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Last updated: Jul 4, 2022

Mobile Service in Azure

Azure platform provides various mobile services where the platform lets you deal with native application services and cross-platform in order to deal with the applications and to make them well accessible. Let's understand this concept better through this section.
Spatial Anchors in Azure
In this article, we will learn Spatial anchors in azure, their usage, and running the azure spatial anchor app using unity for hololens, android and ios devices.
Azure API Management Service EASY
In this article, we will discuss the introduction to Azure API management service, why we use API azure management service, how is azure API management used, and what are the benefits of azure API Management Service.
Azure Communication Service
In this blog, we will discuss Azure Communication Service. We will also discuss how to create Azure Communication Service resources, how how to use ACS in any application, why ACS, Azure Communication Service‘s capabilities, and last but not least some of its use cases.
Azure Cognitive Search
In this blog, we will learn about Azure Cognitive Search and its uses.
Advance concepts of Azure Communication Service
The article gives an overview of some advanced Azure topics and steps such as access tokens and communication services.
General Managing Concept with Azure Communication Service SDK
In this article, we extensively discuss general managing concepts with Azure Communication Service SDK by taking the case of calls. We discuss how to receive and send voice and video calls, manage the participants and handle their properties.