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Exam Details
Job Opportunities 
OIC(Oracle Integration Cloud) Developer 
Datalake Senior Engineer
Senior Database Administrator
Senior Database Developer
Lead Software Engineer
DBA(Database Administration) Specialist
Senior Oracle Exadata DBA(Database Administrator)
Oracle Database Transformation 
Preparation Strategy
Important Exam Topics 
Resources for preparation
Indexing in Databases
Cloud Computing
Data Management
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is it essential to have a certification?
Who is a Database Administrator?
What is the advantage of becoming an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master?
What is this exam's format, passing score, and validity?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master

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Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master is a challenging, highly valued, top-level certificate that proves that you are the most skilled and experienced database administrator. Becoming an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master showcase that you have the skills to deal with complex and hands-on activities in today's competitive work environment. This certificate is for candidates who have a good understanding of database management, database availability, and warehouse management. This certificate holder is generally considered a senior database professional. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's jump into details.😯🧐⏩

Exam Details

Becoming Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master requires passing an Oracle Database 12c: Oracle Certified Master (OCM) Exam conducted by Oracle University. This exam tests your capability to work as a database administrator in a live environment.  

Format: Multiple Choice 

Exam Code: 12coCM

Validity: Lifelong 

Passing score: 60%

Exam Language: English

No. of Questions: 100 questions

Requirement: Before giving the exam candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidate must Complete Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional 
  • Every candidate must have 9-character Oracle Testing ID to start the exam. 
  • Complete 2 Advanced or Specialty courses 
  • Candidates should have 3 – 4 years of experience as an Oracle database administrator.
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Job Opportunities 

Below mentioned are the top job roles available for Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master: 

OIC(Oracle Integration Cloud) Developer 

OIC Developer has to work as a ServiceViewer, ServiceDeployer, ServiceDeveloper, ServiceUser, ServiceAdministrator, ServiceInvoker, and ServiceMonitor.

Estimated Salary



Pune, Maharatra


Datalake Senior Engineer

The Senior Data lake Engineer oversees the department's data integration and develops a data model, analytics environment, and maintains a data warehouse; They also write scripts for data integration and analysis.

Estimated Salary



Banglore, Karnataka


Senior Database Administrator

The role of a senior database administrator is to check security and keeps things up to date. Designing and implementing tests for addressing issues with data access. They have to deal with routine back-ups as well.

Estimated Salary



Pune, Maharashtra


Senior Database Developer

Senior database developer provides technical and data leadership to facilitate and coordinate current and future development efforts that involve any database elements. They are responsible for performing data analysis activities for capturing data requirements.

Estimated Salary



Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Lead Software Engineer

A Lead software engineer's role is to use engineering principles for software development. Their roles and responsibilities include modifying and analyzing existing software and testing and constructing user-required software.

Estimated Salary



Bangalore, Karnataka


DBA(Database Administration) Specialist

The role of a Database Administrator Specialist is to keep the database data up to date, give privileges to all the users to maintain the accessibility of data, help in database designing and development, and work on the database to store, organize, and manage the data.

Estimated Salary



Pune,  Maharashtra


Senior Oracle Exadata DBA(Database Administrator)

Exadata allows an organization to run any database workload with high efficiency, performance, scalability, and security. It uses scale-out designs with advanced optimization and built-in resource management. Senior oracle Exadata DBA is responsible for implementing and maintaining databases and their back-ups, safety, and recovery procedures.

Estimated Salary



Gurgaon, Haryāna


Oracle Database Transformation 

Transformations are PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages, and tables that help us to transform data. Transformation mainly includes converting raw data into a ready-to-use format and delivering it to the destination.

Estimated Salary



Pune, Maharashtra

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.


To appear in the examination Candidate must have one of the below-mentioned certifications:

Also, the candidate must have an in-depth knowledge of SQL and oracle Enterprise Server and must be proficient in using Mozilla browser software. They must be familiar with navigation through online Oracle documentation.

