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Table of contents
Importance of Oracle Certification
Aspects of Certification
About the Certification
Exam Details
Exam Policies
Assignment Submission Policy
Exam Cancellation Policy
Exam Retake Policy
Recertification Policy
Exam Syllabus
Query Optimization
High Availability Techniques
Server Installation and Configuration
Monitoring and Maintenance
Backups and Recovery
Skills Required for Certification
Preparation of Exam: Planning and Resources
Step 1: Complete the Syllabus
Step 2: Learning Resources
Step 3: Practice
Step 4: Register for Exam
What after the Exam?
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the main role of a database administrator?
Is Oracle SQL certification hard to obtain?
What is a Database Administrator in SQL?
Does database administrator need coding?
Is it possible to find work with SQL certification?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator

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Oracle technology is gaining popularity and admiration among huge corporations, and they are more likely to use it to achieve their desired degree of efficiency. This increases the need for experts who have obtained the certification. 

An Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator credential certifies that the applicant has a thorough understanding of MySQL architecture and can install and configure MySQL databases. This certification verifies that the professional can monitor, maintain, and secure MySQL databases. It also exhibits the professional's expertise in query speed optimization, backup and recovery solutions, and high availability techniques.

Importance of Oracle Certification

Earning an Oracle Certification has very advantages. Given below are some of the benefits:

  • To appeal to potential employers, broaden your knowledge base and validate your skills.
  • Increase your earning potential to get a bigger wage.
  • Through lab, study, and practice sessions, you will learn to conduct complicated, hands-on activities.
  • You'll be given access to a secure digital badge that you may use on your social media platforms.
  • Learn about a range of vital features, functions, and tasks that you'll need on the job.

Aspects of Certification

Oracle Certification allows professionals to demonstrate in-demand abilities, improve overall job performance, and expand their earning potential while also enhancing on-the-job confidence.

  1. Credibility
  2. Empowerment
  3. Satisfaction
  4. Recognition


Professional Credibility


"Gives me more professional credibility with those I interact with on the job."


"Makes me more valuable to my employer."


"Helps me retain acquired knowledge over a longer period"




Received a salary increase


Received 21-50% increase


Received the first benefit within 3-4 months


Job Satisfaction


Reported increased job satisfaction


Would recommend certification


Expressed greater excitement and optimism toward their careers


Increased responsibility (in terms of task quality and importance)



Received a job promotion, a new job, or even entered a new field


Reported greater confidence in their abilities


Increased responsibility (in terms of task quality and importance)


If you want to learn more about the benefits click the link: More Benefits 

About the Certification

The Oracle MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Certification test verifies a candidate's understanding of relational database concepts, basic SQL statements, and how to execute Unix/Linux commands. The qualified individual demonstrates a great capacity to deal with cases with confidence and patience. The following professionals have a chance to get this certification if they pass the exam:

  • Administrators of clouds
  • Administrators of databases
  • Designers of databases
  • Administrators of websites

Candidates who have earned this certification have demonstrated their ability to administer, backup, replicate, optimise, and secure databases. With MySQL Replication, they may also deliver high-performance and scalable applications.

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Exam Details

Exam Name

MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator

Exam Code


Exam Duration

140 Minutes

Exam Format

MCQs(Multiple Choice Question) and MRQs(Multi Response Question)

Number of Questions

85 Questions

Exam Fees

$245 or ₹18447

Exam Language


Passing Score


Exam Policies

Given below are important Exam policies:

Assignment Submission Policy

The assignment and paper must be completed and submitted within 6 months of the purchase date. Oracle does not accept any exception cases. If you fail to submit assignments before the deadline, you will be obliged to purchase another assignment. Before you may register for the essay, you must complete the assignment. This assignment must be resubmitted within 30 days of receiving an email notification of failure. You will be asked to purchase another assignment and paper if you do not resubmit your assignment within 30 days.

Exam Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or reschedule your exam with Oracle. You must first log in to your account at You can choose to reschedule or cancel your test after logging in.

Exam Retake Policy

  • Before retaking a failed proctored exam, you must wait at least 14 days. On the 14th day, you will be able to register for your retake.
  • You can take an online non-proctored exam again whenever you want.
  • You cannot retake a previously passed exam at your leisure.
  • You will not be able to retake a beta exam at your leisure.
  • Within a 12-month period, you will only be given four attempts to pass the exam.
  • A failed Master Assignment must be resubmitted within 30 days of receiving notification of failure.

Recertification Policy

Oracle Cloud Certification credentials are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. Candidates must recertify themselves with the updated version of the exam in order to stay current. Oracle cloud certifications are updated on a regular basis throughout the year to reflect new product and service releases. The Oracle Database certifications, on the other hand, require periodic recertification and must be updated to the most recent version within 12 months.

Exam Syllabus


  • Client connections to the server should be configured.
  • Recognize how MySQL stores data Recognize how InnoDB stores data and logs
  • Set up buffers and caches.
  • Recognize and apply the Data Dictionary.


  • Create user accounts and assign them duties.
  • Authentication plug-ins are useful.
  • User and role permissions can be controlled.
  • Recognize the most common security threats.
  • MySQL server connections that are secure.
  • Password and login security are provided.
  • Protect MySQL's host environment.
  • Defend against SQL injection attacks.
  • MySQL data encryption.
  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall configuration.

Query Optimization

  • Examine how MySQL handles query optimization.
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor can be used to analyse queries.
  • Improve server performance by creating indexes.
  • Keep track of and comprehend index statistics.

