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Table of contents
What is VBA?
What is MsgBox?
Different ways to use MsgBox
InputBox Function
MsgBox V/s InputBox
What is a VBA?
How to prompt a MsgBox using Sub?
How to take input from users in VBA?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

MsgBox and InputBox in VBA

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In today's modern world, data has become one of the most important things for an individual. You must have filled out the application or website with your information.

However, suppose a person wants to learn how to work with data in the form of tables. In that case, they can do so by utilizing Excel more efficiently by using Excel VBA. Excel is a powerful tool or piece of software that we have at our fingertips. It can be used to make tables, computations, sheets, and so on. So let’s move on to our topic without wasting any further time! 

What is VBA?

VBA is an abbreviation for Visual Basic for Applications. Excel VBA is Microsoft's programming language for Excel and other Microsoft Office applications such as Word and PowerPoint. The Office suite programs are all written in the same programming language.

VBA helps to develop automation processes, Windows API, and user-defined functions. It also enables you to manipulate the user interface features of the host applications.

However, today, we will discuss one of the important functions of VBA, the MsgBox and InputBox. The MsgBox function shows a message box and waits for the user to click on a choice before doing an action based on the button. Let’s discuss it in brief.

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What is MsgBox?

To display a message box in Excel VBA, we use the MsgBox function.

A more formal definition would go like this, a MsgBox is simply a dialog box that you can use to notify your users by displaying a custom message or to receive some basic inputs (such as Yes/No or OK/Cancel).

For example,

Syntax to use MsgBox

MsgBox(prompt[, buttons] [, title] [, helpfile, context])

Prompt is a required argument, and all other arguments are optional.

Different ways to use MsgBox

To begin, enter a number into cell A1 and then use MsgBox Function.

MsgBox "Entered Value at A2 is " & Range("A2").Value

*Here, we used the “&” operator to concatenate (join) two strings


Now coming one another way to use MsgBox,

Use vbNewLine to begin a new line in a message.

MsgBox "Line1" & vbNewLine & "Line 2"


InputBox Function

Users are prompted to enter values using the InputBox function. Suppose the user selects the OK button or presses ENTER on the keyboard after entering the values. In that case, the InputBox function will return the text in the text box. The function will return an empty string if the user selects the Cancel button.

Syntax of InputBox function


Prompt is a required argument, and the rest are optional arguments.

Now let's learn how to use the InputBox Function. First, declare the variable myVar of type Variant.

Dim myVar As Variant

*We use a Variant type variable in this case because it can hold any sort of value. This allows the user to enter text, numbers, and so on.

Now, by using the following code line to show the input box:

myVar = InputBox("Give me some input")

Suppose you enter 7 in the Blank and press OK.

Code to write the value of myVar to cell A1.

Range("A1").Value = myVar

There are more optional arguments for the InputBox function. The code below displays an input box with a title displayed in the title bar and a default value. If no extra input is supplied, the default value will be utilized.

myVar = InputBox("Give me some input", "Hi", 1)


MsgBox V/s InputBox

I hope now you have got a clear idea, of how these functions are used and how they differ from each other—now moving to our FAQs section.


What is a VBA?

VBA is an abbreviation for Visual Basic for Applications, a Microsoft event-driven programming language that is now primarily used with Microsoft office applications such as MSExcel, MSWord, and MSAccess.

How to prompt a MsgBox using Sub?

Sub DefMsgBox()

MsgBox "This is a sample Msgbox using Sub"

End Sub

How to take input from users in VBA?

userInput = InputBox("Enter UserInput, ""Enter a Number") 


In this article, we have extensively discussed the VBA and its two most important functions: MsgBox and InputBox. Later, we discussed their use and Syntax and concluded by pointing out their differences.

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