time, the fundamentals have not changed.

What coding language is used for mobile apps?

At first, Java was the official language for Android App Development (but now it has been replaced by Kotlin in 2019), and consequently, it is the most used language as well. Many of the apps in the Play Store are built with Java, and it is also the most supported language by Google.


In this article, we thoroughly discussed the position of Mobile Engineer at Expedia. I expect that this article has helped you to enhance your knowledge regarding the Android/Ios mobile developer role and its interview preparation as well as the process. If you would like to learn more, check out our articles on  


Please refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. And also, enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Have a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Learning!

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