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Table of contents
About Nagarro
Work Culture at Nagarro
Roles that Nagarro hires
Required Skills for Nagarro
What does Nagarro look for in a candidate?
 Preparation Strategy
Interview Process
Writing Test Round 1
Second Writing Test Round 2
Technical Round
HR Round
Resources for Preparation
Quantitative Aptitude
Technical Section
Interview Experiences
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a fresher's salary in Nagarro? 
Is the Nagarro aptitude test tough?
Is Nagarro working from home on a regular basis?
What are the benefits of working for Nagarro?
What are the qualifications required to get a job at Nagarro?
What is the notice period under Nagarro?
How do I ace my IQ exam from Nagarro?
Is Nagarro a new company?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Nagarro Preparation Guide

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The majority of individuals today want to work at Nagarro in India, where you may become a part of a developing company and a diverse worldwide community of entrepreneurs, executives, and subject-matter experts who are all determined to use technology to redefine what is possible.

Preparation Guide

Do you desire the fantastic Nagarro label on your resume in the event that you apply for a position with Nagarro?

If so, you've come to the correct place. For you to take advantage of this opportunity at Nagarro, we will give you a thorough Nagarro preparation manual.

The entire Nagarro Preparation Guide, including the eligibility requirements, exam syllabus, study plan, interview experiences, application process, and resources required for this company, will be covered in this post.

First, let's talk a little bit about the business itself.

About Nagarro

Nagarro is a corporate consulting and bespoke software development firm that offers its clients technology and consulting services. Its main development center is in Gurgaon, which is part of India's National Capital Region, while its headquarters are in Munich, Germany. In 1996, Nagarro was established.

In a 2012 survey of top Indian employers, Nagarro places first in overall human resources practices. In 2015, Nagarro received a prize for the "Best Employee-Based Active Transportation Initiative." The mobile design and strategy firm Mokriya, based in Silicon Valley, was bought by Nagarro in December 2016. In order to form Nagarro Norway, Conduct AS, an Oslo-based consultancy firm, combined with Nagarro in 2016.

Nagarro Logo

Working in a company with such great values and ethics sounds cool.😎

Are you worried about making a place at Nagarro? Don't worry; Coding Ninja is here to assist you every step of the way.

Let us now talk about Nagarro in more detail.🤩

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Work Culture at Nagarro

Nagarro is a very good place to work. Employees are frequently given the chance to improve their abilities and are really encouraged to do so. Employees receive rewards for developing their skills, and knowledge examinations and workshops are held frequently. Nagarro is a company that helps its clients deal with real-world problems and is at the forefront of innovation to tackle a complete range of opportunities. If you have the interest, talent, and aptitude for working with cutting-edge technology, Nagarro is the place for you. 

Work Culture

Let us explore the various benefits of working with Nagarro.

  • You might be a good fit if you're eager to work on cutting-edge technology that is reshaping our world and defining the future. They are a flat corporation with little bureaucracy and a friendly atmosphere. Excellence in engineering and problem-solving, not just delivery, is what we value. They look for brilliant people, allow them the freedom that creative people need, and judge them on their contributions, not their political views. Whether a person is from Oslo, San Jose, Gurgaon, or Vienna, quality is always acknowledged at Nagarro.



At every stage of your career, Nagarro provides you with the chance to realize your full potential. The working environment at Nagarro is good. Job security is also high. You can benefit from a flexible work environment that allows you to perfectly balance your professional and personal lives. 

So use this long list of employee benefits of the Nagarro preparation guide to motivate you to improve your preparation.

Roles that Nagarro hires

Different Roles

Look into the various job roles available at Nagarro, which we have curated in the Nagarro preparation guide:


Required Skills for Nagarro

Skills Required

The skills required for an employee at Nagarro are:

🎓Logical reasoning

🎓Responsible and attention to detail

🎓Strong presentation abilities

🎓Awareness of the psychological and cultural barriers

🎓Extremely adept in handling ambiguity and complexity

🎓Operational action and strategic thought

🎓Adapt favourably and eagerly to challenging tasks

🎓Capacity to prioritize tasks and multitask successfully

🎓Self-starter with lots of drive.

