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Last updated: Aug 25, 2022


Nagarro is a US-based MNC with operating regions across various locations some of them in India. Nagarro hires for various roles like SDE, DevOps, Data Engineer, etc. This guide is specially made for the preparation of these roles at Nagarro, here you'll find information like salary, perks, job responsibilities, and especially preparation strategy for each role, Happy learning!! 
Nagarro Preparation Guide
The whole Nagarro preparation manual, including the syllabus, study plan, application process, and materials required for this programme, will be covered in this blog.
Ways to join Nagarro
In this article, we are going to learn how we can join the Nagarro team.
Job Opportunities at Nagarro
This article will discuss the various opportunities available at Nagarro. We will also discuss the skill sets and average salary for each position.
Software Development Engineer at Nagarro
In this blog, we'll discuss the Software Developer at Nagarro, their salary, and perks, the skills required, etc.
DevOps Engineer at Nagarro MEDIUM
This article will show how one can become a DevOps engineer at Nagarro with easy skills and interview practice.
Big Data Engineer at Nagarro
This blog helps you clear your understanding of how to become a Big Data Engineer at Nagarro and Skills and Responsibilities of a Bid Data Engineer at Nagarro.
Dot Net Engineer at Nagarro
This blog will discuss Dot Net Engineer at Nagarro.
Staff Engineer at Nagarro
This article will provide insight into what it takes to be a staff engineer at Nagarro and what it's like to be the same.
Staff Consultant (Business Analyst) at Nagarro
This article will discuss the Staff Consultant( Business Analyst) at Nagarro, including the responsibilities, required skills, salary and benefits, and Interview Preparation guide.
QA Automation Engineer at Nagarro
We will learn about the role of the QA automation engineer at Nagarro, their salary, perks, skills, and experience required.