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MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional
Exam Details
Exam Topics
After the Exam
Preparation Plan
Top Job Titles
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Oracle DBA certification?
How much do Oracle-certified professionals make?
Is Oracle DBA a promising career?
Does DBA need to know to program?
Is there any future for Oracle DBA?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified ]Professional

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Oracle Certifications are one of the most sought-after badges of proficiency in the Information Technology industry. An Oracle Certification shows that you have a thorough understanding of your professional responsibilities as well as MySQL products.

Oracle certifications on MySQL are used by consultants, developers, and DBAs to demonstrate to prospective employers and customers that they are up to date on the latest features, tools, and tricks.

MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional

MySQL 8.0 Database Developer is a professional level certification that developers can earn through taking Oracle University’s examination. This examination is designated to be “1Z0-909”. Database developers requires such exams to evaluate upon the knowledge set and analyze the full set of requirements for being a skilled MySQL database developer. 

An Oracle Certified Professional in MySQL 8.0 Database Developer certifies that the applicant has the necessary knowledge and abilities to use connectors and APIs, as well as how to support data-driven applications using the MySQL database. This certification verifies that the individual can design, create, and maintain MySQL schema objects, as well as manage transactions in SLQ and applications.

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Exam Details

Certification Name MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified  Professional
Exam Name 1Z0-909
Format Objective
Number of Questions 65
Duration 90 minutes
Passing Score 62%
Exam Price ₹18,447
Validation Against the MySQL version 8.0



For more details about the exam, you can click here. And the exam can be taken here.

Exam Topics

Let’s see the topics that are important for this exam. The topics are mentioned below: 

  1. Connectors and APIs
    • Choosing between connectors for a given application
    • Demonstrate the connector’s use, management, and configuration
    • Retrieving data from the given database by using a connector
    • Handling special values
    • Securing credentials and connections
  2. Data-driven Applications
    • Using prepared statements
    • Setting SQL Modes for changing MySQL behavior
    • Handling and interpreting errors and warnings
    • Displaying query results
    • Aggregating and summarizing data
    • Advanced Report Generation
  3. MySQL Schema Objects and Data
    • Designing, creating, and altering views
    • Storing and processing string data
    • Storing and processing numeric data
    • Storing and processing temporal data
    • Storing and processing spatial data
  4. Transactions
    • Controlling transactions in SQL
    • Controlling transactions in applications
    • Resolving consistency problems with isolation levels
    • Understanding locking mechanisms within MySQL
  5. Query Optimization
    • Using indexes for optimization
    • Analyzing queries for optimization
    • Rewriting queries for optimization
  6. MySQL Stored Programs
    • Creating and executing stored routines
    • Explaining the programming constructs used in stored routines
    • Creating and executing triggers
    • Scheduling database operations
  7. JSON and Document Store
    • Creating and storing JSON documents
    • Processing data in JSON documents
    • Explaining application development with NoSQL and XDevAPI
    • Creating and accessing a document store
    • Using MySQL Shell for accessing document stores

After the Exam

You will receive an email from Oracle within 30 minutes of completing your Oracle Certification exam telling you that your exam results are available in CertView. Simply login and pick the option to "See My New Exam Result Now" if you have already authenticated your CertView account. If you have not yet validated your CertView account, you will need to do so at this time.

An Oracle Single Sign On login and password, as well as the following information from your Pearson VUE profile: email address and Oracle Testing ID, are required for authentication. Once your account has been verified, you will be directed to CertView to log in.

Preparation Plan

For preparation, you can check out the learning path by Oracle on their official website by clicking here. This learning path contains 31+ hours of expert training. In this learning path, you will learn developing applications that are data-driven with MySQL 8.0, and understand JSON document stores, connectors, error handling, and spatial data, and also improving the performance of your applications.

After reading the articles and understanding the requirements for the exam. You can check out the links below for the preparation: 


MySQL Introduction

MySQL Installation

MySQL Features 

MySQL Data Types

MySQL Variables

MySQL Backup & Restore

MySQL Connection


MySQL Create User

MySQL Drop User

MySQL Show Users

MySQL Account Manipulation

MySQL Revoke Privilege

MySQL Grant Privilege

Full Text Search

MySQL FullText Search

MySQL Natural Language FullText Search

MySQL Boolean FullText Seach

MySQL Query Expansion FullText Search

MySQL Ngram FullText Parser


MySQL Comments

MySQL Check Constraint

MySQL Storage Engine

MySQL Export and Import 

MySQL Import CSV file in the DataBase



Now, let’s see the jobs that are available for MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified Professional.

Top Job Titles

MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certification provides better opportunities for the Database Developers. Let’s see some of the top 

  • Information Technology Graduate Intern II
  • Database Administrator ROLE TELECOMMUTING II
  • Technical Analyst Oracle Support Analytics OASE III
  • Principal Advanced Support Engineer Database Administration
  • Senior Database Administrator

To know more about the Job based on MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certification, check out by clicking here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle DBA certification?

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) credential is the first step toward achieving an Oracle Certified Professional certification. The OCA credential ensures a candidate is equipped with fundamental skills, providing a solid foundation for supporting Oracle products.

How much do Oracle-certified professionals make?

The average Oracle Certified Associate salary in the United States is $97,282 as of 29th October 29, but the salary range typically falls between $85,493 and $106,953.

Is Oracle DBA a promising career?

Database administrator, particularly in Oracle databases, is always a high priority and critical component of the work. The administrative position in the database, specifically in Oracle, has already climbed by 11%, which is much greater than other accessible jobs, according to current market hype.

Does DBA need to know to program?

DBA should have good knowledge of automation using scripts like shell scripts, Perl scripts, python scripts, and Windows batch scripts. A DBA can still survive without scripting knowledge, but then the work-life will be really monotonous.

Is there any future for Oracle DBA?

The life of an Oracle DBA is undoubtedly not going to get any easier, but the good news is that the Oracle DBA is going to be around for a long time to come, although maybe in a somewhat modified avatar.

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To summarise this blog,we came to know about the certificate and exams related details for MySQL 8.0 Database Developer Oracle Certified  Professional. We also discussed the required skills for the certification and jobs available in top companies.

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Happy Learning!

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