🎓Proven communication skills in both writing and speaking

🎓The applicant must be willing to work whatever shift that the project requires.

🎓They must be capable of managing incidents and interacting with clients.

🎓Independence and the capacity for fast decision-making.

🎓Must be an excellent team player, confident, and eager.

Following basics skills are required for Nagarro Preparation Guide.

What does Nagarro look for in a candidate?

What does nagarro look for

Nagarro is renowned for fostering ground-breaking innovation, for making the complicated interesting, and for designing the systems that control a sizable portion of modern society. They take on the world's best thinkers as employees. Agile people that are driven by technology, have an eye for quality, value lifelong learning, and can function independently in a distributed global context are what they are looking for. They search for 

  • Honesty, 
  • Aptitude, 
  • Drive,
  • Empathy,
  • Sense of responsibility while making employment decisions. 
  • Helpful is a sense of humour!

The following listed quality are required for Nagarro Preparation Guide.

 Preparation Strategy

Let's talk about the procedure and the preparatory methods we can use to land a job at Nagarro.

Interview Preparation

Take a look at a few examples of relevant documents that may be requested during an interview:

  • Recent Resume Updates
  • Both black-and-white and colour photocopies.


  • Academic credentials up to and including post-graduation and certifications from the tenth grade.
  • ID documents (voter id, Adhaar card, Pan card, etc.).

Keep these records close at hand!

Interview Process

Nagarro's interview process includes a range of inquiries, from behavioural to technical.

List the items you need to study in order of importance.

Four rounds of the Nagarro interview process are used to determine a candidate's core competencies:

Writing Test Round 1

There are three main sections in this round:

  • Mathematical, logical, and verbal thinking tests make up the general aptitude test.
  • Questions on operating systems, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and networking-based issues are covered in the technical ability test.
  • There are three coding problem in this test.


Writing round 1


Second Writing Test Round 2

Candidates who pass the initial written round must show up for a round of coding interviews. Three to four interview questions about coding make up this written test. It can be done with a pen and paper or online using a HackerRank test.

Round 2

Also see, Business analyst skills

Technical Round

Candidates must optimise the code they prepared for the second written phase of the interview in the company's office. Questions about data structures, algorithms, and SQL were asked by the interviewers. The technical talents listed on a candidate's résumé may also have an impact on the interview questions. Puzzles are frequently included in the Nagarro interview process.

Technical Interviews

HR Round

The behavioural and scenario-based questions in the HR round. In order to identify whether a candidate is a good fit for the role and the firm, the recruiter asks about the individual's objectives and expected outcomes from the position.

What is Nagarro?

Why do you believe Nagarro is right for you?

Why ought we should employ you?

What drives you to put in the extra effort?

Describe a scenario in which you and your colleagues have an idea for the project you are working on.

How do you reply to your client's outrageous expectations in a certain circumstance?

In ten years, where do you want to see yourself?

Specify your three best attributes.

Give an illustration of your leadership abilities.


HR Round


You can refer to the list of HR interview questions on Coding ninjas

While giving your interview, just be honest and give answers calmly and confidently. The following listed rounds are required to prepare for  Nagarro Preparation Guide.

Resources for Preparation

Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview at Nagarro.

Coding Ninjas

Quantitative Aptitude

In this section topics like Work & Time, Races & Games, Problems on Numbers, Problems on Trains, Time & Distance, Simplification, Geometry etc.

Aptitude Preparation Course - Prepare for aptitude tests which most companies conduct even before the technical rounds. Below is the list of important topics to cover for the Nagarro Preparation Guide.