Preparation Strategy

To become an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master has to clear Oracle Certified Master (OCM) Exam conducted by Oracle University. 

For preparation to become an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master. One can complete any two of the below-mentioned courses. The courses need to be different, i.e., They should not be the identical versions of one course:

Important Exam Topics 

  • Performance Management
  1. Configure the Resource Manager
  2. Tune SQL statements
  3. Use real application testing
  4. Manage SQL Plan baselines
  5. Capture performance statistics
  6. Tune an instance
  7. Configure and manage result cache
  8. Manage extended statistics
  9. Create and manage partitioned indexes
  10. Control CPU use for Oracle Instances
  11. Configure and manage "In Memory" features


  • Database and Network Administration
  1. Create and manage pluggable databases
  2. Configure the network environment so that we can allow connections to multiple databases
  3. Administer users, roles, and privileges
  4. Administer database configuration files
  5. Configure shared server
  6. Manage network file directories
  7. Set up a GDS( Global Database Service)
  8. Define declarative policies for Data Redaction
  9. Apply best practices for running the ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor)


  • Grid infrastructure
  1. Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  2. Create ASM Disk Groups
  3. Create and manage ASM instances
  4. Configure ASM Cloud File System (ACFS)
  5. Administer Oracle Clusterware
  6. Manage Flex Clusters and Flex ASM


  • Real Application Cluster Databasec👈
  1. Creating an entire application cluster database.
  2. Administrating oracle real application database on many cluster nodes.
  3. Installing oracle database software.
  4. Configuring database services


  • Data Guard
  1. Administer a Data Guard environment
  2. Create a physical standby database
  3. Configure a standby database for testing
  4. Configure a standby database to apply redo
  5. Configuring standby database to use for reporting
  6. Configure fast start failover
  7. Manage DDL in a Data Guard environment


  • Data warehouse management
  1. Create Manage database links
  2. Manage a fast refreshable materialized view
  3. Creating a plug-in tablespace by using the transportable tablespace feature
  4. Optimize star queries
  5. Configure parallel execution
  6. Apply a Patch
  7. Manage external tables
  8. Creating and administrating users
  9. Configure Automatic Data Optimization, Temporal Validity and In-Row Archiving
  10. Granting privileges to users to perform database operations
  11. Create and manage roles


  • Management Data Availability 
  1. Install the EM Cloud Control agent?
  2. Configure Recovery Catalog
  3. Configure RMAN
  4. Perform a full database backup
  5. Configure and monitor Flashback Database


  • Data Management
  1. Manage additional buffer cache
  2. Configure the database for retrieving all previous versions of the table rows
  3. Manage partitioned tables
  4. Optimize space usage for the LOB data
  5. Manage an encrypted tablespace
  6. Manage schema data
  7. Set up Fine-Grained Auditing


After knowing all this thoroughly, one can easily register for this exam. For the exam details, follow up this link.

Resources for preparation

Please go through our well-structured resources below, which will help you prepare for the certification and ace it like a ninja! 🐱‍👤


Indexing in Databases


Cloud Computing

Data Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it essential to have a certification?

A high-value certification ensures that you keep your knowledge and skills up to date in your field. Certifications also demonstrate that you are dedicated to improving your knowledge and skills in your field.

Who is a Database Administrator?

The role of a database administrator includes installing, designing, configuring, monitoring, planning, taking care of security, troubleshooting, and data recovery from a database. They make sure that the organization's database operates efficiently and functionally correctly.

What is the advantage of becoming an Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master?

Oracle database 12c administrator certified master emphasizes the full set of skills that are required in database administrator in today’s competitive world. Achieving this certification make others get assured of your skills which results in increasing your chance of selection and improvement.

What is this exam's format, passing score, and validity?

This exam contains 100 Multiple choice questions. One needs to secure at least a 60% score to pass the exam. The validity of this certificate is lifelong.


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