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Table of contents
What is the Ninja Entrepreneur Programme?
Eligibility Criteria for Campus Ambassador Program
Process of Becoming a Campus Ambassador
Career Benefits of Ninja Entrepreneur Programme
Frequently Asked Questions
Why Ninja Entrepreneur Programme?
Can engineering students who are not studying CS apply?
Do we have discounts on courses for Ninja Entrepreneurs?
What tasks do I need to perform?
Are there any fees?
Does this programme take a lot of your time?
How will I be eligible for an internship certificate?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Ninja Entrepreneur Programme-Best Campus Ambassador Program

Author Alisha Chhabra
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The Ninja Entrepreneur Programme has been declared to be the best Campus Ambassador Program in India by Analytics India Magazine. Campus ambassadors take part in fun tasks every week and are given rewards by Coding Ninjas for the effort. You are rewarded even if you manage to score sponsorships for competitions or host events. You can also earn some great incentives by referring others to Coding Ninjas courses. By becoming a campus ambassador for Coding Ninjas, you will also be authorised to distribute great discounts and offers to fellow students in your college.

Ninja Entrepreneur Programme

The main objective of the programme is to distribute this important responsibility of helping Coding Ninjas reach out to faculties, students, clubs, student societies and other communities across campuses. And more than anything, you will have a part to play in helping other students ace their interviews and exams. Fundamentally, this programme will prepare you for a very successful and bright career ahead. Let us check what activities the programme involves and how it will help you become a future corporate leader.

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What is the Ninja Entrepreneur Programme?

The Ninja Entrepreneur Programme is a state-of-the-art internship programme that will help you find success as a professional. There are over 4000 Ninjas who are already a part of this community across more than 1000 campuses. Under this programme, you will get an opportunity to become a campus ambassador of your respective college for six months. This means that you will be the only point of contact between your college and Coding Ninjas, acting as our brand ambassador for all the students on your campus. Campus ambassadors represent Coding Ninjas and are given the responsibility of hosting events such as hackathons, competitions, inductions or webinars as well.

You will be tasked with introducing the highly acclaimed Coding Ninjas Studio platform to freshmen and other students of your college. Using Coding Ninjas Studio, you will get a chance to help your batchmates, juniors or seniors prepare for interviews, take mock tests or solve coding problems. Coding Ninjas Studio also features a truly immersive IDE that is easy to use and supports multiple languages such as Python, C++ and Java. Finding coding problems revolving around specific topics is easy and there is an option to find problems that are given by a particular company such as Amazon, TCS, Adobe or Microsoft. Thus, through this, not only are you becoming a part of an amazing tech community but you also get to spread the love of coding and bring others into one of the largest tech communities in India.

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Eligibility Criteria for Campus Ambassador Program

To become a campus ambassador, there are only two requirements:

  • The first one is that you must be enrolled in a B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA or MCA degree programme.
  • The second requirement is that you must be an active contributor in college events or involved in college activities. Even if this criterion is not met, it is enough if you are a part of a club, society or community on your college campus.

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Process of Becoming a Campus Ambassador

Here are the steps involved in becoming a campus ambassador:

  • First, you must go to the Campus Ambassador link and register with your academic information and other details.
  • Then, you must wait for your application to become shortlisted.
  • Once shortlisted, you will be asked to attend a Zoom or over-the-call interview with Coding Ninjas’ representatives.
  • If you are selected, then you will be sent your offer letter and be given the details of your joining and your immediate tasks.
  • Before starting, you will also be given an induction session that will clear your doubts and introduce you to the responsibilities of a campus ambassador.
  • After all the formalities are complete, you will officially be representing Coding Ninjas on your campus and you can start your weekly tasks.

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Career Benefits of Ninja Entrepreneur Programme

Becoming a Ninja Entrepreneur has many benefits. Other than becoming a part of India’s largest tech community, you will also be amplifying your social impact by bringing together your fellow students for the purpose of learning new skills and acing interviews. There will also be a reward for all your effort in the guise of a Campus Ambassador Certificate by Coding Ninjas which will improve your employability and credibility.

Here are some more benefits that the programme brings:

  • Become the brand ambassador for Coding Ninjas and use your creativity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Improve your career prospects by becoming a job-ready professional.
  • Gain leadership skills and increase your network.
  • Get valuable guidance and mentorship from industry professionals and domain experts.
  • Be responsible for getting sponsorships for your college.
  • Organise seminars, events and competitions, thus earning credibility as a host, coordinator and organiser.
  • Become a social media expert and earn the opportunity to gain a social media/digital marketing internship as well.
  • Get multiple certificates and prizes by reaching targets or being a part of Coding Ninjas’ Quora Army.
  • Gain recommendations from experts and important figures in the industry.
  • Enhance both your technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Get better at management and communication while becoming more confident by reaching milestones or goals.
  • Become influential and a master of engagement.
  • Work with great minds and learn from the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ninja Entrepreneur Programme?

This programme will help you become more credible as a future corporate leader. By joining this programme, you will become a campus ambassador.

Can engineering students who are not studying CS apply?

Yes, engineering students from other fields and branches are also eligible to apply for the campus ambassador programme.

Do we have discounts on courses for Ninja Entrepreneurs?

Ninja Entrepreneurs already have exclusive access to all foundation courses. You will also get 20% off on any course of your choice once you have finished three months of the internship.

What tasks do I need to perform?

Your tasks will be primarily focused on introducing Coding Ninjas Studio to fellow students and helping Coding Ninjas collaborate with your college faculty in order to host events or seminars. You will also be responsible for digital marketing and the campus reach of Coding Ninjas.

Are there any fees?

There is no fee associated with this programme. Instead, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Does this programme take a lot of your time?

This programme is very flexible and every task or activity is designed to not take up too much of your time but have the maximum amount of impact.

How will I be eligible for an internship certificate?

You will be eligible for an internship certificate after finishing your tenure and obtaining 400 gold points.


So, why wait? Take this opportunity to stand out among your peers and gain an edge in your professional career. Become a campus ambassador for Coding Ninjas with this programme and make way for incredible prospects.

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