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Last updated: Feb 22, 2022

Multithreading in Java

Multithreading is a programming concept in which the application can create a small unit of tasks to execute in parallel. If you are working on a computer, it runs multiple applications and allocates processing power to them. If the programming language supports creating multiple threads and passes them to the operating system to run in parallel, it’s called multithreading.
Multithreading in Java MEDIUM
Multithreading extends the concept of multitasking, where operations within an application are divided into individual threads.
Life Cycle Of A Thread
In this blog, we shall cover the life cycle of a thread.
Creating a Thread
 In this blog, we will discuss Creating a Thread, Java.lang.Runnable interface and Java.lang.Thread class.
Thread scheduler
In this article, we will discuss the Thread scheduler, thread, scheduling, and process.
Start() method in thread
This article shall cover the Java Thread start() method and its syntax and implementation.
Types of Threads in Java MEDIUM
In this article, we will talk about the different types of threads available in Java & their characteristics. We will also discuss the benefits of multithreading with proper code examples.
Shutdown Hook
The article covers the implementation and core principle of shutdown hooks which are available in Operating systems
Thread.sleep() in Java EASY
In this article, we will cover the sleep() method in java along with examples. The sleep() method of thread class is used to sleep a thread for the specified amount of time.
Difference between run() and start() method
The article covers the difference between the run and start() methods
Perform single task by multiple threads
This blog will cover how to perform a single task using multiple threads.