High Availability Techniques

  • Explain how high availability and scalability are achieved through replication.
  • Set up replication
  • Explain the binary log's role in replication.
  • Set up multi-source replication.
  • Describe the function of replication threads.
  • Replication should be monitored and troubleshooted.
  • Explain the InnoDB cluster and Group Replication in MySQL.
  • Create an InnoDB cluster in MySQL.
  • Make an InnoDB cluster recovery.

Server Installation and Configuration

  • Install and run the MySQL client and server programs.
  • Determine which files and folders were produced throughout the installation process.
  • MySQL may be started and stopped.
  • MySQL Upgrade.
  • Use options and option files to configure MySQL.
  • Set up MySQL variables.
  • Multiple MySQL servers can be launched on the same server.

Monitoring and Maintenance

  • MySQL log files can be configured and viewed.
  • Keep track of MySQL's processes and status.
  • MySQL Enterprise Audit configuration
  • View MySQL activities with MySQL Enterprise Monitor.
  • Keep track of database expansion and explain capacity planning.
  • Troubleshoot resource locking issues.

Backups and Recovery

  • Differentiate between the various backup options.
  • Prepare a back-up plan.
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup allows you to backup and restore your data.
  • To perform logical backups, use mysqldump and mysqlpump. 
  • When and how should you use raw file backups?
  • Make a backup of the binary log.

For more exam related topics and preparation, please visit the following link: Oracle Certification.

Skills Required for Certification

Given below are some important skills which are required to crack the MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator certification. 

  • Database Administration
  • Database Backup
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Performance
  • Database Security
  • DBA
  • Improved Security
  • InnoDB
  • MySQL
  • Performance Schema
  • Replication
  • Resource Optimization
  • SQL
  • SYS Schema

If you want to learn and practice your skills of MySQL go to the given link: Practice.

Preparation of Exam: Planning and Resources

It’s the most important part for preparation of any exam. Good planning and nice resources are the best way to learn and crack any exams. 

Given below are some steps you have to follow for cracking the exam with grace marks.

Step 1: Complete the Syllabus

We have provided the syllabus of the exam. Go through the syllabus and study all the topics thoroughly one by one. 

Step 2: Learning Resources

  1. Oracle Training Course: This course will help you to prepare for the whole exam. Go on the link to register for the course. 
    1. Course Link: Earn the MySQL 8.0 Database Admin Certified Professional Credential
  2. MySQL Learning articles:
    1. User:
      1. Create User
      2. MySQL Drop User
      3. MySQL Show User
      4. Account Manipulation
      5. Revoke Privilege
      6. Grant Privilege 
    2. FullStack Search:
      1. Fulltext Search
      2. Natural-Language-Fulltext-Search
      3. MySQL Boolean-full-text-search
      4. MySQL Query Expansion-Fulltext-Search
      5. MySQL Ngram-Fulltext Parser"
    3. Misc:
      1. Mysql-comments
      2. SQL Check-Constraint
      3. MySQL-Storage-Engine
      4. MySQL-Export-and-Import-Database
      5. MySQL-Import-CSV-File-in-the-Database

Step 3: Practice

You can practice for the MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Certification on the given link below.


Step 4: Register for Exam

After following all the above steps, you will be able to get the certification. Therefore, go on the link below and register for the exam. 

Register for Exam

What after the Exam?

You will receive an email from Oracle within 30 minutes of completing your Oracle Certification exam telling you that your exam results are available in CertView. Simply login and select "See My New Exam Result Now", if you have already authenticated your CertView account. If you haven't already, you'll need to do so now.

An Oracle Single Sign On login and password, as well as the following information from your Pearson VUE profile: email address and Oracle Testing ID, are required for authentication. Once your account has been verified, you will be directed to CertView to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main role of a database administrator?

A database administrator (DBA) is responsible for the database's performance, integrity, and security. It will be involved in the database's planning and development, as well as troubleshooting any difficulties that arise on behalf of the users. It'll make sure that the data in the database is consistent.

Is Oracle SQL certification hard to obtain?

The Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate exam is anything from simple. Passing the exam will need several months of study with SQL code and theoretical memorization. I started with minimal to no SQL knowledge and passed after three months of dedication.

What is a Database Administrator in SQL?

As a full-time employee, a Database Administrator (DBA) manages Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, MySQL, IBM DB2 and/or Postgres databases, including installing relational database software, provisioning users' access to databases, securing data, tuning database performance, disaster recovery, and so on.

Does database administrator need coding?

To be a database administrator, you don't need to be a programmer; however, you will need good analytical skills and an understanding of how to design the database from the ground up, ensuring data integrity, concurrent access without memory leaks, and, most importantly, data security.

Is it possible to find work with SQL certification?

Working with data requires an understanding of SQL. Although it is a decades-old language, it remains as relevant as ever. Indeed, we recently crunched some stats from 2020 and discovered that SQL is still the most used data science language, surpassing Python and R!


In this article, we had seen what Oracle Certification is and the importance of MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Certification. We saw the exam details and exam syllabus. We had also discussed the Preparation strategy for the exam and saw some resources to learn them. At the end we learn the skills which are required to get the certification.

Also visit to given link to learn more about Oracle Certifications :Why-certification-is-important-for-it-professionalsintroduction-to-oracle-certifications.

Please refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. And also, enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available. Have a look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

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Happy Learning!

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