👉 General Aptitude

👉 Data Interpretation 

👉 Percentages  

👉 Time and Work

👉 Permutations and Combinations

👉 Probability 

👉 Ratio and Proportions 

👉 Order and Ranking

👉 Cause and Effect

👉 Error Detection and Correction 

👉 Aptitude | Learn & Practice



Technical Section

These are some technical terms which will help you to have a better job opportunity.


technical bullets  DBMS

technical bullets  Database

technical bullets  OOPs in C++

technical bullets  Operating Systems

technical bullets  SQL

technical bullets  Compiler Design

technical bullets  Computer Networks

technical bullets  Data Structures and Algorithms

technical bullets  Microsoft Excel

technical bullets  Mobile Technologies

technical bullets  Web Technologies

technical bullets  Basics of Python with Data Structures and Algorithms

technical bullets  Basics of Java with Data Structures and Algorithms

technical bullets  Problem Lists

For coding, you can do regular practice on Coding Ninjas Studio


   Preparation Guides 

   Interview Puzzles

   Interview Questions 

   IT Certifications

   Data Structures and Algorithms

You may look into the following to have better practical knowledge,

📝   Prepare for Service-Based Companies 

📝   FAQs in Service-Based Companies 

📝   Product Based Companies

📝   How to Get Better at DSA For Beginners? 

📝   FAQs in Service-Based Companies 

📝   For Coding, you can do regular practice in Code studio.

Check out the following video to learn more about cracking Nagarro:

Look out for all the resources mentioned above these topics cover in the Nagarro Preparation Guide with a backlink.

Interview Experiences

The placement season is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover a lot about yourself and how to respond to a wide range of annoying circumstances. The majority of you are at a similar point where you are reviewing your DS Algo knowledge, adhering to standard test formats, and creating your resumes.

These are some interview experiences that would help you to have a better understanding:

🙍 Interview Experience 1

🙍 Interview Experience 2

🙍 Interview Experience 3

🙍 Interview Experience 4

Interview Experiences

The aptitude test was held in the late afternoon, about 3 pm, and each applicant received a second chance to participate in the coding round. The interval between the two tests was one hour. These both went online. The surroundings were excellent and lag-free. The test was conducted with the webcam. There were 3 code questions, 2 of them medium in difficulty, and 1 of them easy. I gave them all a shot.


It is easy

We hope that the Nagarro interview preparation guide has been very helpful to you and wish you success with your interview selection, and this Nagarro Preparation Guide helps you out cracking Nagarro.🤗

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fresher's salary in Nagarro? 

The average compensation for a Nagarro Trainee in India with less than a year of experience is 4.1 Lakhs. At Nagarro, the starting pay for trainees is between 3.5 and 6 lakhs rupees. Our calculations show that it is 52% higher than the typical trainee salary for IT services and consulting firms.

Is the Nagarro aptitude test tough?

The question will be of medium to severe difficulty. Nagarro mostly uses the Tree and Graph to ask questions. The issues may sometimes be based on strings or arrays, and the approaches typically involve dynamic programming.

Is Nagarro working from home on a regular basis?

The idea of working from home, which was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, fit in perfectly with our lockdown way of life. Techies are being sought after for permanent WFH positions by IT service management firm Nagarro.

What are the benefits of working for Nagarro?

Training given for jobs, health insurance, soft skill training, cafeteria, gym, team outing, free transport, child care, and educational assistance are some benefits of working at Nagarro.

What are the qualifications required to get a job at Nagarro?

B.E/ B.Tech/ M.E/ M.Tech/ M.S students are eligible to apply. No backlog at the time of applying.

What is the notice period under Nagarro?

However, it takes significantly longer before a candidate is inducted, particularly if they haven't yet given notice to their existing employer, according to Fuloria. "Nagarro's notice period is two months, but many of our competitors have three-month notice periods, " she continued.

How do I ace my IQ exam from Nagarro?

The key to passing this round is to attempt as many questions as you can properly without devoting any extra time to any of them. You will have completed this round if you can attempt and answer 30 to 35 of the questions correctly.

Is Nagarro a new company?

Nagarro is a multinational company with no designated headquarters; it employs approximately 8,400 people in 25 different countries and serves clients in 48 different nations. At least two decades before it became essential for the rest of the business, the startup mastered the hybrid working paradigm.


In this article, we covered all about the Nagarro preparation guide.

We discussed the preparation strategy, skills and responsibilities, application procedure, and the resources needed.

If you would like to learn more about the company and roles, check out our articles on-

I suppose this Nagarro Preparation Guide might help you out in cracking Nagarro. You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

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Happy Learning, Ninja!

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