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📃About Facebook 
About the Role🧑‍💻
Responsibilities With the Job📃
Qualifications And Skills Required🧑‍🎓
Salary of a Network Engineer🤑
Perks and Benefits for the Employees🎉
Preparation Strategy🤜
🛣️Career Path
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the work of a Network Engineer?
Do I need to know programming languages if I am applying for the position of Network Engineer?
What are the skills that a Network Engineer should have?
How many interviews will I have to go through for the role of Network Engineer at Facebook? 
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Network Engineer at Facebook

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Coding Ninjas has your back if you ever wonder what it is like to work at Facebook. We will help you in making you aware about the role of a Network Engineer at Facebook, how to get this role, and what the company expects from the candidate.


Coding Ninjas will also help you with the strategy and resources you need to grab this fantastic opportunity. So let us begin with knowing the organization a little bit better.

📃About Facebook 

🤔How many of us do not have or not had an account on Facebook? Probably one or two. Facebook was a social media platform where people used to post their pictures, videos, opinions, or ideas. But now, it is more than just an app to share images and videos🤓. People legit have their business running through Facebook😌.


When Facebook first appeared in 2004, it revolutionized the way people communicated. Meta(the new name for the Facebook company) creates solutions that assist individuals in connecting, finding communities, and growing enterprises.  

Apps like MessengerInstagram, and WhatsApp enabled billions of people worldwide. Meta is now expanding beyond 2D displays and into immersive experiences such as AR/VR. Facebook hires individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives✨. That allows them to make better decisions, produce better products, and provide better experiences for everyone.

Now that we know the company a little better, let us move on to learning about the role of Network Engineer at Facebook.

About the Role🧑‍💻

Network Engineers are in charge of planning, developing, monitoring, and administering an organization's local and wide area networks to ensure users and online operations. 

job description

Facebook serves more than a billion people worldwide😯. As a Network Engineer, you will have to understand and use the tools and processes to guarantee that the network and its related services are dependable, resilient, and scalable enough to handle the difficulties of servicing billions of people. Network Engineers build, deliver, and maintain network designs and automation technologies. They also ensure performance enhancement👌 of the network infrastructure for the organization.

Okay, that was the description for the role of a Network Engineer. Let us now see what your day-to-day responsibilities as a Network Engineer at Facebook would look like.

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Responsibilities With the Job📃

As a Network Engineer at Facebook, your day-to-day responsibilities will include:

🧑‍💻Creating, administering, and supporting multi-vendor, multi-protocol data center, backbone, and edge networks.

🧑‍💻 Implementing💻 and creating innovative solutions while improving the current environment's durability.


🧑‍💻Creating network monitoring solutions that are optimal.


🧑‍💻Investigating🕵️ defects in LAN and WAN using numerous sources of information.


🧑‍💻Creating and implementing innovative network architectures and accompanying tools.


🧑‍💻You would be responsible for automating✨ solutions for mitigating and correcting network incidents.


🧑‍💻You will have to troubleshoot✔️ and address problems and difficulties that occur during installation.

Now that we are aware of the responsibilities of the Network Engineer let us discuss the skills required in the candidate applying for the job.

Qualifications And Skills Required🧑‍🎓

Facebook will have you working in multiple domains before assigning you to a fixed team. As a Network Engineer at Facebook, these are the basic qualifications you need:


🎓The candidate must have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related technical field.

➕It will benefit you for this role if you have done any project which involves strong usage of networking concepts.

qualification and skills


A Candidate should have:

✅Strong knowledge of Computer Networking concepts.

✅You must have a fundamental knowledge of UNIX and TCP/IP networks.

✅You must have experience in at least one coding language. Also, the company will expect you to learn different programming languages based on the project requirements.

✅It is not necessary, but it is preferred if a candidate knows C++ or Python.

✅You should have the zeal to learn new networking concepts and designs.

✅Analyzing and solving problems should be your top skill.

✅Apart from the technical skills, you must also be good in soft skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership.


