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Net Architect Interview Questions
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Net Architect Interview Questions


This article will discuss some Net Architect Interview Questions that were generally asked. But before discussing, let's briefly discuss the .NET Architecture.

N.E.T. architecture is the programming model for the .NET platform, and The .Net Framework is a controlled execution environment for windows that provides various services to its running apps.

Now, let's see some net architect interview questions.

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Net Architect Interview Questions

There can be many questions in a net interview, but here we are discussing a popular net architect interview question.

There can be many questions in a net interview, but here we are discussing a popular net architect interview question Image

1. What does a .NET architect do?

Solution: A .net architect must be able to do a high-level system architecture using .Net technologies. They made high-level decisions about which .Net technology to use for a particular application, whether ASP.NET web forms or MVC. They should also know enough OOPs, design patterns like singleton, a gang of four, factory patterns, etc., and how to apply them in everyday business solutions. They should also have good knowledge of .Net internals, how the framework works under the hood, how garbage collection takes place, how to write optimized .Net code, etc. They can guide and mentor developers to code an optimum solution and conduct code reviews and optimization.

2. How do we secure security in design?

Solution: Security is the most important thing for businesses to secure their services. Security by design is an approach to developing software and hardware which makes systems or devices free of vulnerabilities, viruses, cyber-attacks, etc. 

3. What is A.W.S., and what is the role of a solution architect?

Solution: A.W.S. stands for amazon web services, a cloud service provider offering various services like data storage, networking, data delivery, etc. An A.W.S. solution architect is a professional with experience designing a cloud server and implementing the architecture of a company's cloud-based systems on the A.W.S. platform. Also, they use the A.W.S. Well-Architected Framework pillars to develop cloud solutions that are secure, reliable, and efficient. An A.W.S. solution architect is also knowledgeable in cloud migration protocols.

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4. What is Domain Driven Design?

Solution: Domain-Driven Design is the application design that uses the latest technology and generally focuses on the business domain. It is a methodology incorporating core business domain concepts into the software architecture.

5. Define Scalability.

Solution: Scalability is a system, network, or process's ability to handle a growing load by adding more resources. The addition of resources is done in two ways-

  • Scaling Up

In this, we add more resources to the existing nodes, such as more RAM, Storage, or processing power.

  • Scaling Out

In this, we add more nodes to support more users.

Any of the above approaches can be used for scaling up/out of an application. However, there is a change in the cost of adding resources (per user) as the volume increases. Also, Adding resources to the system should increase an application's ability to take more load in a balanced manner of added resources. 

6. Define Elasticity?

Solution: Elasticity means that the throughput of a system scales up or down to meet varying demands as a resource is proportionally added or removed. Here, throughput measures how many units of information a system can process in a given time.

7. What are ACID properties?

Solution: These properties are responsible for safe and secure transactions. A means Atomicity, C means consistency, I means Isolation, and D means Durability.

  • Atomicity- This property reflects the concept of executing all or nothing. It means that if an update occurs in a database, then the update should be reflected in the whole database or should not be reflected at all.
  • Consistency- Data should be consistent before and after the transaction.
  • Isolation- This means that each transaction occurs independently of others.
  • Durability- This means that data would not be lost in a system failure or restart.


8. Explain Deadlock?

Solution: If two or more events are waiting to occur of some events which never happen, then we say these processes are involved in the Deadlock, and the state is called Deadlock.

There are four necessary conditions for occurring of a deadlock situation.

  • Mutual-Exclusion.
  • No Pre-emption.
  • Hold and wait.
  • Circular wait.


9. Define the C.A.P. theorem.

Solution: This theorem states that it is impossible to build an implementation of a read/write system in a nonsimultaneous network that satisfies all the properties like availability, consistency, and partition tolerance.

  • Availability: All nodes see the same data even at the same time with concurrent updates.
  • Consistency: Whether a request is successful or failed, it will get a response.
  • Partition Tolerance: Whether there is a loss in an arbitrary message or a system failure, the system continues to operate.


10. What are the differences between ASP.NET and A.S.P.?

Solution: It is one of the most asked net architect interview questions.

  • ASP.NET uses .NET languages like C# and VB.NET, whereas A.S.P. uses VBScript.
  • Microsoft develops ASP.NET to create dynamic web applications, whereas A.S.P. is Microsoft's server-side technology used to create web pages.
  • ASP.NET is Object-Oriented, whereas A.S.P. is partially object-oriented.