Does it look like you have all the skills to be a Network Engineer at FacebookHead over to Facebook’s Career Page to apply for the job. Also, check out the articles👇 :

Salary of a Network Engineer🤑

The table below shows the average salary :


**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

Perks and Benefits for the Employees🎉

Facebook offers a lot of benefits to its employees. Let us see some of those benefits:

benefits and perks

🦀Cancer care programs.

🦷Dental coverage.

👪Paid parental leave and maternity benefits.

😇Mental health coverage.

😀Programs to help with transgender services.

✌️Wellness centers.

💲Equity awards.

🤓Vision coverage.

💲Tax consultation.

🧑‍⚖️Legal support for the employees as well as their parents.

💮Life insurance and survivor support.

🏖️Paid time offs.

💤Leave programs to recharge and refresh oneself.

Preparation Strategy🤜

To grab this opportunity at Facebook, you must prepare well. Coding ninjas have a strategy that will help you with your preparation for the role.

Generally, 5 to 6 rounds of screening or interviews take place before hiring a candidate for any role at Facebook🔎. 

First, a recruiter would test you based on your resume📁. There can be questions about the projects and work experience you mention on your resume. Make sure you know your projects very thoroughly. 

The next round would probably be a coding round💻. In this round, the company would test your programming skills in any one programming language like C++Java, or Python. For coding assessment practice daily DSA questions.

The coding round may also include questions about fundamental programming concepts😌.

After you clear the coding round, there will be 2 to 3 rounds of 🤵technical interviews.

interview preparation

In the technical interview🧑‍💻 the panel will test your understanding of computer network topics like the TCP/IP modelthe difference between TCP and OSI model, different protocols, network addressingIP4 vs. IPV6, etc. 

Know what a Firewall is and how we can provide security to the network using Firewalls.

Also, there might be some questions from Aptitude, so make sure you also practice aptitude questions.

🧑‍💻 Know about Cloud ComputingAWSMicrosoft AzureData Mining and Warehousing,  and Cyber Law and Security. You will be working on these things in the company, so knowledge of these topics will benefit you in the interview. 

After the technical interviews, one HR round of discussion takes place👀 in which the interviewer will ask basic behavioral and HR questions.


Here👇 we have curated the best set of resources you can refer to while preparing for your following network engineer interview:

Let us now see what the career path for a Network Engineer is.

🛣️Career Path

For a fresher, they may have to start with a Junior Network Engineer role, as this is generally the entry-level role. 

career path

With the gain in experience, they may become a Senior Network Engineer. Also, they can move to network management profiles and become Network Managers or Network Architects.

You would probably have seen job postings on LinkedIn but were you not sure of how you can apply for the jobs on LinkedIn🤔? No worries! This video has your back😎.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work of a Network Engineer?

Network Engineers are responsible for planning, creating, and maintaining networks for the company and its customers. They ensure performance enhancement of the network infrastructure for the organization.

Do I need to know programming languages if I am applying for the position of Network Engineer?

Yes, you should have strong knowledge of at least one programming language. To qualify for the interview, you will need to clear the coding round of the assessment. 

What are the skills that a Network Engineer should have?

Apart from coding skills, a network engineer must know about computer network topics like different protocols, IPv4, IPv6, network design, firewalls, operating systems,  troubleshooting, etc.

How many interviews will I have to go through for the role of Network Engineer at Facebook? 

There are generally 5 to 6 rounds of the screening phase. Starting with the phone screening, then an online assessment in which the candidate's programming skills are judged, and then it is followed by 3 to 4 rounds of technical interviews and 1 HR interview.


This article was an insight into the role of a Network Engineer at Facebook. We saw what the responsibility of a network engineer looks like, what the company expects from the network engineer, and the perks and benefits of working at Facebook. Also, if you want an insight into some more roles at Facebook, check out these articles👇-

To study more about computer networks, refer to disadvantages of computer network.

Gear up your placement preparation by solving daily DSA problems. You can also refer to guided paths for learning about competitive programming. Read about hot topics such as big datadeep learningcomputer vision, and many more. You can always enroll in our courses to give an edge to your career. 

Happy Learning!

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