11. What is S.R.P. (Single Responsibility Principle)?

Solution: Single Responsibility Principle is a concept of class that means doing one specific thing (Responsibility) and not trying to do more than one. 

12. What is H.A. (High Availability)?

Solution: To access the system, the user needs the system's ability, also known as availability. And high availability means the application will be available without any interference. The standard way to achieve higher availability in web applications is to use redundant server nodes. This is also the most asked net architect interview question.

13. What are Asynchronous and Parallel Programming?

Solution: Asynchronous Programming means the user executes the program without waiting for it to complete, whereas Parallel programming runs multiple things simultaneously.

14. What are DRY and D.I.E.?

Solution: DRY stands for Don't Re[eat Yourself, and D.I.E. stands for Duplication Is Evil. They both are the principles of software development.

15. What do you mean by S.O.L.I.D., and what does it stand for?

Solution: S.O.L.I.D. is the first five object-oriented designs (OOD) given by Robert C. Martin.

  • S- Single Responsibility Principle.
  • O- Open-Closed Principle.
  • L- Liskov Substitution Principle.
  • I- Interface Segregation Principle.
  • D- Dependency Inversion Principle.


16. What do you mean by concurrency?

Solution: Concurrency means the execution of multiple tasks or instructions simultaneously. Example- Multi-tasking on a single-core machine.

17. What is Sharding?

Solution: Sharding is the method that helps the system to keep its data in different resources or separate large databases into smaller and faster parts that can be easily managed.

18. What is the YAGNI principle?

Solution: YAGNI stands for "You Ain't Gonna Need It." It means that you should not create features that are not necessary. It generally removes unnecessary functionality and logic.

19. What is Eventual Consistency?

Solution: Eventual Consistency means that when an update is made in a distributed database, that update will be reflected in all nodes that store the data resulting in the same response every time the data is queried.

20. What do you mean by Amdahl's law?

Solution: Amdahl's law finds the maximum expected improvement to an overall system when only part of the system is improved. It also predicts the theoretical top speed in parallel computing using multiple processors.

21. What is the KISS principle?

Solution: KISS stands for "Keep It Simple, Stupid," which means that the system works better when it is kept simple.

22. What do you mean by Smoke Test and Regression Test?

Solution: Smoke Test is a test that is done to check the stability of the software, whereas a Regression Test is a test that is done after removing some bugs or adding some functionality so that the bugs will not occur again.

23. What is Starvation?

Solution: Starvation is the problem that occurs when a high-priority process keeps executing and a low-priority process gets blocked for an indefinite time.

24. Why do we need clustering?

Solution: This is a fundamental question regarding net architect interview questions; Clustering is needed to achieve high availability for server software. The primary purpose of clustering is to achieve 100% availability or zero downtime in service. Typical server software can run on one computer machine and can serve as long as there is no hardware failure or other failure. We can also decrease the chances of unavailability of our service by creating a cluster of more than one machine.

Clustering does not always guarantee that service will be 100% available since there can still be a chance that all the machines in a cluster will fail simultaneously. However, it is not very likely that you have many devices located at a different locations or supported by their resources. 

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25. What do you mean by session affinity?

Solution: Session affinity is a load-balancing technique that requires a user session to be always served by an allocated machine. It is also known as Sticky Session.

26. What do you mean by Cohesion?

Solution: Cohesion is the degree to which the elements inside a module belong together. It is also the measure of the strength of the relationship between the methods and the data of a class. 

27. What is a Coupling?

Solution: Coupling is the degree of interdependence between software modules. It also measures the strength of the relationship between the modules.

28. What do you mean by Unit Testing?

Solution: It is a testing method in which we test an individual unit with all dependencies mocked up.

29. What is Bounded Context in (D.D.D.) Domain-Driven Design?

Solution: A Bounded Context is a conceptual boundary around the application and project parts regarding the business domain, teams, and code.

30. What do you mean by "System Shall Be Resilient"?

Solution: The system is Resilient if it stays responsive in the face of failure. This will not only be to the highly-available, mission-critical systems. Any system that is not resilient will be unresponsive after a loss. 

Resilience can be achieved by

  • Replication.
  • Containment.
  • Isolation.
  • Delegation.

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In this article, we have extensively discussed the Net Architect Interview Questions with their answers.

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